The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 5:\\ Dior Red


“Just so you know, we only kissed. Amy isn’t exactly the relationship kind of girl but she is the kind of girl who is extremely easy. I don’t know why most girls these days are like that, but I don’t mind having to chase them once in a while.” I announced to my older brother who was staring at the TV like it was a treasure map.

“Except she was playing me all summer, she faked her love for Aaron- I hate that guy- and made me work my ass off to get her attention.

And today, as soon as the final bell rang in our class, she walked right past me as though I were nonexistent. Are you hearing me Chase?” I failed my arms in front of his face, but he ignored me.

“Look Ty... I don’t care, high school relationships never last anyway. I think you should wait until college. Speaking of college, I should be heading off. See you in three months little bro.” Chase announced, grabbing the simple suitcase from beside the chair and walking out the door. He left me absolutely mental as I stared at the TV now. He left me with my train wreck of a brain.

Any girl that can resist me is one worth chasing, right? Or am I giving myself too much credit? The thing is, she doesn’t ignore me or anything, there are actually times when she gives me her full undivided attention and we do stuff, but other times she is so damn cold to me I just want to put her in a hot shower to warm her up. So I followed her until she stopped to talk to her many, many girlfriends.

“Amy,” she and her friends glanced at me, “can I borrow her for a second?” I asked their permission as they exchanged looks and nodded.

“Go for it.” One of them said and Amy reluctantly turned to look at me with her sovereign blue eyes. I was at a loss for words.

“Hi Amy.” I greeted her as she continued to study me skeptically, she crossed her arms over her chest and casually licked her lips before speaking.

“Is there a reason you had to pull me away from my friends Tyler?” She said, her voice cold but a smile tugged at the edge of her lips. Of all the beautiful girls, I had fallen for the one who could easily win a most willing to cheat on me award and I would happily let her ruin me. I shook the thoughts away and gulped.

“I had a question.” I felt the sweat trickle down my forehead noticeably. I glanced at her and smiled.

“Go on...” She uncrossed her arms and smiled now.

“I really like you Amy. Maybe even more than a friend. And I was wondering if you would be interested in having lunch with me sometime.”

It didn’t even take her a second before a reply flew out of her mouth, “no, I have to go.”

“Wait Amy,” I called as she skidded away and toward the parking lot. I knew Aaron was impatiently waiting for her as he had done for the past two years, and I also knew that he would leave if she took too long. Maybe I could drive her home.

“Tyler, I like you too but I am sort of in a relationship.” She muttered, putting her hand on her opposite arm and hugging herself. I kept my eyes from wandering and stared straight at her.

At hearing this I almost flipped out of control. It made me excited yet giddy and I knew Aaron was to blame for her shyness. He always did that to girls. He acted like he knew them and took what he wanted, then he’d just leave them behind when they least expected. But I had never heard of one of his left-overs complaining about him. He wasn’t bad to them, but somehow I just knew he must have let them down easy.

“Aaron isn’t really a relationship kind of guy... ” I muttered as her eyes widened. As if she didn’t know, the entire school knew he would play around and dump his girls but somehow he had a way of not having them hate him afterward.

“Look,” I reached for her waist, afraid that she might freak out and back away. She stood there aloof and still staring into my eyes, “I just want you to consider one date,” I whispered leaning forward. I took a step closer, “Is this okay?” I whispered, centimeters away from her lips.

She nodded as I kissed her languidly. She smiled and pulled back from our sweet kiss.

“I will think about it.” She grinned, pulling herself back a little bit and putting a hand on my chest. “I’ll text you.”

“Okay.” I said breathlessly, thunderstruck that I had actually kissed Amy Wallace. Amy freaking Wallace.

“See you later, I really have to go.” She smiled, pulling away completely as she rushed into the parking lot.

I was hoping that Aaron would’ve gone home by now so I would have the pleasure of driving her, but obnoxiously he was parking out of the spot just as she entered the car.

I really hope that she says yes.


