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My dress is fucking perfect – for me, the day and the ceremony. Marley says it makes me look like an angel and honestly, it makes me feel like I’ve never been prettier. Layer after layer of the lightest tulle that flows around me like a fucking cloud – it hugs my hips without making them look any bigger. They don’t need any help in that area, thank you very much. The sweetheart neckline shows off my breasts but not too much, which is tricky when the dress is also strapless. The drop-sleeves are for show only so I’m putting a lot of fucking trust in the structure of the dress to keep my boobs in place.

Because the ceremony is outside and it is often windy, I’m not wearing a veil. Instead Marley was woven tiny white flowers into the curls and ringlets in my hair. My bouquet is a selection of wildflowers from around the ranch – picked less than an hour ago. I’m wearing both of my engagement rings on my right hand, in anticipation of the wedding ring – or rings? I’m about to get. Finn and Alistair haven’t told me what they have planned but I bought them each a titanium band. Inside each ring our names are engraved, as well as the date I met each of them, and our wedding date. I wanted to do something to make each ring unique, like my amazing men are so in the end the rings have one difference. The dates I met each of them in the engraving because I met Finn first, so I share a unique anniversary with each of them. Oh the things I have planned for each of them on those nights… Oh. My. God. I’m horny fucking thinking about it.

With that amazing distraction calming my nerves, it is my turn to follow Marley down the aisle. Finn and Alistair are both waiting for me at the end of the aisle, along with August who is marrying us. There are a few of their friends here and that’s it. I never told my family about today – in fact, I haven’t spoken to my mom at all since I got out of the hospital. Maybe someday I’ll be ready and want to talk to her and see her, but that day is not today. It won’t be tomorrow either. And maybe that day will never come and I’m okay with that too. Brent and Eliza are fucking nightmares but my mom… Alistair says some wounds never heal, they just scar over but if you irritate them, they will re-open just like they were before. I fucking hate it when he gets all therapeutic and right with me.

My mom is a wound with a scar that for now, I’m not going to irritate.

Finn and Alistair… my God. How did I ever get so lucky? They’re both smiling at me and the love in their eyes is so fucking obvious that even I can’t miss it. It is hot as hell out here and even under the shade of this tree they have to be fucking melting in their tuxedos… but holy shit… they look so handsome. Delicious. Goddamn delicious. But if either of them says one fucking word about it – I won’t hesitate to remind them that they were the ones who wanted the damn things in the first place. Although they’re doing it for me… I knew the tuxes were impractical but to me a groom always wears a tux. That’s just the way Ken always dressed when he married my Barbie otherwise we kicked his plastic ass out. It is romantic and I fucking love them for it.

I hand my bouquet to Marley so I can hold each of their hands. I exchange vows with each of them, and then Finn and Alistair make a pledge to each other. Oh my God. I can’t believe it. The words aren’t the same as what I said with each of them, but they vow to stay true to this marriage as best friends and partners. They didn’t tell me they were going to do this… I feel so… loved. The shits knew what it was going to do to me though because they both have tissue in their pockets for my ugly cry.

I’m so fucking lucky.

I give them my rings for them which thankfully fit perfect. Then Finn slides a beautiful band of diamonds onto my finger, followed by a second one by Alistair. Each one is similar in style, but Finn’s diamonds are round whereas the ones on Alistair’s diamonds are square. They’re fucking beautiful and when I slide my engagement rings back over, I see they all fit together perfectly. Holy shit though… that is a lot of fucking bling.

We sign the paperwork but legally I can only marry one of them. Fucking bullshit but it is what it is. I have lost sleep over this and fucking cried about it – how do I choose just one of them?! Even if it is only ‘on paper’. So Finn and Alistair asked me to let them figure it out, so that is exactly what happened. I’m only now finding out who I’m really marrying… and when Finn signs the papers, I’m neither excited nor disappointed. I am curious though, so will definitely be asking for a fucking explanation later. August then announces us as husband, husband and wife and my men happily kiss their bride. Jesus, if we were alone, I’m fairly sure I’d be riding or sucking something right now… and from what I can feel pressing into me, Finn and Alistair agree.

For our ‘honeymoon’ we are locking ourselves in my little cabin for the next three days. Three fucking days of just Finn, Alistair and me… fucking. I can dress it up nice and fancy and call it making love and sure, there’ll be some of that too but right now… that is not what I am fucking desperate for. After our thank yous and goodbyes we haul ass to the cabin. Good thing I don’t plan to wear my wedding dress again because it doesn’t even survive the fucking drive there. So good.

Finn is driving us in his truck and as soon as we hop in my hands are rubbing their cocks over their pants. They’re both rock hard and are eager to undo their pants for me so I have easier access. Hell yeah… how can something be so hard and yet silky soft at the same time? It’s a good thing we don’t have to go far because Finn’s driving is… not fucking good.

I love that I affect him like that.

It turns me on even more which tonight I wouldn’t have thought was even fucking possible. Christ, is it possible to be ‘too’ wet? Alistair yanks the front of my dress down and exposes my breasts. It also tears the fucking shit out of my dress and the tearing sound only amps everyone up more. I start having a hard time maintaining any kind of rhythm on Finn’s dick because now Alistair’s mouth is all over my breasts – and he is so fucking good with his mouth… like wow… and his fingers are plunging in and out of me so fast that the sound of the wet is louder than my moans.

Not louder than my scream though.

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