Dreams and Nightmares

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“Elaine…” He whispered my name. Hearing my name from his lips sent warmth throughout my body. He took a hesitant step towards me. My heartbeat pounded in my ears, my hands shook as he grasped them. He pulled me closer to him and placed my hands on his chest. “Tell me, Elaine. If you had no such feelings for me, then why are you turning crimson as I get closer to you?” He smiled sadly. I wanted to tell him. I wanted to tell him everything. But if I told him, I would surely be in a world of hurt and danger. He has yet to open up to me...So why would I open up to him? Because I trust him? Because my feelings for him grow stronger every second I spend with him or think of him? "I..." He pulled me against him. "I want to tell you all about me, my past, everything." He said to me. "But that will put you in so much danger...I can't bear to lose you to them." Tears formed in his eyes. "To who?" I asked, worried. That's when the door to his apartment came crashing down. Cold hands grasped me and everything went silent and dark.

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Heat engulfed my entire being. It was as if I was on fire, but it was pitch black all around me. I couldn’t see two inches in front of my face. So why was I overheating? Clearly there was no fire, but-


What was that? It sounded like-



I instantly grew cold. My teeth chattered, my body shivered, and my blood turned to ice in mere seconds. The footsteps came faster and got louder as if they were approaching me. But how would I know, it was too damn dark to see anything!

The footsteps became faster and louder. As if someone was running. I heard heavy panting and I felt as if I might freeze from the chill in the room. I shivered violently until I was suddenly tumbling to the cold, unforgiving ground. I landed with a thud on my back, my eyes closed as I fell, and I suddenly felt an inviting warmth spread from my chest throughout my body, until it spread to my fingertips and toes. I opened my eyes. I couldn’t make out the facial features of the person who was currently laying on top of me, but their eyes…

I looked up into the most beautiful, hypnotizing set of eyes I had ever seen in my entire life. They were beautiful blue-violet with specks of silver and gray. My God...They were the color of the galaxy it seemed. I reached up to touch the mysterious person’s face. Something was pulling my spirit towards this person, their eyes grew wide as if they could see me reaching out to touch them. So close...I was so close to feeling their skin against mine-


I gasped and sat up in my bed with a start. I took a minute to take in my surroundings. I was in my bedroom of my apartment. My makeup was on my dresser, my clothes were in the mess I called a closet, my alarm was still blaring in my ear.

“Ugh…” I groaned and turned the alarm off. As I moved in my bed I felt a cold dampness around me. I looked down. My sheets were drenched in a cold sweat. Great...I can only imagine what I look like right now.

I stretched and hopped out of bed, eager to forget that vivid and mysterious dream I had. What had felt like a nightmare, turned into a dream in just milliseconds, or, what felt like milliseconds. I got out of bed and looked in the mirror. Just what I suspected. I thought to myself. My long caramel brown waves were glued to my skin and clothes in sweat. My purple tank top and shorts were drenched in sweat as well.

I peeled my clothes off and headed for the shower, once again eager to rid myself of that awfully intriguing dream...and nightmare.

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