Ruthless Swed

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Odette Ross was branded from the time she was eight years old. Her father signed her name in blood, to pay off a debt. With her future husband's name branded into her skin potential boyfriends shied away from ever approaching her. When her 25th birthday came it was also the day of her wedding to the Swedish Mafia prince and future Don Johan Berg. Johan Berg never wanted to get married at only 27. The idea of a betrothed bride sickened him. He would never love her and he'd make her miserable just to get out of the contract. Can these two objection t each other be resolved, so they can become the Don and he Donna they were meant to be? Let's find out in Ruthless Swed.

Romance / Action
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Face Claims

Johan Berg: Bill Skarsgard

OdetteRoss: Amber Riley

William Berg: Stellan Skarsgard

Ladall Berg: Alexander Skarsgard

Jordan Sallow: Mareshala Ali

Matteo Nakoa: Jason Momoa

Marcos Nakoa: Youssef Sawmah

Bernie Ross: Leon Robinson

Hazel Ross: Vanessa Williams

Alexa Santiago: Alexa Vega

Clint West: Donald Glover

Billy: Nick Robinson

Cj: Lucky Blue Smith

Calvin Sr. Jamie Doram

Kayla Wright: China Ann McClain

Dr. Plinsky: Dr. House forgot his real name

Valter Berg: Gustaf Skarsgard

Welcome this is my first time writing for Inkitt. I'm a self publish author. I'm not the best writer but I promise you I have quite an imagination. Hope you guys enjoy this book. This book is stictly my imagination. Likeness to character dead or alive is coincidental. This book is All rights reserved so please don't steal or copy my work..This book is not recommend for readers under the age of 18. Mature content such as sex, drugs, violence and language will be included.

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