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⚠⚠This chapter has a bit of trigger. Please read with caution.


Odette made her way down to the hall of the Hilton. She had arrived three hours ago where the doorman had showed her the honeymoon suite and where she got dress for her wedding.

She was already dreading this day and her mom almost made her cry as she was helping her get ready.

Hazel fixed Odette's hair. Making her daughter more beautiful today. A sad fixture in her eyes. Guilt, worry and hurt all transparent in her emotions.

Odette tried to remain silent but she knew this day was weighing heavy on both their hearts.

"Mom I'll be ok." Odette tried to reassure her mom.

With a few droplets of tears her mom found a voice. A scared, soft voice that concerned Odette. "No you won't be baby. These people are so cruel, so heartless. It's my fault." Hazel cried.

"Mom don't say that."

"Yes it is baby. If I hadn't fall in love with your father. I knew he was trouble but I loved him, I was weak. I let this happen. I should have stopped it that day. Should have ran with you but I knew they'd find us. I didn't have enough power, I was weak. Please forgive me Odette, please."

Odette was taken a back she had no idea her mom carried such guilt. All she did was hug her mom.

"Odette I know, I have no rights to ask but please baby do me a favor."

"Don't let him break you baby. Don't let him break you. Please baby, please. I need you to stay strong. Don't let him break you. If I'm dead and gone, buried in my grave, don't you ever let him break you.


That was the most powerful plea she ever heard from her mother. As Odette neared the hall, her short lace knee length ivory wedding dress with it's three quarter inch sleeve lace sleeve swayed as she walks, holding her bouquet tightly in her hand. There at the double doors stood the scary man. He was still very much intimidating. He didn't same to age, he still looked the same, with the same dead eye expression and permanently set scowl.

She stood in front of him, her held high, trying not to show any fear. He glanced at her a second and held out his arm to her. She wrapped her arms around his. "Redo?" (Ready) he asked.

"Is min Don." (Yes my Don). Odette replied.

Her response seemed to please him as he gave a polite nod and the hall doors were opened.

Odette observed only six other people in the room. Her mom stood at the alter as her witness, the official, her groom and a man standing besides him similar in features to him. Her father in his wheelchair sat next to a pew and a man she remembered as Jordan who had saved her from Johan's wrath as a teen sat next to her father.

Odette could see her groom was not too happy about all this. He was dressed to perfection in his black tuxedo with thin white stripes. His best matching the cut of the suit his dress shirt was white with black stripes and a chain connecting the laps of the jacket a white and black stripes necktie completed the look.

If looks could kill , he'd kill her with a simple glance. She didn't remember him being so tall. He was at least six, two or three in height, compared to her five three height. He had that pale white skin, His eyes were that deep beautiful blue as the ocean. He was very lean and he didn't have the conventional boy next door looks but he was still handsome. A unique handsome that drew you into him physically.

This was the longest walk to her room she ever felt. Her groom looked like he just wanted to pull out his gun and make sure she was dead. Her heart began to thump violently in her chest, so she gladly took her eyes from him. She looked at her father who kept his head down, you could see the look of guilt coursing through him. Then she looked at her mom who looked as if she was ready to jump across the room, grab her and run away. The only people looking content was the scary man, Jordan, the official and the man beside her groom.

This was a spectacle of a wedding indeed. Her thoughts were brought back to life when the Don removed his arm and she looked up to see her angry groom ad they exchanged hands.

Odette swallowed hard. For the first time she felt real fear. It was finally dawning on her that this day was real. Suddenly she couldn't move, she felt immobile as Johan tried to pull her. He turned to look at her pissed. Bending to her ears.

"Move your ass bitch. Don't fucking embarrass me." He growled low enough so only she heard him.

Odette panted and looked up at her mom. Then Odette remembered her promise. "Don't Let Him Break You."

Finding her strength she willed her legs to walk.

You would think there would be a reception of some sort. But no when the ceremony was done, it was slam bam thank you ma'am. Odette bid her parents goodbye, her mom held her so tight she thought her mom would never let go.

"Come home if ever it gets too hard ok baby." Her mom pleaded.

"I will mama." Odette half smiled.

Heading back into the hotel Odette could see her husband and his father into something heated. She tried not to watch but her attention was drawn when her husband got in his father's face. What happened next scared her as his father drew back and slapped the living shit out of his son. The slap was so hard it echoed the the hotel causing everyone in the lobby to look.

Johan's lips was bleeding as he kept his face to the side as his father continued to drill him. Odette thought it was best to mind her business and head up to their room.

Reaching the room Odette looked around at the beautiful mordern designs. The bedroom was seperated from the living area.

Getting out of her dress she hung it in the closet. Going in her luggage she took out a pair of juicy boyshorts and a cami. The room only had one bed. This was her new life away from her parents no more safe haven.

