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I almost crash us when she orgasms in my desperation to not miss a thing. She’s amazing to watch, especially when her body is climaxing… so beautiful. I can’t believe I’m driving while Ali is pleasuring her and enjoying her incredible body right next to me. And the little vixen wasn’t wearing panties. My God.

Worst chauffeur job ever.

The hand job she was giving me was fantastic – until Ali’s finger fireworks distracted her. I don’t resent them, I’m just sad I’m not joining them. I never realized how long this drive was before! Of course, I’ve never had Peyton moaning right next to me with her beautiful breasts bouncing with the truck. My God did someone move the cabin? Did I suddenly forget how to get there? No way it should be taking this long! God!

Peyton’s hand comes back to my dick as she makes out with Ali. Her other hand is on his dick and he is still fingering her. I can hear it and sweet Jesus… I can smell it. The smell of sex is heavy in the truck and it is not helping at all with my newly impaired navigation abilities. They break their kiss and Ali’s mouth goes back to her breasts – right where I want to be. How are we not there yet?!

“Finn…” Peyton’s moan as she turns to me is an invitation I can’t refuse. She wants me to join them, and I want that too. God do I ever. I stop on the road where we are – no one else will be out here as it is only her cabin and empty pasture at the end of this path. I barely put the truck in ‘park’ before my seatbelt is off and my lips are on hers. Sweet, beautiful Peyton, the love of my life.

I slide my hand between her legs and Ali removes a finger to make room for me. My mouth absorbs Peyton’s moans as both Ali and I finger her while he continues to kiss and lick her nipples. She continues to jerk us both off until her orgasm hits, then its all we can do to keep her from falling onto the floor.

“Finn, I’m going to fucking explode if I’m not inside of her and right fucking now,” Ali snarls at me. Peyton groans her agreement and while I also agree we’re in the cab of a pickup truck. Not ideal. Then I have a thought… I wonder if…

Following my direction they both get out of the truck, at which point Peyton slides out of her dress completely. Ali has destroyed it, which is too bad – it was beautiful. But Peyton naked is even more stunning so I understand his hurry.

I sit on the edge of the seat pointing out and start sliding down my pants. Peyton joins me quickly and once my very swollen cock is fully released; she takes me into her mouth. Ohhhhhh My Godddd. The height is perfect for her and the little bit she does have to lean down lets her take me even deeper, which she does. I think my eyes cross more than once.

Ali wastes no time approaching her from behind, lifting one of her legs for better access. She pivots her hips so her glistening pussy is right in line for him to enter her – and he does, repeatedly, hard and fast. I’m hanging on by a hair – I need her to climax and soon because I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to hold on. I don’t think Ali is fairing much better. Thankfully, we both know her triggers and when he reaches down for her clit she starts screaming around my dick as she orgasms. Ali is right behind her and as soon as she stops screaming, I erupt into her mouth too. Sweet Jesus.

Marriage consummated.

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