Alluring Aviana

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Chapter 7: Aviana

To say that the dinner meeting went well, would be an understatement. It went criminally well. Even though I was late, the Hendersons loved me! Jake was a fan of mine and so was his mother. It was just that Jake had seen all of our music videos so he knew what I looked like while his mother just listened to our songs. By the end of the night, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson were so impressed with me that they asked me to visit them at least once every week. They said that they loved to talk to me.

But I could tell that something was bothering Kayden. And I have a pretty good idea about what was bothering him. When Jake mentioned how Sebastian was about to propose me, I practically saw Kayden freezing. He didn’t speak much after that. I did all the talking which was mostly to distract the Hendersons from Kayden’s sudden change of mood.

Right now, Kayden and I are on the way to his house. We are just about a minute away from his pent house and he hasn’t spoken anything to me till now. I look at him to find him looking out of his window. His fists are clenched tightly. I’m pretty sure that his jaw is clenched too.

I think I’ll have to something now!

Just as the car stops, Kayden instantly opens the door and rushes to the lift. I run after him to catch up with him. I enter the lift just as the doors are about to close. Kayden sighs deeply but he still doesn’t look at me. We both are alone in the lift and he’s looking at the door of the lift as if it is the most fascinating thing in the world.

“Are you upset?” I ask him, my voice is just above a whisper. Kayden ignores me as he tries shoot lasers through his eyes at the door of the lift. “Kayden, look at me!” I say in a stern voice. He still ignores me. I clench my fist to keep my anger at his ignorance at bay. I move to stand in front of him and he moves his head to look at his side. “I said sorry about being late! Your guests didn’t seem like they were upset! In fact, they liked me! A lot!” I say, my voice coming out louder than I intended it to be. That makes Kayden turn to look at me.

“That is the problem! People like you and you don’t think that I should know about it!” Kayden yells at me. Just then, the doors of the lift open and Kayden leaves me standing there in shock. I quickly recover and follow him inside the penthouse.

“You are upset about what Jake said? About Sebastian?” I ask him in a gentle voice. He was drinking water in the kitchen.

“Aviana, I am not upset!” He exclaims before he closes his eyes and run his hands through his hair. The movement makes his biceps flex bringing my eyes to the muscles. His arms looked strong especially when he had no taken off his suit jacket. I wonder how his arms will feel around me.

Snap out of it, Aviana!

I shake my head and to clear my thoughts. I can’t have such thoughts about him. We are going to separate in six months’ time when the deal is over.

“Then what’s the matter?” I ask him as I cross my arms across my chest.

“Aviana, I...” He trails off as he looks at me. He sighs before he comes closer to me and stands directly in front of me. We were just a foot away from each other. “I thought that you would tell me everything. But you hid such a big thing from me.” he says. His voice sounded huskier as he stares deep into my eyes. A shiver runs down my spine.

“What big thing?” I ask him, my voice coming out as a whisper. I was getting affected by his intense gaze.

“The fact that you are not just a college girl. The big thing about you being a famous singer. And how you had someone in your life.” Kayden says. His voice was getting quieter and by the end, it was just a whisper. He moved a strand of my hair away from my face and that’s when I realize that he was now standing just an inch away from me.

“You never asked. And besides, I am famous. I thought that you knew who and what I was.” I whisper. I place a hand on his cheek and he leans into my hand, closing his eyes. “And I already told you, even though we didn’t really get married in the best circumstances, I’m going to stay loyal to you. Yes, I was in a relationship before we got married but I broke up with him before I walked down the aisle towards you. I broke up with him before I wore that wedding dress.” I whisper. He opens his eyes and looks into my eyes.

“Promise?” He asks, sounding vulnerable. The vulnerability in his voice made an unknown feeling to stir in my heart. I can feel butterflies in my stomach.

“Promise.” I whisper so quietly that if he wasn’t standing so close to me, he wouldn’t have heard me. “I’m your wife right now. There is no other guy in my love life right now.” I tell him with a small smile. That makes him smile.

“Thanks, Aviana.” He says. I smile at him before I slide my arms around his neck. I pull his head down and lightly place a soft kiss on the corner of his lips. I pull away from him and look at him to find his darkened eyes staring at me. His hands wrap around my waist and he starts to lower his face. I place my hands on his chest and when he is just a hair length away from me, I push him away with all my might.

He staggers back in shock and looks at me with wide, shocked eyes. I cross my arms and raise an eyebrow at him.

“Now, let’s talk about how you behaved in front of your own guests. I was just supposed to sit beside you and look like a doll. Instead, I had to cover for your sudden mood swing. What are you? A teenager?” I ask him sternly.

“I-I.... Uh... I-I...” He stutters.

“Yes you, old man. You owe me. Big time!” I tell him. He sighs as h runs a hand through his hair.

“I’m not an old man!” He says in exasperation.

“You still owe me. Big time!” I tell him.

“Okay. What do you want me to do?” He asks me with an amused smile on his face. I smile at him.

“I’ll tell you when I need something. For now, just remember that you owe me.” I say before making my way to my room.

When I close the door to my room, I take of the heels and keep them in the closet and change into my nightwear. I am sure that I won’t be able to sleep anytime soon. My heart is still racing thinking about how dark Kayden’s eyes were. And how much I wanted to kiss him. What is happening to me?

I have to keep my feelings in check because this marriage will come to an end in six months...

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