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Sequel of Aurora, a story I started on wattpad so if you’re from there hi guysss!!! If not, here’s the description: Blake has always had strong feelings for his best friend Alex. But he didn’t really know what those feelings actually were until one steamy night at a party. Will things change between them? Will Alex feel the same way?

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On hold

Ok so I just wanted to get this update out before I start working on this story again but yeah so I switched to Inkett and I was really losing motivation for this story but I wanna keep writing it and I plan to start that soon but idk how soon that will be but yes I will be continuing this story and transferring all the previous chapters from wattpad on here but idk how long that’s gonna take bc I might edit them but yeah thank you to anyone still supporting me, I’ll try my best not to disappoint you guys 💖

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