The Uncharted Husband and His Wife

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Zhao Yuan Rui, had everything and still has everything but feels as though he has nothing ever since his car accident two years ago which left him paralyzed meets the flamboyant Liu Zhi Rou who changes his life in the most uncommon manner. Liu Zhi Rou, an angel stripped of her wings at a young age, between all humans drops by in his hospital room with her silly antics. Learning of each others pasts and hardships, they work together for the betterment of the other. Follow the two as they venture into the life of a married couple and face all the obstacles ahead of them.

Romance / Drama
Vanessa Nicole
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Chapter 1: The Husband

Crouching down, she crawled her way passed the receptionist desk so the nurses on night shift couldn’t catch her. Once she was out on the clear, she stood up and ran for the stairs heading up. Climbing the stairs one by one, she reached the top and turned back to look at the staircase grudgingly. Shaking her legs out she cursed, “It’s a hospital why were there so many steps?”

Returning to her goal, she went on in the semi-lit passageway looking for room B201 in ward B. Finding the room, she made sure that no one was around and turned the doorknob and walked in. The room was semi-lit as well with only the lamp on the nightstand shining.

She turned to the viewing window after closing the door and pulled the strings of the blinds to close them. She ran her fingers down the blinds then smiled, turning her attention to the handsome man lying on the bed asleep, she kicked off her slippers and walked towards the bed.

She switched the light on above his head. His nose scrunched at the invasion of the light but continued to sleep. She sat down on his bed beside him and leaned over to gaze at his handsomely sleeping self properly.

Lifting her finger, she traced his features with a smile. ‘You really are handsome’ she thought as she looked at him dearly. She found his features fascinating even though it was her second time seeing him and the last time she saw him was when he came in with an ambulance unconscious.

Smiling as a bad thought came to her mind, she grabbed a few of her hairs that hung loosely between her fingers and brought it to his nose. She tickled the mole on his nose with it and giggled when he scratched his nose and groaned in his sleep.

The man asleep on the bed was already a light sleeper but with the drugs, they injected him with made him sleep soundly but now, the sudden itchiness that kept bothering him annoyed him awake to see what it was.

Opening his heavy eyes lids he came face to face with someone who was smiling seconds before but pulled back and was covering her mouth as if she was stealing something and was caught red-handed.

He quickly sat up on the bed and pulled himself against the headboard. He looked at her and she stared back at him. Her eyes kept widening and when it couldn’t any longer, she burst out in laughter. She laughed so hard that her stomach started cramping.

She fell off the bed and held her stomach. The young woman sat up and stopped laughing, looking at her feet covered in white socks with yellow pigs on it. The man on the bed looked at the girl on the floor and pulled the covers up.

He wanted to call for the nurses but saw that the button that was clasped to his finger wasn’t where it should be. Looking at her he became furious, “Who are you and what do you want?” He asked in a raspy voice still filled with sleep.

She looked up at him and grinned, climbing on the bed she stared at him, “You have a different expression on your face today,” she said making his frown deepen. “I asked you who you are!” he repeated in a commanding tone.

She looked at him puzzled then smiled. Shaking her head she teased him, “That won’t work on me!”

The man glared at her wishing so badly to kick her off the bed but he couldn’t use his legs. He remained silent after thinking about his legs and felt lost yet again. The girl saw his face changed and recalled what the nurses who gossiped about him said.

Her eyes quickly darted around the room and stopped on him. She moved closer to him and he didn’t realise it, grabbing his cheeks she pinched them. He winced from the pain. His eyes shot to her, furiously he asked with a glare, “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

She pulled her hands away frightened. Her eyes began to water as she looked at him, “Since when have you been so rude? Did you lose all your brains after falling asleep or did they brainwash you?” The man looked at this crazy woman, “What nonsense are you spouting now? And who are you?!” he demanded to know. How dare she act so intimate with him?!

She wiped her tears away and buried her head in his lap where his member was situated. The man’s body froze as she dropped her head down where she shouldn’t, he grabbed her silky blackish-brown hair in his hands. Trying his best to push her away with flushed cheeks he struggled, “What… What… What are you… you doing? Get away!”

She mumbled something inaudible making him stop, he raised her head that dangled as it was held by her hair, “What did you say?” She looked into his eyes with tears rolling down her face, “How can you treat me this way when I love you so much?”

“Huh?” he thought baffled by her words. He could swear that he didn’t know who she was since he arrived two days ago in the hospital and she wasn’t anyone he knew outside of the hospital, was she some fan of his? He let go of her hair deciding to ignore her. Seeing that she was released, she climbed onto his bed and rested her head against his stomach where she could feel ripped abs and a strong physique.

The man looked at her confused, what in the world is happening. He wanted to tell her to get the hell out but he had no desire to speak and wanted to pretend that she was non-existent, he had other thoughts running through his mind, and she was of no significance right now. He sat up on the bed and gazed down at her back absent-mindedly.

Her back was open since she wore a patients robe. He could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and the robe fell to its sides opening her back for him to get a good view of it. Her back seemed to be perfect at a glance but upon closer inspection, he saw that she had many scars on it and it looked like it hurt.

His eyes trailed further down her back to her bottom noting that it was round slightly laying flat. She moved her left leg to make herself lay more comfortably on him and her butt jiggled. He swallowed as a shuddering thought went through his mind but the moment it disappeared he became depressed.

No matter how much he tried to get over everything, he was rendered useless.

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