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It has been nearly half a year since we last saw Peyton. Since that night. She lost her apartment that first month so Ali, August, Marley and I packed up the few things she had, and it is all in an outbuilding out here at the ranch. It’ll keep until she’s ready and comes back for it. That’s when we found her phone. I’ve seen Ali in the heat of battle – we’ve both been through some… well. I’ve never seen him like that before, though. First, he was angry – we both were. Then he threw up. I couldn’t believe. I don’t think he could either. I felt the same way but managed to keep my lunch down – barely.

The screen was smashed so it was easier to pick the remaining pieces off, so it was readable. It was dead at first but once it was charged, Marley knew how to unlock it. She at least had the decency to be ashamed when she admitted ‘sneaking a peek’ when Peyton was unlocking her phone once at the bar. I wanted to give her a bad time about it but once we read what sent Peyton over the edge – that indiscretion was forgotten.


I feel horrible reading her private messages – I know Ali did too but I’m still glad we did. I understand why she was so… detached. She must have felt completely alone. My God that breaks my heart. The emotions and heartache she had to have been experiencing those last minutes… God… no. I can’t think that way – it hurts way too much. She clearly didn’t feel close enough to any of us to reach out, which I get, although I absolutely hate it. She hadn’t been here long after all, but we all plan to rectify that. The devastation every single one of us felt when we heard what happened, or in Ali and my case – found her, will haunt us forever. We now know what she means to us be it friend or hopefully more, someday. Peyton never knew but she will when she comes home… whenever that is. We’ll wait for as long as we have to.

Ali and I have had lots of time to talk about her and our feelings. Ali and I have had sex with the same woman before but we both always dreamed of sharing a future with a woman. Sharing a partner – just like a married couple except there would be three of us. Our version of heaven on earth. The trouble has always been finding the right woman. There is a difference between ‘right now’ and ‘right forever’. It isn’t a lifestyle for everyone, although I can’t imagine why not. Ali and I don’t touch one another – neither of us is bi – all of our attention is focused on our female partner. Two sets of lips, two tongues, four hands, two cocks to pleasure her – many women enjoy it for the short term but the concept of being committed to two men is too ‘out there’. It is for a lot of people which is unfortunate. Two best friends instead of one, three adults running the household instead of two, three parents instead of two and the sex is mind-blowing. What’s not to like?

Nothing as long as there is trust and love. Without either the relationship won’t last. I trust Ali with my life – literally. I would trust him with Peyton’s as well, no hesitation. Sharing a future with him and her together would be… perfect. We would move to a bigger place to allow for the children we’re going to have – no one would care if Ali were the biological father or I was because it wouldn’t matter since we’re a family. Strong boys that take after their dads and beautiful daughters that look like Peyton – yeah, we’re going to need strong sons to keep other boys away from their sisters!

And the sex… man… I have jerked off so many times to visions of Ali and I both thrusting into Peyton so many times I had to switch hands to avoid blisters. Her breasts, I’m sure each one will spill out over my hand they’re so big… her ass – God I’m desperate to grab each cheek tightly and hold her in place while I pound into her furiously. And when I think about tasting the joy that awaits between her thighs… I have to force myself onto dark thoughts to make my erection fade. Because there is always an erection as soon as I start thinking along those lines… Every. Single. Time.

It has been nearly half a year and every day feels twice as long as the one before it. So the calendar says one thing, but my spirit says something else entirely. So I keep busy with the ranch – that isn’t hard as there is always a lot of work to do. Ali has really proven valuable and I’m grateful he has stuck around. I’m not surprised my boss hired him on permanently – he is a hell of a worker and loyal to a fault. I know why he is sticking around, the real reason being Peyton, but I don’t care. I’m just happy he’s here. He has set up an informal support group with some other area vets, and he is working with the nearest reserve to start something more permanent. Incredible.

We worked with the lawyer who works for my employer to obtain restraining orders against Peyton’s ex-boyfriend, friend and mom. The judge was sympathetic after her suicide attempt and granted them, thank God. We also got her a new phone and number, currently waiting for her to return. Her job is also hers when she’s ready and there is a room here at the ranch for as long as she needs it, until she finds her own place again. Everything is ready for her return.

Now we just need Peyton.

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