Alluring Aviana

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Chapter 9: Kayden

“Okay, it’s been hours and you are still not crazy happy like you usually are when I come back after more than a week. I was gone for a month! You are supposed to be over the moon!” Mason says as he throws his hands up in exaggeration. I roll my eyes at my best friend.

“I am happy to have you back, bro!” I tell him. Mason Trey Cooper has been my best friend for as long as I remember. We’ve been inseparable since the beginning. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t friends with him.

“You are clearly distracted. What’s the matter? Or should I ask who is the matter?” Mason asks with a smirk on his face. I give him a bored look as if to say, ‘really?’. “Come on! Is it your new wife? The one you had to marry?” He asks, his expression turning sour.

“She’s not that bad, Mace.” I tell him, feeling defensive about Aviana.

“Why are you defending her? You were forced to get married to her. I bet that she’s a gold digger.” Mason says.

“Mason!” I warn him. I don’t know why but I was getting angry. I didn’t like the way Mason was speaking about Aviana. She’s a good person. She deserves better and besides; Mason hasn’t even met her yet!

“Why? Isn’t it true? I mean, you were just trying to save your family’s name. What was her reason? Why did she marry you?” Mason says, standing up from the couch where we were sitting and watching some movie.

“Mason!” I yell, standing up to face my best friend. My jaw was clenched and my fists were ready to punch someone. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, trying to calm down. When I open my eyes, I can see the shock in Mason’s eyes. “She’s.... She’s not a gold digger. And though I don’t know why she married me; she must have had a really good reason. Her sister ran away. Just like my brother did. She and I are in the same boat.” I tell him. Just as I see him opening his mouth to argue with me, the door opens and we turn to see who it is to find Aviana entering the house.

She is still wearing the same clothes that she was wearing in the morning. The same black skirt, a white sleeveless which had floral design on it and her black knee length heeled boots. But her hair is no longer in the ponytail anymore. Her chocolate brown hair is now free from the rubber band and is flowing down her back in natural waves. She is looking gorgeous. She looks like a goddess.

“Hi! You must be the best friend for whom Kay took the day off and was cooking breakfast in the morning.” She speaks up when she looks at Mason. She has a big grin on her beautiful face. She glances at me before coming towards us. She extends a hand for Mason to shake. I turn to Mason to see an awestruck expression on his face. His jaw was falling to the ground which made me chuckle. That seems to bring him out of the trance he was in and he quickly wraps his arm around Aviana in a bear hug, shocking me and Aviana.

It would be a huge lie to say that I don’t feel jealous of my best friend when Aviana giggles and wraps her arms around Mason’s neck.

“Oh My God! It’s you! It’s really you! Aviana Walker! God! I’m a huge fan!” Mason says, still holding on to Aviana. Aviana giggles but when she looks at my face which is probably sporting a scowl, she pulls away from my best friend. She smiles up at him.

“I think I should inform you that I am no longer Aviana Walker. I’m Aviana Knight. At least for the next six months.” Aviana says with a shrug. Mason turns to look at me with wide eyes.

“Kayden, I swear you are the luckiest man on earth! You have a goddess as your wife! You are so damn lucky that your brother decided to run away!” Mason tells me as he slaps my back. He turns to Aviana. “I am sorry. I kinda thought that the girl he got married to was a gold digger. I might have said some really mean things about you and for that, I am really sorry. I didn’t know that it was you.”

“It’s okay. I accept your apology.” Aviana replies with her usual grin.

“Thank you. I mean, I love you and if you hated me for calling you a gold digger, I would have gone crazy. Though I am still going crazy! I am a big fan of your!” Mason says making me roll my eyes.

“I love my fans. But you are someone who possesses a gift that no one else on earth has.” Aviana says, glancing at me. Mason frowns at her. “You made the famous workaholic billionaire take a day off!” Aviana says, motioning to me.

“Oh! Kayden and I have been best friends since we can remember. He always gets excited when I come back from business trips.” Mason tells her. “Anyways, would you like to watch some movies with me?” Mason asks her making me roll my eyes. Aviana grins up at him.

At least now I don’t have to worry about him hating her!

God! Why am I not happy to see that my best friend doesn’t hate her?!

“Us! He means us. Do you want to watch some movies with us?” I ask her.

Why on earth are they still standing so close to each other?!

“I would love to. I mean, I did want to hang out with you two. I had to lock Seb up in his own room so that I can come back.” Aviana says, making me frown. “He and the guys wanted me to hang out with them.” she explains.

“Seb? You mean that you locked Sebastian Greyback to come here to hang out with us?!” Mason asks excitedly.

Sebastian Greyback? Wasn’t that the same guy who was about to propose her?

“Yeah....” Aviana says nervously. “But don’t worry. This is not the first time I locked him up. And it certainly isn’t the last one.” Aviana says with a grin.

“Gosh! You ditched your boyfriend for us?” Mason asks.


“Me and Seb broke up. I am married to your best friend, remember?” Aviana says, her smile falling but she puts up a fake smile on her face.

“Oh! Yes.” Mason says glancing at me. “So, movie?” He says, changing the subject. Aviana smiles before nodding. Mason grabs her hand and they both sit down on the couch. I sit down on Aviana’s other side. She looks at me with a smile. I reach for her hand and hold it in mine as I relax back into the couch.

When we watched a movie last time, Aviana asked me to hold her hand. It was probably because she didn’t want Iron man to die but I am in need of the comfort that only she gives me right now.

I sit close to her, glancing at her every now and then during the movie. I am not even sure what we were watching but Aviana and Mason looked like they were watching the movie with concentration.

“Kay?” Aviana whispers in my ear, making me shiver before I open my eyes. I think I might have dozed off. I’m still on the couch. I look at Aviana to find her face inches away from mine. My eyes travel down from her eyes to her lips. Her lips were red and looked so damn kissable.

Is this a dream?

If it is, can I kiss her without thinking about what will happen?

“Yes?” I ask her in a whisper, my voice coming out a little husky. She visibly shivers on hearing my voice.

“Please don’t hate me!” She whispers. Before I can ask her what she meant by that, she closes the gap between our lips and places her lips on mine. My mind goes into shock but my body knows what to do. I grab her waist and lift her up and place her in my lap deepening the kiss. I kids her back with passion and hunger that I have for her.

“Kay? Kay?” I hear Aviana’s soft and sweet voice as someone shakes my shoulder.

“Kayden? It’s okay, Aviana. I’ll take care of him.” I hear Mason’s voice.

“Okay. I’ll be back in an hour.” I hear Aviana’s voice.

She’s leaving?

I open my eyes to find her looking at me. Her cheeks were bright red and she hurriedly left, running out of the door.

“Where is she going?” I ask Mason as I get up from the couch. Mason smirks at me.

“Her friend called. She got hurt and Aviana is going to check up on her.” Mason replies. I sigh as I sit back down on the couch.

“Were you dreaming about her?” Mason asks me as he settles down beside me.

“No!” I lie, remembering the way Aviana kissed me in my dream.

“Then why can I see a tent in your pant?” Mason asks as he points down at my pant. I look down. “She was sitting right beside you. You could’ve taken her for reals instead of dreaming about it.” Mason says in an amused tone.

Shit! She was blushing because....

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