Odette stared at the lone bed. Would he expect for them to have sex tonight? He didn't even like her. How was she going to make it in this marriage? Odette shook her head. This is what she's been training for her entire life. "Stay strong Odette you can do this." Odette talked her herself. She heard the door open and slammed back hard causing her to pitch.

⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠ WARNG:
She peeked through the bedroom door to see her husband pacing the floor. A cup of whiskey in his hand. He yelled angry and gulped down the strong substance before throwing the glass against the wall, shattering it to pieces.

Odette ran back in the and sat on the bed nervous. Her anxiety flaring. Her breathing increased and she gulped when he stepped into the room glaring at her.

"I fucking detest you." He yelle.

He started yelling at her in Swed. He may not have known it but she understood every degrading word he spewed at her. Basically calling her an ugly, fat hoe. That the only man who would find her attractive had to be blind and impotent.

"I'm suppose to get you pregnant bitch when I can't even stand the sight of you. Your nothing but a damn slob. How the fuck is my dick not gonna stay limp dealing with you? Between your face and your body it's a fucking tragedy." He yelled in english before he scoffed into the bathroom.

Odette's eyes glossed over but she refused to cry. She laid under the covers willing herself to remain calm and strong. This was after all her husband and she had to try and please him and not allow herself to crumble under his cruel words. 'Your still a virgin but you've watched enough porn you can get him erected.' Odette thought to herself.

When he came out the bathroom he narrowed his eyes as she sat up in the bed. His shirt was off and he was bare chest with pair of long pajama pants.

He sat on the bed opposite her ignoring her. Placing his elbows on his knees, bending forward resting his heading his palms.

Odette sighed and said a silent prayer, gearing herself up. She got up and walk to his side. She got on her knees in front of him. His eyes was still closed looking stress so she touched his thighs gentle causing his eyes to shoot up and pull his gun out to her temple.

Odette swallowed hard but she looked him dead in the eyes. She cautiously untied the knot in his pajamas. He narrowed his eyes looking down at her scowling.

She just bravely continued placing her hands in his pajamas she took out his limp dick as he pressed the gun deeper on her head. "I kommer fa du upp." (I will get you up). She said to him looking up at his angry eyes.

Odette started in slowly taking him her mouth. Imagining what she saw the women on the porn do, she mimicked their actions. Pretty soon he was at a good length. He was surprisingly larger than she imagined. She was only sucking him in halfway an jacked him off the next half.

Johan kept the gun at her temple a little shaky because her mouth was giving him spectacular head. He had to hold back several moans from escaping his lips. This bitch couldn't be a virgin with fucking ace skills like this. She fucking broke the contract. Somehow this infuriated him.

Resting his gun on the nightstand he grabbed her by her neck. Odette raised her lips off of him. He started squeezing harder and he looked pissed. 'Did she do t wrong?' She wondered.

"Du javla hora." (You fucking whore). He yelled.

He flung her to the bed. He ripped off her cami and yanked down her shorts harshly. Looking at her body he spat out, "Disgusting!"

Spreading her legs far apart he shoved into her without mercy. Odette screamed from the pain.

Johan looked down at her shivering body. 'Fuck she was still a virgin.' Fuck he thought to himself as her tight pussy gripped him almost into another euphoria. He panted before he moved. So what if the bitch was still pure, she was giving another man head. She still was a fucking slut. Thinking about her lips wrapped around another man's dick pissed him off even more and he started pounding in her hard. He held her face away as she started to whimper from the pain. "Don't fucking look at me bitch. This will be a lot easier if I didn't have to look at your damn face."

Odette never felt so humiliated and shame in her life. He didn't take his time and he felt like he was ripping her insides apart. He made her feel cheap and unworthy. She silently cried as he grunted. Wiping her tears praying it would end soon.
Fuck her pussy was tighter and sweeter than he thought. He had a hard time breaking through to her grip she was pushing him over and he couldn't hold it back as he gushed into her. Emptying his seed into her warmth he panted falling his dead weight on top of her.

Odette quickly wiped the rest of her tears before he could see.

He climbed off of her finally getting out the bed pulling his pajama pants. He scowled at the blood and cum falling between her legs. Sucking his teeth.

"Bitch you better hope that one shot got your ass pregnant because I won't be fucking you that often." Johan grabbed an extra sheet and blanket out the closet and went out the room slamming the door.

Odette stared at the ceiling a while. Feeling used and useless. She willed her sore body up. Her knees wobbled trying to walk steadily from the pain as blood and cum dripped down her legs. She took along shower trying to clean herself crying silently as the water caressed her sore body. Coming out she changed into a clean underwear and a night dress. Throwing her torn clothing in the garbage and taking the bloody sheets off the bed. She wiped the rest of the blood up and used extra sheets to make up the bed before laying down throwing a blanket over herself. With her body still aching her mom's voice bought her comfort as her tears flow to sleep.

"Don't Let Him Break You."

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