Alluring Aviana

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Chapter 3: Aviana

I am eating the heavenly pancakes made by Kayden Knight’s personal chef, Martha when I see him coming towards the kitchen. He was wearing a navy-blue suit with a white shirt and a blue tie. He looked so damn hot! His suit fitted him well, showing off his slightly lean and muscled torso. It wasn’t a secret that he had a delicious body. I have seen him in just a tank top and some sweatpants when he was going to the gym. And to say that he looked hot was an understatement.

Besides his hot body, he had a handsome face which looked as if he was god’s masterpiece. His eyes are dark green and he has such inviting lips.

I remember how it felt when he pecked my lips during our wedding. It wasn’t enough to quench the thirst of my curiosity. I wanted to feel his lips on mine.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts. You can’t think such things about him, Aviana! You are just a college girl and he’s a billionaire!

“Good Morning, Mr. Knight!” I say with a big smile as he looks at me. I can see him struggling to keep his smile hidden but his eyes tell me that a smile is trying to find its way onto his face. His dark green eyes twinkled with amusement probably remembering how I told him to reply with a ‘Good Morning’ instead of just ‘morning’.

“Good Morning, Miss Aviana. And please don’t call me Mr. Knight.” He says as he settles down next to me.

“First of all, I am no longer a ‘Miss’. You should know because it’s you because of whom I am now a ‘Mrs.’.” I tell him in a matter-of-fact tone. “And secondly, do you feel like an old man when I call you Mr. Knight?” I ask him as I giggle. Martha chuckles with me.

“I am not an old man.” He defends himself, making me laugh. He was slightly pouting and that made him look a little younger. Honestly speaking, his seriousness and his emotionless face made him look a bit older and more dangerous.

“You are an old man. At least I think so.” I tell him with an amused smile. He rolls his eyes at me.

“I am just 26. I am a man not an old man.” He says. I grin at him as I playfully slap his arm.

“Okay, Kayden. You are not an old man.” I tell him as I return my focus to the heavenly pancakes. “Martha, as you know, I can’t marry you. But will you adopt me?” I ask Martha after eating another bite of my pancakes. She just shakes her head at me as she chuckles.

“I’ll cook anything for you at any time. You just have to say so. I’ll cook for you even if we aren’t related, dear.” Martha tells me with a kind smile on her face.

“You are an angel sent from the gods above, Martha! Thank you!” I tell her. She shakes her head at me as she busies herself with her work. I turn to Kayden when my breakfast is finished.

“Will you watch a movie with me tonight?” I ask him with the best puppy dog eyes I can manage and a pout. This expression always works on anyone who has even the slightest bit of emotion. Unsurprisingly, this expression has worked on everyone I’ve ever met except for my heartless parents.

I can see the mental battle in Kayden’s eyes as he looks at my face. I hear Martha chuckling but I don’t let the expression crumble. I can do this! Emotional blackmail, manipulation and pranks are kind of my specialties. And I am not ashamed to admit that I use these talents of mine quite often.

“Okay, I’ll try to come home early today.” Kayden says after a while with a heavy sigh. A huge grin immediately lights up on my face as I wrap my arms around his shoulder. I ignore the way he gets stiff for a second before I pull away.

“Thank you! You’re the best!” I tell him as I reach for my bag which was lying at the foot of my chair. “Bye, Martha! Bye, Kayden!” I say as I leave the house.

Reaching down and out of the building, I see Tyler, my dirty blonde haired, brown eyed bodyguard and driver and friend, standing next to the black SUV. Tyler was grinning at me as he saw me making my way to him. I’ve known Tyler for about six years now. He is 24 years old. He was a buff and serious person in the beginning but it didn’t take me long to break his silent and serious front.

“Good Morning, Ty!” I greet him with a grin as I give him a quick hug.

“Good Morning, Vi. Are you ready to go?” He says. Almost all my friends call me ‘Vi’. Aviana is a bit mouthful and Vi sounds a little better.

“Yes.” I tell him as I get in the car. He gets in behind the wheel and starts driving towards my college. “I have to go to the studio after my classes for a bit and then we’ll head back home.” I tell Tyler.

“You aren’t going to spend any time with your friends today?” Tyler asks, looking straight ahead at the road.

“No. I have plans to watch a movie with Kayden today. So, I’ll just practice for a bit and then leave.” I tell him with a grin as I remember how I convinced Kayden to watch the movie with me.

“What do you think Sebastian will have to say when he hears about your plans?” Tyler asks me as he briefly glances at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Seb understands my situation with Kayden. And besides, no one can control me. He’ll have to deal with it.” I answer feeling a slight sting in my heart as I think about my best friend since my diaper days. Sebastian was just around two months older than me but he was always slightly overprotective of me. And though he annoyed me a lot, I love him.

“Don’t you think that he’ll throw a tantrum about everything?” Tyler questions.

“I’ll deal with him, Ty. I will have to.” I say with a sigh.

“He won’t take you hanging out with Kayden Knight well.” Tyler comments.

“I know. But It wasn’t Kayden’s fault that my sister and his brother ran away on their wedding day.” I reason.

Tyler nods his head, driving silently the rest of the way as I turn on the radio and sing along with the songs.

“Vi, why are you being so.... Normal about everything?! He is ruining your life!” Sebastian shouts. Well, Tyler was right. Seb is not taking it well.

“Seb, he was stuck just like me. It’s all unexpected to him too. We both are kinda in the same situation. And though you understand me the best, he understands the situation better than you because he’s stuck too. I just want to get to know him. He isn’t the bad guy here.” I explain. All my other friends left the room as soon as I told everyone about my plans. They knew how Seb was going to explode. So, they gave us some space.

“What if he is a paedophile? Huh? What will you do then?” Sebastian asks as he pulls onto his dark, almost black hair.

“He’s just 26! I am 21 for crying out loud! He’s just five years older than us! And he’s actually better than you think.” I tell him as I shake my head in disappointment. How can Seb even think that about Kayden?

“Avia-” Seb starts but I cut him off.

“Stop, Seb! I thought that we already went over all this! I didn’t know that you would think such things about him. I am his wife. Even if it’s just for six months, my name is still connected with his. I am not going to hear anything now.” I tell Sebastian as I walk out of the room. Sebastian calls after me but I don’t stop.

I can’t let his words get to me. I can’t break. I can’t let my parents win....

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