Alluring Aviana

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Chapter 5: Kayden

I am sitting in my chair for breakfast but Aviana is still not here. I don’t know why I was expecting to see her here when I came here. Maybe because ever since she came to my house, she’s always been here before me. Now that she is not here, I notice how I was getting used to her being around. It has been all but four days that she’s been here and I was already getting used to her being around. I wouldn’t never admit this to anyone but I was kind of looking forward to seeing her around now.

“Good Morning, Martha! Good Morning, Kayden. I’m sorry I’m late.” Aviana says in a rushed tone as she settles down beside me. She has her hair up in a messy bun but a few strands are left to frame her sweet and delicate face. She is wearing light grey skinny jeans, a black tank top with her name written on the back and ‘The Band’ written on the front and black heeled-boots.

“Good Morning, Aviana.” I say with a smile on my face. This girl is changing me. I’m not a person who smiles a lot. Or at all.

Aviana doesn’t look at me as she is busy typing something on her phone. She looks a bit stressed.

“Good Morning, Honey.” Martha says as she places her coffee in front of her. “What would you like to eat today? I’ve made French toast but I can make something else if you want.” Martha tells her.

“I would love to have those French toast but I’m kinda in a bit of hurry. I’m actually getting late today.” Aviana says, finally looking up from her phone.

“It’s not that late. What happened? Are you alright? You look a bit stressed.” I say. She finally looks at me and I am blown away as I look into her beautiful blue-grey eyes. She grins at me before nodding her head.

“I am fine. It’s just that I am organizing a protest against the college faculty today. So, I have been receiving a lot of messages from the people who are joining me.” She explains. Martha nods at that.

“What is this protest about?” I ask her.

“It’s about the fries served in the cafeteria. They’re never cooked to perfection. They are either burnt or under-cooked. The rest of the food items aren’t any better.” She explains with a serious expression. That makes me smile in amusement.

“You do know that you can come here any time you want and ask Martha to cook for you, right?” I ask her as I try to hide my amusement.

“I know that. But this is bigger than that. We are doing this for all the students who eat at the cafeteria. We are doing this for all those who leave the house in a hurry without eating, thinking that they’ll grab something from the cafeteria. We are doing this for all those students who are going to come to the college in the future!” Aviana says in such a way that it sounds like an inspiring speech by a leader.

I am almost convinced to join her in her protest just by hearing her speech. Her voice is so convincing. I think that she is good at convincing people.

“Wow!” I say, not knowing how to reply to her.

“Are any kids really joining you? I mean, kids your age usually don’t care about all that stuff.” Martha asks her.

“Martha, you’ll be surprised to know how many are joining me. I know how to get people to do what I want. I am good with people. And I’m even better at manipulating people. Besides, me and my friends are quite popular. Everybody follows us in whatever we do.” Aviana replies with a devilish smirk that makes my heart skip a bit. She looks a little evil like this.

“That’s really good. I hope it goes well.” I say as Martha nods her head agreeing with me.

“Thanks. That reminds me! If you get a call from my college, don’t pick it up. If you pick up the call by mistake, pretend to be having some technical problems and end the call.” Aviana says. “I know you haven’t received any calls yet but you might receive some calls from my college regarding some stuff. Now that you are the one responsible for me, the staff and teachers are going to call you instead of my sister or my parents.” she adds.

“What kind of stuff are you talking about?” I ask her, suspiciously, with a raised eyebrow.

“Uh.... Pranks and some other mischief. I am quite a troublemaker. So, until you want to hear some colourful words or about how I did something bad from my professors and other faculty members, don’t talk to them.” She says with a big grin on her face.

“Okay.” I say. She nods her head looking down at her phone and starts typing something again.

“I’ll be going now. If anyone needs me, call me. Bye!” She says before hurrying out the door.

This girl is something else...

“Mr. Knight, Mr. Henderson is here to see you.” my assistant, Walter says as he knocks my office’s door before entering. I nod my head telling him to let Mr. Henderson in.

“Kayden Knight! I am so happy for you, my boy. I am sorry that I couldn’t make it to your wedding. I really wanted to but I thought that it was your brother’s wedding and I was a little busy.” Mr. Henderson says when he enters my office. I stand up as I shake his hand.

“Thank you, sir. Please have a seat.” I tell him. Mr. Henderson is one of my allies. Recently, he had a proposal for all the businessmen and women he knew. He was going to select the best person for the deal. But he hasn’t chosen anyone yet.

“Kayden, you are one of the best in your field of work. I guess that’s why your company is currently on the top. As you know, I have a proposal for a deal. You already know the details. So, I want to offer that deal to you.” Mr. Henderson says after he settles down in the chair in front of my table. I sit down on my chair.

“I’d be honoured to do business with you, Mr. Henderson.” I say. “In fact, I would like to get started with the project as soon as possible. When can we sign the contract?” O say in my business tone.

“I wasn’t sure about signing you before. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know you are the best but I wanted to sign someone who is committed. And I wasn’t sure about you. But now that you’ve gotten married, I think you’re ready. So, I suppose that we can sign the deal over dinner tonight. You can bring your wife and me and my wife will finally be able to meet her too.” He explains.

This means that I’m getting one of the biggest deals because of Aviana...

“Sure, sir. I’ll talk to my wife about it and make the reservations at the hotel.” I say.

“Good. I’ll get the documents ready. I am looking forward to meeting the newlywed couple.” Mr. Henderson says as he gets up and brings his hand forward for a hand shake. I get up from my chair and shake his hand with a nod of my head.

Seems like Aviana is really lucky for me...

I just hope that she’s free tonight...

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