As soon as I got home, I ran a hand through my hair. I’d attempted a conversation with Chase, but he left moments after. The nervous sweat beads had dried and I was cautiously entering my bedroom afraid of passing by my sister’s room.

She always brought her boyfriend over and mom would make them leave the door open, which was pointless since they would make out either way. I glided past the door and kept my eyes shut.

“Ty.” I heard her call and looked at Jessica. Her hair was tied up and her loose pajamas flowed around her like a dress as she approached me.

“Hey Jess.” I smiled, glad that she was alone.

“I need your advice on something. I don’t know if brothers usually give sister’s advice but...”

I stopped her before she could get any further, “if it’s about your boyfriend I don’t want to hear it.”

She stopped talking and began laughing. “No silly, if I was going to ask someone for advice on Zach, I would ask my friends not you,” she laughed.

“Then what?” I raised my eyebrow at her as she laughed and hopped onto the bed.

“I have a costume party tonight and I need you to go buy me some nail polish to match my costume and I am super busy with homework tonight so could you...?”

“Sure.” I cut her off.

“What?” She laughed, “are you being serious, I had a whole monologue ready to convince you that I need it. But okay,” she grinned happily, reaching into her purse and pulling out some money.

“The shade I need is Dior Red 999. You can get it at the store that’s like a mile away. I need that brand and color. It’s so pretty. It’ll go with my devil costume but like the party starts in an hour and I’m going to be fashionably late but not too late because Zach will-”

“Okay,” I cut her off, “I was going out anyway, I had to buy some more vitamin pills for mom anyway.”

“You’re the best Ty!” She grinned, handing over the money and stretching her arms to hug me before I held a hand up to stop her. “Oh yeah, also Chase was here earlier! You totally missed him.” She said, but I had seen him so it didn’t matter.

“I’ll be back before eight.” I said, watching her face brighten in a smile.

I headed out to the car and drove out to the Albertsons near our home. It typically wasn’t crowded at night but today it had a couple more cars than normal.

I really hope I find this nail polish color. I thought to myself and walked inside.

I walked through with my shopping cart and stealthily walked down the aisles. When I came to the cosmetics, I stopped and went in front of the nail polish. I had no clue what I was doing. Jessica wanted red nail polish so maybe that’s what I would get her.

I grabbed a random bottle before glancing at it and shaking my head.

“Excuse me,” I called a nearby employee. She glanced at me, her striking brown eyes knocking me down like thunder. She was beautiful, and strangely familiar. Her long ash colored hair hung flat, smooth, and straight at her sides. I almost wanted to reach over and touch it.

“Yes?” She asked after a pause, I hoped she didn’t think I was some creep checking her out.

“Sorry, you just look really familiar.” I looked down at my feet awkwardly then turned my attention back to her. “I’m looking for a red nail polish. I think it’s called a door or something?” She laughed slightly.

“Dior?” She suggested, the toothy smile still present. Oddly enough, I felt like I was sitting beside a Christmas tree with my family around me and the scent of cookies and the color red filled the air. But as soon as she stopped smiling, my thoughts faded and I wanted to hug her. Is that weird of me.

“Probably.” I replied then feeling the need to clarify, “it’s for my sister. I don’t do that sort of thing.” She glanced behind me with the same warm smile.

“I thought so,” she laughed as she stopped in front of the nail polish section and began looking through. “Is there a specific number or just any Dior?”

“Red and Nine hundred ninety nine.” I replied as she nodded.

“Here it is.” She smiled and pulled out the last available red Dior 999 from the bottom shelf and stood up. “There you go.”

“Can you smile again?” I heard myself blurt and then suddenly I felt like a squashed tomato. “I’m sorry, that was way out of line,” I tried to chuckle it off but the awkwardness was still in the air.

“It’s fine,” she blushed, looking at her ragged old converse and pushing her long black hair behind her back. “Is there anything else you needed?” She asked and I could tell there was an underlying “I hope not” in her words.

“Nope, that’s all thank you.” She nodded and sauntered off.

I quickly grabbed a bottle of the vitamin pills and paid for my purchase with Jessica’s money. I got in my car and drove home.

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