The Boy Who Read Minds

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Chapter 6:\\ Studying Violet


‘Violet Veowsalot’ I typed into my google search engine. I had to scroll for a while before an image of her soft dark hair popped up. Something was weird about her, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Violet Veowsalot wins Rosemond High spelling bee!

Of course this nerd would have that as the only article about her. I chuckled lightly, I didn’t even know Rosemond High had spelling bees. And when was this? Three years ago.

This was my idea of studying. Studying Violet Veowsalot turned out to be a total waste of my time. Not that I had anything better to do. With my all- knowing capabilities, I should have realized that I would regret sending Amy home. I had absolutely nothing- and no one- to do.

Speak of the devil. Amy’s name popped up on my phone screen with a very long message below. I didn’t want to click it otherwise she would see that I read it. So instead I skimmed over the part I could see.


Hey A, I had such a big dilemma with...

That was as far as my phone would show me and for the first time in a while, my curiosity was peaked. I waited a few minutes before clicking on her full message.


Hey A, I had such a big dilemma with deciding how to go about this. And I know earlier you told me it was fine, but I just wanted your full approval before I jump into anything with Tyler. Like in case you still have feelings for me... You may or may not know that I texted him a few times this summer but it was irrelevant to me. Anyway, I agreed to go out with him. I hope you’re okay with my decision.

I reread the message, trying to read between the lines and decipher if she had a second meaning to it. But lo and behold, the one time you want a girl to be complicated, she isn’t. It took me a second to realize she was telling me this as a sign of breakup. As in she no longer had the time to spend with me because she was now with Tyler. I didn’t care- it was mature of her do to- strange for Amy.


It’s fine Amy. Be happy.

I replied, adding that cheesy little line to let her know there were no hard feelings in this matter. Obviously I didn’t care and I had my sights set on any other girl in the whole school. Whole world actually if I tried. No, I wouldn’t even have to try for that.

I tossed the phone aside and climbed up the small stairs I had built to the small shelf on my extra mini floor I kept upstairs. My room was very big and its arrangement was kind of odd. The ladder that connected to the small crook of a floor above my bed was all solid white. It was probably meant for another bed above mine, but I used it for books. I was never really much of a reader, but I had my moments.

Perhaps I should study- nah! I climbed back down and threw myself on the bed. I had nothing to study anyway- and besides, there was a costume party tonight that I knew I couldn’t miss if I wanted to remain in the loop at Rosemond.


I stepped inside to be met with the repulsive thoughts of hundreds of teenagers dressed in close to nothing. I don’t know why I subject myself to this sort of torture. Oh right, boredom.

The small home was filled with sweaty bodies, the loud music enraptured their minds as filthy thoughts filled mine.

Aaron Paul is here. Some random thoughts were tossed my way as I attempted not to notice the girls fixing their hair and staring at me with longing in their eyes.

The majority of them were in one piece skimpy outfits that made me want to take them to the nearest room. Some were in costumes that made their legs stand out.

I walked through the people and headed into the kitchen where a few of my teammates were playing beer pong. I joined in, feeling welcomed by the atmosphere of this home.

Whoever was throwing this party tonight truly had it planned.

After a few hours, I was completely wasted. I couldn’t even tell the difference between a stripper and an angel anymore, maybe that’s because these girls dressed so inappropriately.

I hobbled outside of the kitchen. Unable to keep my feet aligned with the floor. I fell onto a couch as two idiots were busy sucking face. The guy punched me, but I didn’t feel it.

“Get off bro.” The guy said, but I couldn’t think, my words became slurred and my mind wandered. The thoughts fell on a single word instantly.

Aaron is an idiot. Said the voice. I wondered who could possibly be watching me at this moment. My head was throbbing and the pain I felt was subsided by the clear voice. My eyes searched the blurry bodies of the room to land on none other than the girl that had won the spelling bee.

Violet Veowsalot. Parties were never really her scene. She stood awkwardly in a corner looking completely uncomfortable. Surely she hadn’t thought that, perhaps someone else because I couldn’t hear her.

Allow me to rephrase that, parties weren’t her scene when she had homework. On average, when she got to school, information would be flowing out of her ears as she stood beside classes. She typically had all the answers but mostly I would listen in on everyone’s thoughts during a test and choose my answers that way.

I think I will just leave now. Where is Stacy? Maybe she can get a ride home with someone else. Oh no, it’s getting late. Mom’s going to be so mad at me if I come home later than ten!

Nope, I definitely heard her thoughts now. She turned to leave and I watched silently. She turned around again and went back to stand at the wall again. She was too good of a friend to leave her other friend behind.

I laughed as the couple below me left the couch for me alone. I rested, my eyes trained on her as the music grew louder and the mood grew sweatier.

Why is he watching me?

I didn’t look away, wondering how she saw me when she never once looked in my direction. Maybe I should talk to her. She has nobody right now. She tapped her feet impatiently and I took that as my cue. I was never really one to start a conversation.

“Hey Violet.” I slurred, staring at her eyes and hearing my thoughts alone. Before I could say anything else, I heard a loud thud and it took me a few moments to realize I had fallen. She made me weak- no that isn’t a pick up line because she physically made me weak with one look, I lost my carefully unstable balance.

“Are you drunk?” She asked, looking at my fallen body on the floor. I looked up at her, wanting so badly to stare into the beautiful brown orbs of her eyes. She looked at me, the air in my throat constricted. I was lost in her eyes, my head pounding and I wished I could have another drink.

“Violet.” I heard myself say, unable to grasp what was going on. I heard shuffling around me and the volume of the music became nonexistent. I didn’t know what was going on. I wished I was more conscious I didn’t drink as much. “Help me up.”

As soon as her hand reached for mine, I sobered up. In that instant, the world disappeared.

What the heck is going on?

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