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She jumps up and down, hugging us both. Finn is crying too but I manage to keep it together – if only barely. She said yes! She is going to love us for the rest of our lives! That sounds pretty fucking amazing to me.

She kisses Finn first then turns to me. I imagine she was planning for a simple, quick kiss but that isn’t enough for me. Not after what just happened. She doesn’t resist when my tongue penetrates her mouth and she wraps her arms around my neck with a moan. Fuuuuuuuck.

I break our kiss for an instant and ask her if she wants us to stop to which she says no. Finn and I don’t need to be fucking told twice. He pulls her shirt up and I help him lift it up over her head and off. Jesus Christ, I love her tits. They’re so full and I swear her nipples point to me as soon as they see me – every fucking time. As I toss her shirt to the side, Finn undoes her bra in the back, and I pull the straps forward and off.

There they are.

The nipples I enjoy so fucking much. I dive in and start sucking her nipples with my mouth while I play with the other one with my fingers. From behind Finn pulls her pants and panties down, and she very cooperatively steps out of them so he can toss them aside. As soon as they’re gone, I leave her breasts and get back on my knees in front of her. As I use my mouth and fingers on her amazing pussy, Finn caresses her breasts from behind while kissing her neck and shoulders. Peyton is moaning loudly and has one hand wrapped in my hair, the other in Finn’s.

Her scream is fucking amazing when she comes, and she tastes as creamy as she fucking looks. Christ. Incredible. She’s grinding her hips as she seeks even more relief – she wants a cock in her and she’s in for a treat because tonight, she’s getting two.

Finn undresses quickly and leans against a large rock. Peyton wastes no time climbing on him and impaling herself on his dick. Jesus that is fucking beautiful to watch – her tits bouncing as she finds a fast rhythm that I know has got to be killing him. Both of them have their eyes closed, lost in their mutual ecstasies. Fuck yeah, I want in on that.

I gently push her forward and she lays down against Finn’s chest. She knows what is coming but I feel her body tense all the same. I hear Finn whisper for her to relax and let me in, then I see her pink star slightly relent. Sweet Jesus. I reach between them and use some of her own moisture as a lubricant – thank God there is a lot of it. I start off with one finger which she quickly accepts and seems to enjoy. The second finger is tougher to get in and she resists me when I try to scissor my fingers in her tight hole, but I need her loosened or I’m never getting my dick in there. Finn whispers to her again as I kiss her down her spine while I massage my two fingers in and out of her ass until she relaxes enough for me to push in a third. The pain takes longer to turn to pleasure this time but when she gets there, she starts begging me to stop teasing her.

The first part is always the hardest and getting my dick into Peyton’s tiny ass is no exception. Especially with Finn’s fucking python on the other side of her vaginal wall, there isn’t a lot of room for me. Once I’m a few inches in Peyton’s whimper scares me and I stop – I refuse to hurt her for my own fucking pleasure. That is never going to happen – not my thing. But when I stop moving Peyton turns around and begs me to keep going… her voice barely a pant. Her eyes the darkest gray I’ve ever seen them, the passion and lust apparent.

I listen to her body and take my time until I’m buried to my balls in her. Holy shit it feels fucking incredible. All three of us freeze as we experience this sensation between us for the first time. The first of millions of times to come, I fucking hope.

Peyton is the first to break the moment when her body clenches down simultaneously on both of us, causing both Finn and I to nearly fucking lose our goddamn heads at the feeling. Jesus Christ, she is so amazing. After that there is no waiting, there is only the three of us and the pleasure we bring to one another. As Finn pulls out, I push in. As I pull out, he pushes in. Peyton’s body shudders as she orgasms not once but fucking twice before Finn and I finish, each of us pouring ourselves deep inside her.

Our woman.

There is no doubt. The sex is fucking amazing and she has agreed to marry us. We’ll figure out the logistics later, but the paperwork isn’t really important – in our hearts we’ll be committed to one another no matter what any fucking license says. I love her so much, and I love Finn. Not the same way but just as much. I’d be no less fucking devastated if something happened to him – he is a part of me too and fuck what the negative nancies have to say about it. It works for us, and we’re happy. He is my best friend and… straight life partner, I guess? Doesn’t matter… we know who we are to each other and that is the part that matters. The rest is fucking bullshit and those people can eat cow shit.

Don’t hate what you don’t understand and don’t hate what you don’t live. Just because it isn’t for you doesn’t mean it is wrong. Gay or straight, two people or three, male, female or both – who the fuck cares? Unless they’re fucking on the floor in front of your TV – which I doubt, it doesn’t concern you. Mind your own goddamn business. I can’t imagine having so little going on in my own fucking life that I can spend so much energy worry about what’s going on in complete fucking stranger’s bedrooms. Jesus. Christ.

But we still live in a world where we hurt one another based on the colour of our skin or the building we worship in – so nothing fucking surprises me anymore. I’ve seen humanity at its fucking worst – but it was the worst that brought my career to an end.

In For Two For.

I’ve killed in the line of duty. I’m not proud of it but I’m not ashamed either – it is my job and I will do it to the best of my fucking ability. Every single damn time. And I am extremely good at my job. One of the fucking best. It wasn’t the job that ruined me, the mission or even the military itself. No. That last mission ruined me because of the fucking world we live in today.

The world ruined me.

A world where extremists use women and children as fucking human shields to hide their armed men behind while they fire at us. I hesitated to make the fucking call because of the kids – they were just little kids goddamnit! The youngest one was maybe… I don’t know… four? I don’t know if the women had a choice or not – I fucking doubt it, but I know those fucking little kids sure as hell didn’t. Three of my men were killed when one of the women ran toward them and exploded the vest she was wearing. She also killed the baby she was holding in her arms which is why none of us fucking shot at her. She had a baby… we assumed she was coming to us for help, trying to escape.

We were wrong.

After that there was no assumption of innocence and everyone opened fire. The bullets were still flying long after there was nothing left to fucking shoot at. All of the targets were on the ground… no one was left alive.

No one.

We killed forty-one terrorists that day in what was later determined to be a justified act of self-defence in the face of hostile enemies. Justified. Fucking justified. It was – we had no choice. They fucking struck first when they killed three of my men, so I know we responded as we needed to. I know that. I fucking get it.

Yet every night I sleep alone my nightmares are a mix of images; Peyton in the bathtub and the blood-splattered faces of seventeen children under the age of ten. Seventeen little fucking kids who didn’t deserve to die and were used as fucking tools in war. They were worth nothing to the people they represented, and that is how they were fucking treated. Goddamnit, it is a fucking corkscrew in my heart and was the beginning of the end of my military career. I finished the mission because I don’t leave any job half done but when it was done, so was I. I haven’t been able to hold a gun since, let alone fucking shoot it.

That’s when I came to Texas and my best friend Finn. Thank God I did, or I never would have met Peyton and who the hell knows where I’d be right now. Nowhere good, that much I know. She says we saved her life that night, but I think she saved us just as much. Fuck I sound like a country song but it’s true. Finn was wasting his time away doing a job he enjoyed but one day was the same as the next, year after fucking year. And me? Who knows but I doubt it would have been a happy ending. Without Finn’s help and by extension my support groups and now Peyton – I doubt I’d be doing much in the way of contributing to fucking society these days.

So ya, we saved her. But she saved us right back.

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