Alluring Aviana

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Chapter 6: Kayden

“Hello, whoever this is, that evil and scary Professor Wilson is locked up in his office so get your ass back to the ground! The protest is starting in T minus 10 minutes. If you have any other query, contact my assistant, Sebastian.” I hear Aviana yelling over a lot of noise as soon as she picks up the call. I guess she hasn’t saved my number or she didn’t look at the caller ID. But what surprises me is the fact that she wasn’t joking about the protest.

“Hey! I am not your assistant!” I hear someone yelling behind her.

“Seb! I’m talking to someone. It’s rude to yell or eavesdrop!” Aviana scolds the person who interrupted her. I hear the same voice mumbling something but I cannot make out what he is saying.

“Who is this Professor Wilson?” I ask in an amused tone as I hear Aviana bickering with the guy who refused to be her assistant. Aviana becomes silent for a few seconds.

“Who is this? And how do you have my number? And why is your voice so familiar?” Aviana questions in a stern voice.

“I have your number because I am supposed to as your husband.” I reply. I am myself surprised at how possessive I sound and feel. Aviana doesn’t say anything and I can picture her face showing the same amount of shock that I am feeling. I awkwardly clear my throat. “Now, please tell me that I am wrong in thinking that it was you who locked that professor in his office.” I say remembering how she told me that she’s a troublemaker. I hear Aviana giggling on the other end of the line.

“Ah! Kayden! How can you ever be wrong? That professor was scaring away my loyal followers. So, I did what I had to in order to make this protest successful.” She replies. I can almost picture the smirk on her face. That makes me chuckle. “Don’t worry. He doesn’t know that it was me who locked him in. And he’s a new professor so he won’t assume that it was me.” Aviana says in a reassuring tone that makes me laugh. “Why did you call me?” Aviana asks when I sober up from my laughter.

“Um.... Actually, I need a favour from you. One of my business allies is signing a deal with me tonight over dinner but he wants to meet you there. You are actually the reason as to why I am getting this deal in the first place.” I explain.

“What did I do?” Aviana asks.

“He thinks that I am more trustworthy and committed now that I am married. So, it’s because of you that I am getting this deal. It is important. Can you make it?” I tell her. Aviana goes quiet over the line for a few seconds before I hear her sighing.

“Just because this is important for you, I will try my best to not get in trouble so that I can make it on time. Just text me the address. I’ll come directly from the college campus.” She says. I smile at her response.

“I’ll pick you up. You’ll have to get dressed. Mr. Henderson’s wife and his son will also be joining so it is kind of a formal thing.” I explain to her.

“No!” Aviana shouts. “I mean, no. You can’t come here. I’ll reach the venue on my own. And don’t worry about my outfit. I’ll be dressed perfectly. Just text me the address.” She says.

“Okay...” I say, cautiously. I wonder why she doesn’t want me to pick her up....

“Okay. I have to go. And wear something violet if you want to match with my dress. I’m in a mood to wear violet. Bye!” Aviana says hurriedly before she ends the call. I chuckle at her antics before getting back to work.

Where is she?! I texted her the address and time about an hour ago and she’s still late. I hope that she’s not in any trouble. I look at my watch. She’s twenty minutes late. When Mr. and Mrs. Henderson arrived. They told me that their son was running a bit late and I thought that it’ll be okay and they won’t ask questions as to why Aviana was so late. But their son arrived ten minutes ago and Aviana was still not here.

I look up from my phone to pass a nervous smile to Mr. and Mrs. Henderson. They were not looking happy and my worry was escalating.

Is she alright?

Just as I am about to tell Mr. Henderson that she’ll be coming in a minute, I hear the sound of heels clicking as someone runs over to our table. I stand up and look in the direction of the sound to find Aviana making her way to the table in an elegant violet evening dress. It hugs her perfect figure and her perfect curves like a second skin. And even though it isn’t revealing, she looks absolutely ravishing. Her silky-smooth leg peeks out from the slit in her dress to help her walk which goes up till a little above her knee.

I gulp as I see her face. She is looking directly at me. Her hair is up in a sophisticated bun, leaving a few strands which frames her delicate and beautiful face. She is wearing light makeup which makes her big eyes more noticeable and beautiful and her lips look a thousand times more inviting. I have to clench my fists to avoid reaching out to touch her.

Snap out of it, Kayden!

I shake my head to clear my thoughts but her smile is still driving me crazy. I observe how she is able to walk with ease in her violet high heels.

“I am sorry for being late. I was... Uh... Stuck at my college because of some post-protest issues.” Aviana apologizes as she turns to face the guest before looking back at me with an apologetic smile. I can’t help the smile that forms on my own face. “I am really sorry.” She whispers to me as she pouts making my heart race a million miles per second.

“It’s alright, Aviana. I’m glad to see that you are perfectly fine.” I tell her with a smile as my knuckles gently graze her cheek. I notice her cheeks turning a light shade of red due to my actions. I lean towards her face and surprise her and myself as I place a soft kiss on her blushing cheeks. Her cheeks turn a bright shade of red.

“Oh, my goodness! You two look absolutely adorable together!” Mrs. Henderson comments, bringing me out of my bubble and reminding me about the audience we had. I don’t like the way Mr. Henderson’s son is looking at Aviana.

God! This girl is driving me crazy!

“Umm... This is my wife, Aviana Knight.” I introduce her to the three people sitting in front of me. I place my hand on the small of her back as I motion her to take a seat. I sit down beside her before turning to Aviana. “Aviana, this is Mr. Henderson, his wife and their son.” I tell her. She nods at me before turning to them.

“Hello. I’m sorry for making you all wait.” She says with her signature smile that makes everyone instantly develop an instant liking for her.

“It’s alright, dear. It’s really nice to finally meet the girl who finally made Kayden Knight get married.” Mr. Henderson tells her with a smile. “And please call me James.” He adds.

“Okay, James.” Aviana replies with a huge grin.

“Oh, my goodness! You’re Aviana! The Aviana! As in, a member of ‘The Band’ Aviana!” Mr. Henderson’s son shrieks as he looks at Aviana with wide eyes.

“Yeah.” Aviana says with a chuckle.

“Wow! I’m Jake. I’ve heard all your songs and seen all your interviews. I’m your biggest fan! I go to the same college as you and I’ve always been an active member of all your protests and stuff!” The Henderson boy says.

“That’s awesome.” Aviana says with a smile directed towards the Henderson boy.

“So, you are the famous singer that he’s always gushing about.” Mrs. Henderson speaks up. Aviana passes a smile to her.

Aviana is a singer?!

“So, how did a famous singer like you meet Kayden?” Mr. Henderson asks.

“We met through our siblings. And then, it felt like we had an instant connection.” Aviana replies looking at me with an easy smile.

For a second, even I believed her. She’s really good at lying!

“But don’t you think that you are a little too young to be married?” Mrs. Henderson questions.

“She is. But when I met her, I knew that I couldn’t let her go. I didn’t want to wait because then, there was a chance that someone else might have gotten her before me. So, I married her.” I answer. I look at Aviana to find her blushing which makes me smile.

“Well, you were right about that. I mean, we all knew that Sebastian Greyback was going to propose Aviana soon. I mean, come on! They’ve been together for so long!” Jake Henderson says, making me freeze.

Aviana was in a relationship?!

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