Pixie Dust.

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Tania is a regular girl. She is on a gap year from college and works for her mother at her humble flower shop but one day, out picking flowers, she arrives at a flowerbed with dancing pixies and she's confused beyond end but she soon realises that she's no longer in Cheshire or in her own world at all but in a world where fairies, pixies, ogres, gargoils and elves are all there is. She wanders around for a little before finding a garden of berries. Starving, she began to pick at and eat them but what she doesn't know is that she is in a pixie patch and trespassing and not to mention, stealing. She is captured by the pixies and brought to face trial with their queen who just happens to be the most beautiful being Tania has ever seen. The Queen takes mercy on her and allows her to roam her land in exchange for warming her bed. [Lesbian Story] [Mature Content]

Romance / Fantasy
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