Alluring Aviana

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Chapter 10: Kayden

“You shouldn’t try baking. You will kill yourself and me. I am too young to die!” I tell Mason. Mason sighs.

“True. And you have to impress Aviana too.” He says, making me roll my eyes. Ever since Aviana left, he’s been telling me that I am in love with her. I mean, okay, I did dream about her but that was it. I don’t love her. It might be an infatuation but nothing else. She’s just here for six months. Then we will both go on our separate paths.

Why was that thought so painful?

“You don’t know if I was dreaming about her.” I defend myself for the hundredth time in the past hour. We have just been sitting on the couch, trying to decide what to do. Aviana was still not back.

“Then whom were you dreaming about while you were sitting beside a goddess?” Mason asks with a smirk. “Shanelle Reyes?” Mason says with clear distaste in his voice making me sigh deeply.

“I don’t dream about Shanelle.” I tell him.

“See! You cannot dream about your supermodel ex but you are dreaming about Aviana. Accept it. You like her.” Mason says. He did have a point. I never ever had a dream about any other girl. But that doesn’t mean that I like Aviana.

“I don’t! Get that through your thick skull!” I tell him as I get up and go to the kitchen. He follows me with a cheeky grin on his stupid face.

“Then, can I try to woo her? I mean, I might never get the chance to do that after you guys get separated.” Mason says. I clench my jaw, not saying anything. “I really love her. And I will give her anything she asks for.” He continues. I open the refrigerator and take a water bottle out and drink some water to cool myself down. “I will marry her and be the husband that she deserves. Then we will have about half a dozen kids-” I cut him off by gripping his collar.

“You wouldn’t dare!” I say with gritted teeth. He just grins at me.

“You cannot dream about her being with anyone. Accept it. You like her. It is better for you if you accept it sooner rather than later. Otherwise, it might be a little too late.” Mason says in a serious voice. I sigh as I release his collar.

Maybe he’s right...

“Okay. Maybe I do like her a little.” I confess. He grins at me as he pats my shoulder. “What do I do now?” I ask him.

“That’s a start. But don’t ask me for any advice. It’s already too hard for me to give her up without fight. If you weren’t smitten, I would have tried to woo her myself!” He says.

“I’m not smitten!” I groan.

How is he my best friend? And why haven’t I murdered him yet?

“Anyways, I am hungry. Cook something.” Mason says.

“I am hungry too. But I don’t want to cook anything before Aviana comes back. I don’t want her to eat microwaved food.” I tell him with a sigh.

“You’ll let your best friend starve just so that she can eat fresh food?” Mason says, dramatically placing a hand over his heart. I roll my eyes at him. Just then, we hear the front door opening.

“Is anyone hungry? I brought pizza!” Aviana yells from the door. We walk to her to find four big pizza boxes in her hands. She smiles apologetically at us, trying to avoid making direct eye contact with me. “I am sorry for being late. My friend was lying, like usual. She just wanted me to help her with her nephew.” She says with an eye roll. “I brought pizza as an apology.” She adds. Smile at her as Mason takes the boxes from her and places them on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“I love you even more now! Kayden was going to starve me till you return. You really are an angel!” Mason tells her. She giggles at him.

“What were you guys doing?” She asks. I look at Mason, warning him not to tell her about our conversation with a glare.

“We were just talking.” He says as he takes a huge bit off his pizza. “About Kayden’s crush on you.” He says with a smug smile. I glare at him before I turn to look at Aviana. She is looking at Mason with wide eyes and a blush is starting to form on her cheeks. “Did you know, he was dreaming about you earlier too!” Mason says. I move towards the couch and throw a cushion on his head. Aviana’s cheeks were bright red now.

“Aviana-” I start but Mason cuts me off.

“I will never lie to you, Aviana! I love you!” Mason says. “But I think that he does too!” He adds as he throws a cushion at me. I easily dodge it and make my way to him.

He is a freaking idiot!

“Aviana! Help me!” Mason yells as he runs away from me. I follow him to the kitchen where we circle the kitchen island for a while before a giggling Aviana comes to us.

“I thought that I acted childish. You guys are way more childish than I can ever be!” She says as she giggles.

“Don’t take my best friend’s love for you as his childishness!” Mason says making her laugh.

“Gosh! I really love you, Mason!” She says when she recovers from the laughing fit.

“I love you to, Aviana.” Mason says as he blows a flying kiss at her. I grab him by his collar in his distracted state.

“Leave him, Kay! He was just joking.” Aviana says, coming beside me and gripping my arm that was on his collar. She was grinning at Mason. I release him.

“Thanks for saving me, love.” Mason says to her with a smirk.

“You’re welcome.” She says before looking between the two of us. “Although, I do wonder who the girl or the guy was that you were dreaming about.” Aviana says with a smirk on her face. I groan as I cover my face with my hands. She laughs at my discomfort as she high-fives Mason.

“Can we eat the pizzas now?” Mason asks, sensing my irritation. I sigh in relief when Aviana nods. We walk back to the couch and plop down as we start eating. Aviana puts up some random movie and we all talk about random stuff, not paying attention to the screen in front of us.

As I look at her giggling and laughing beside me, I can’t help but fully accept the fact that I do like her. Even if it’s just a little, I do like her.....

But will she ever learn to like me?

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