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After our first time together, she and Ali spent time together. I didn’t ask for details but they both have big smiles on their faces so I’m guessing it was good for them too, which is great. If it was anything like what her and I experienced… wow. She now knows she’s compatible one on one with each of us, which we all suspected but she needed the reassurance. Not a bad idea for any of us, truth be told. At the end of the day, we all know one thing – Peyton loves us both and we love her.

We don’t know how the three of us in bed will work though – that is one thing we have yet to experience. I’m starting to get to know Peyton’s body, and she mine – and I imagine the same is true for her and Ali, which means we are also learning to respond to each other’s needs faster when we’re being intimate. It is the most amazing feeling to have someone else so in tune to your needs, wants and desires… there’s nothing much better actually.

So the three of us together should be dynamite.

I’m excited and I know Ali is too. But Peyton is nervous, so Ali and I have a special night planned for her. We have each told her many times that she can say no whenever she wants, that we’ll stop immediately – no questions asked, no judgments and no anger. She has now made us promise not to say it anymore, she swears she knows and doesn’t need the constant reminders. We just want to make sure she feels one hundred percent safe and loved – thankfully, she promises and assures us she does.

That is the most amazing thing she could ever say to us.

Other than when she said she loved me. There is nothing better, nor will there ever be. Having a woman’s trust like that? Incredible. Having Peyton’s trust after everything she has gone through this past year? Humbling. It isn’t possible for me to love her more and I don’t care how un-manly that makes me sound.

I’m waiting for them to arrive – Ali is picking her up on his bike. She likes going for short rides with him and we just recently ordered her a custom helmet for the future. Looks like motorcycles aren’t going to just be something Ali is into – yippee.

There is almost nothing left for standing water anywhere because of the drought, but this ‘lake’ is fed from underground, so it never goes away. It is also salt-water so useless for the animals. There are dozens of them scattered across Texas except most have been commercialized. There aren’t too many undeveloped ones left except ones like this that are on private land. It’ll be perfect for our needs tonight; isolated, abandoned and completely private. Because of the drought there are no animals on the land for miles so none of my men are out here – so we will be undisturbed.

The place is also beautiful. Like an oasis in the middle of Texas prairie, a small body of water surrounded by trees that don’t belong here yet somehow thrive anyways. The trees block prying eyes on the off chance someone passes by, but the open top allows a clear view of the night sky. We set up a table for three and August just left on an ATV after dropping off the dinner so everything would be hot. Now we just need our guest of honour.

The trees do a good job at blocking the sound of Ali’s bike, but it isn’t long before they arrive. Peyton greets me with a hug and kiss then takes in her surroundings. She clearly likes the place as much as I do, which is great. I kind of fell in love with it the first time I saw it on one of my patrols when I first started working here at the ranch. I only told Ali about it two days ago when we started planning this night.

Dinner is leisurely but delicious. Marley and August did a good job and I’ll have to make sure I remember to thank them. Peyton is relaxed and enjoying herself with no idea what is going on. She is so trusting; she just believes in us to do good by her that she isn’t worried about it. I know how much work it took for her to get here, and neither of us take that trust lightly.

Peyton gets up after dinner and walks over to the water’s edge barefoot, talking about how much she’d love to come back sometime and paint. Ali and I are both excited yet terrified – if she says no, I don’t know how our relationship will work going forward. I guess that is always a risk in any relationship but now that it is me, and our love – well, now it is a big deal. I know that is selfish but that is the reality of it. I can’t imagine life without Peyton.

I don’t even want to think about it.

Ali and I have talked about this – a lot. A lot a lot. He’s ready, as am I. One hundred percent. Neither of us are worried about the physical part of things – the rest of it came easily and oh so very nicely that I think this will too. Peyton knows Ali and I have experience with threesomes so is trusting in that – so yeah, we’ll understand the mechanics better, sure. But this will be different. Different and a million times better.

Because we all love one another.

That’s what makes it so exciting, but also so scaring. Scared of losing her, ruining what we have, doing something stupid, watching Ali do something stupid… with three people there is of course three times the baggage, not just the normal two. Any one of us has the potential to make this amazing or to bring it crashing down around us. Every day is an effort for the former.

When Peyton turns around, Ali and I are on our knees in front of her. We are each holding an engagement ring - neither one is large, but they fit together perfectly so she can wear them together… if she says yes. Oh God, please say yes, my love. She gasps and her eyes are huge as she struggles to understand what she is seeing.

“Peyton,” I start. “Not only am I a better man when I’m with you, I’m also a better human being. You bring out the best in me and encourage me to reach for my goals regardless of how unattainable they seem. Your courage gives me strength my love, and I’d be half the man I am without you.” Her eyes are spilling tears and I’m not doing much better. Ali’s voice cracks as he starts to speak, so it doesn’t sound like he is either.

“Sweet girl - you’ve become my lifeline and the very air I breathe. I don’t want to think about a life without you in it, whether as a friend or…” we each slide our rings onto her finger before Ali continues. “Or as partners for life. I love you more than I would have ever thought possible Peyton, and Finn and I are asking you to spend the rest of your life with us. Will you marry me?” He asks.

“And will you marry me, my love?” I ask. She is weeping openly but nodding too so I think that is a yes? Ali asks her to use her words and she laughingly shouts yes to us both. The logistics of who she’ll actually marry will come later – for now, she said yes.

We’re getting married!

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