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Odette: 24 Two days before her birthday and wedding day.
The Contract:

Subject shall remain of virgin status until the day of her 25th and wedding day. Her virgin status may only change through her husband.

Subject will be trained in how to fight in combat.

Subject shall train using weapons such as guns, knives, explosives swords etc.

Subject shall remain in marriage to infinity years and remain faithful and loyal to her husband.

Subject will produce at least one heir or as many children her husband demands.

This contract is not voidable and will be sighed in blood by both male parents William Berg and Bernie Ross.

Odette sighed and placed the contract back in an envelope, in her draw. Many years she read and reread the contract to see if she could get out of it in anyway. Her father had signed away her entire life.

Placing her hair in a high pony she stared at her neck. God she hated looking at the branding but she had no choice but to look at it.

Odette walked out of her room and went into the kitchen where her mom was cooking breakfast. Yeah I know what your thinking she's twenty-four and still living at home. Not like she has a choice part of her contract, she was to live with her parents until the day of her wedding. The Berg's paid for any expenses she had and every month a total of fifteen thousand was placed into her savings.

"Hi mom." Odette smiled sitting at the island.

"Morning dear." Hazel smiled cherry. "Could you help me start plating dear?"

Odette got up and grabbed three plates out the cupboard along with three coffee mugs. Odette went into one of the pots to take up some hot yellow grits, for each plate. In another pot she found steaming scrambled eggs and sausage links. Transferring them to the dining room table because it would be easier for her father to eat there.

Her mom poured the coffee and rest the mugs on the side of each plate. They sat down just as her father wheeled his chair into the room.

"Morning dad!" Odette smiled as he came up to his spot at the table. Odette could never get use to her father's legs. The Berg's made sure he didn't have use of his legs after he tried turning rogue running off with three hundred thousand of their dollars. Her father had tried to hide with his family in tow even changing their alias but the Berg's still caught up to him.

When they did, his option was to die along with his family or sign over his first born to them. Unfortunately Odette was that first and only born.

"Good morning princess." Her father smiled and kissed his wife's cheek. Hazel only hummed in response.

They started eating breakfast when her father cleared his throat. "Are you done packing princess?" He asked softly with a smile.

Hazel sighed out loud. Odette could see her mom was more than pissed at the moment. So she gave short answers not to cause more tension.

"Yes dad."

Her father clearly wasn't getting the memo cause he continued to ask her about how training and using weapons was going over the years.

"Honey your gonna be great as long as you remember everything you were taught."

Hazel threw her fork down, this time in a huff. "She shouldn't have to pay for your damn sins."

Hazel stood up going to the trash throwing the rest of her breakfast away.

Odette knew with the wedding two days away everyone was on edge.
Her dad looked sad, with sorrow filled eyes he looked at his daughter."I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry." He said it full of regret before wheeling his back towards his room.

Her parents were at odds over the decisions he made. Hazel held resentment towards her husband for putting their daughter through this. Did Odette herself resent her dad? In some ways yes. Now she wasn't allowed to have a life that was of her own choosing but the life that was designed by him. Then she also thought she and her mom wouldn't be alive if he hadn't sold her to the Berg's.

She didn't know what her life was going to be like in two days but she was going to enjoy the rest of her freedom until I then.

Johan 26:

Johan was beyond pissed at the moment so his current victim was feeling the full sting of his rage. He already has the man's fingers, toes and limbs chopped off on the ground. They were spread in various parts of the warehouse.

The more he thought about this fucking upcoming wedding he got angrier. Using his switchblade he started cutting open the man's stomach. All the man could do was move his head. His tongue was somewhere under the table. Johan had cut it out after the man confessed.

Johan stared at his handy work. Seeing the man at his last couple of breaths Johan smirked and press the nearby button on the wall an acid shower rained on the man. Johan watched as the acid started burning through the man's body. Smoke from the acid swoll the man's mangled, ripped up body.

Johan lit up a cigarette and pressed the button again stopping the acid shower. He took out his gun and scratched his head with it. Covered head to toe in blood, he walked to his nearby rooms. The cleaning crew had their work cut out for them.

The girl who was laying in his bed still sleeping annoyed him. He dragged her up by her long blonde hair and she screamed. She was still naked but that didn't stop him from dragging her across the floor, kicking her ass out into the cold. He slammed and locked the door behind him. She banged on the door screaming for her clothes. Johan tossed her dress out the fucking window. Let his men enjoy the fucking bitch if they wanted.

Johan started his shower, taking off his bloody clothes tossing them in the trash he got under the water rays. Letting the blood drain off of him. He watched the blood fall down the drain. Two more fucking days to be married to that bitch. Too bad he missed his aim that day at her highschool, then he wouldn't have to worry about this hell.

No matter how much he pleaded his father would not release him from the contract. Talking shit in his head but his word was worth more than loyalty. She maybe his wife soon but he had no intention of treating her as such. He didn't need to show his loyalty to a bitch he hardly knows.

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