Ruthless Swed

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Eight year old Odette Ross had tears in her eyes. The sound of her cries echoed throughout the warehouse, as she walked closer and closer to the big scary man.

Her father was on one side of the room covered in grease and sweat, as two huge men held him down. His eyes were bloodshot red and she could detect a hint of sympathy in them as the big scary man beckoned her to come closer.

Behind the man was a blazing fire with branding irons searing. Flickering embers seeped up every now and again.

Odette stops just short of the scary man. Her tears still going as he gazed at her. His eyes held no emotion and his lips was set in a serious scowl.

"Come here Johan!" He demanded.

That was when a young boy came out of the shadows. He looked like the big scary man but a minute version of him. He looked to be at least a year or two older than herself. The boy stood on the side of her. He was calm, almost as if he knew what was about to happen.

He spoke not one word but just looked up to the man. The man glanced at Odette one more time before he turned to the searing irons. He took out one of the irons first testing it on what looked like a dead sheep spread out on one of the many bloody tables around the warehouse. He took out the still hot iron and turned towards Odette. The initials JB was on the hot brander.

"No! Daddy, daddy help me." Odette screamed for her father as tears hit his eyes he struggled to move but was unable to help his babygirl. This was the price paid for his evil deeds.

The scary man signaled to the man holding Odette. The big man held Odette's neck to the side.

"Ahhhggggghhhhh!!! Odette screamed as the iron burned through her neck causing excruciating, indescribable pain. When the iron was removed from her neck Odette felt like she was about to pass out. The scary man placed something at her nose to keep her alert as she inhaled it.

Odette still felt fuzzy as the scary man took out another iron, this time turning to the boy with the O initial on it.

"Ar du redo son?" The man asked the boy in his native language. (Are you ready son).

The boy simple nodded. The man ripped open the boys shirt and on top of his right breast he placed the iron. The boy flinched but he refuse to scream or cry. Tears were at the tip of his eyes but he wouldn't let them fall. His mouth frown through the pain and he balled his fist tightly. When the man finished branding him, he touched the boys shoulder.

"Den ar gjort." (It is done). He simple said to the boy.

Odette knees wobbled. As the boy went to head back into the shadows, Odette was certain the boy glared at her with malice. The sound of her father screaming got her attenrion. She saw one of the men use his machete to cut the palm of her father's hand. In her hazy state the last thing she remembered was her father's bloody palm print being put on a stack of papers, before everything turned to darkness.

a/n: Hello guys welcome to the intro of how Odette and Johan met for the first time at eight and ten years old. They both were branded as a symbol that they belong to each other. Her father signed the contract in blood sealing her fate. Now poor Odette has to be tied to Johan forever without a way out. When these two cross paths again they will be older. Please comment and tell me what you think of the intro. Hit the like button if you like this chapter.

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