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Dagrome High a population of over six three thousand students. Odette was the typical teen that enjoyed what any teenage girl would. Friends, fun and boys. She wasn't considered popular by any means but she was there and in the know. Did she get teased because she was chunkier than most? Yes of course she did.

We'd all like to believe that our kids were sweet angels that they wouldn't say mean things to another child but life simple wasn't designed that way.

Did Odette care what others thought? Just a tad bit but she wasn't going to let that hinder her or bring her down. Her friends Clint and Alexa were all the people that she needed to hang around and content with.

On this very school day they were standing around her locker laughing enjoying the typical conversation that teens do before first period bell rang.

Odette wasn't completely fooled to believe she was the typical teen though. A typical teen wouldn't have to shoot a gun, learn the occasional fighting skills and of all languages how to speak Swedish. She had eight more years of freedom.

The branding on her neck was a constant reminder that her life was simply not hers. No matter how she wished it to be. This was never her choice but something that was thrust upon her and she could not fight it even if she tried. The contract was drilled in her head from the time she was eight until now.

Often times she would use her hair to cover up her branding but everybody knew. This was one of the reasons she had a hard time making friends except two who wasn't afraid to be associated with the destined mafia princess. The Berg's were a feared staple name in Dagrome and she was apart of it unwillingly.

'The Sins Of The Father Will Follow Through Even To The Third And Fourth Generation.'

Who hasn't heard that saying before. It was laughable at best bust in this case it wasn't.

The student population got quiet in the halls and to Odette and her friends it was puzzling why, until they followed the direction of the eyes of the rest of the students.

Like the Red Sea each student parted automatically to let their all important guest or in Odette's case intruder pass.

There he was walking through the halls. Almost in slow motion. The aura he presented was one of both fear and admiration.

At first it didn't click to Odette who he was but then she remembered the dead motionless eyes. Oh God why was he here? It wasn't time yet. Odette started to fall back cowering behind Clint placing her hand in her hair to smooth it down, to cover the branding. Maybe he won't know it's her. It has been nine years since their last encounter.

He walked closer and closer to where she was trying to make herself invisible. Clint and Alexa noticed her fear and Alexa decided she was a ride or die as she and Clint both stood in front of their friend.

Sure she was being a coward and possibly placing her friends in direct danger but she couldn't face him. Not yet besides she wasn't twenty-five yet.

Johan and his goons almost passed them by, until he stopped sudden. His friends bucking into his m but they moved out his way once he backed up.

Odette's heartbeat accelerated into an imaginable speed as she grabbed Clint's hand and held her head down low.

Johan stood directly in front of Alexa and Clint but he looked pass them. He could see her short ass and dark curls between them. Was she seriously trying to hide? Her male friend was challenging him with a state down.

Johan simply looked him over with void emotions and pulled out his gun pointing it in Clint's temple.

The rest of the students started screaming and running for their lives. Clint started to shake and sweat as he held his hand up in surrender.

"Move!" Johan one deep word command had both Alexa and Clint running for the hills.

Odette was scared as hell as only she, him and his goons were left. But she wasn't going to cry. She held her head up to face him.

Johan gazed right through her. Looking at her unamused and very much pissed off.

"Your weak to hide." He said through clenched teeth.

"I'm stronger than you think." Odette replied back equally pissed and surprised at herself.

"We shall see!" Johan removed her hair harshly to see her branding, his intials confirming what he already knew.

The first period bell rang and Odette needed to get to class. Johan walked off his goons behind him.

Odette went to class but she couldn't concentrate in any of them. H was in every single one of her class trying to intimidate her. The teachers couldn't do a thing to intervene even though he doesn't even attend school. They feared for their own lives. No one was stupid enough to confront the mafia prince.

Johan kept his eyes trained on her. He was a predator and she was his prey. He'd break her.

When lunch period came Odette headed for the girls bathroom. The safest place she could be right now, or so she thought.

When the door swung open in walks about six other girls. All of them looking at her with smirks. She didn't remember seeing their faces before but she could tell they were trouble.

They started surrounding her. In walks Johan and his goons as the goons lock the door behind them. Odette watched as he lit a cigarette. Placing the cancer stick between his fingers he took a long puff before he blew out again. He nodded his head to one of the girls.

The girl smirked and charged Odette with a scream. Odette was prepared remembering her training. She ducked the girls punch and pushed her off. She and the girl faced off as the girl quickly charged again this time landing a punch in Odette's gut.

Odette was momentarily caught off guard as she gave the girl a hard right hook sending the bitch stumbling backwards. Odette got in her fighting stance holding out her fist so did the rest of the girls. Each charged her left right and center but Odette used her weight and skills to fight them off best as she could.

Johan just watched quietly as he motioned all the girls to charge her at once. Odette was tired. She tried her hardest but they all kept coming at her. Her face was now bleeding from her lips and a cut above her eyes but she kept on kicking and swinging with heart.

Finally Jordan touched Johan's shoulder and whispered in his ears. Johan clenched his jaw. God he hated this bitch He could let the girls best her into a pulp for the rest of the day but Jordan was right his father would not approve. The fat bitch lasted longer than he thought she would. The bitch was a bit trained he could see but still weak. He motioned for the girls to stop. The girls stopped hitting a bloody, bruised Odette.

Johan signaled for them to leave the room. Odette leaned against the wall as he approached.

" Your ass is not even fucking worthy of me," he slapped her hard to the ground.

Odette held her cheek but reached into her boots, she pulled out her knife and kicked him off his fott unto his ass landed flat on the ground. Odette got on top of him quickly her knife at her throat but he pulled his gun to her side.

They glared at each other with hate. Jordan walked back into the room seeing the volatile situation in front of him.

She could easily slit his throat and he could easily pump her with lead. Jordan took the gun out his friend's hand first and then eased Odette off of Johan.

Jordan backed her into the wall and commanded her to stay. He watched as a fuming Johan got up ready to charge her again but Jordan held him back.

"It's time to go Sir." Jordan yelled at him.

Johan didn't care he pulled out another gun shooting Odette in her arm.

Odette screamed falling to the ground holding her arm.

Jordan slapped the gun out Johan's hand as the rest of the goons came in rushed him screaming out the room, yelling obscenities in Swedish at Odette.

When he left Jordan helped Odette to her feet and carried her out the building. He made a phone call to the Donwho was most pissed at his son. He'd deal with Johan later. He instructed Jordan to which hospital to carry Odette to before he contacted her parents.

Damn his son was hard headed but he'd rectify that soon enough.

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