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When we start driving again, we realize Finn missed the turnoff and we had gone further than we needed to. No wonder the drive was taking so fucking long, not that I was complaining. I had Peyton’s nipple in my mouth and my fingers in her pussy – the drive could have taken three days and I would have been fucking fine. Thankfully, now that we figured out where the fuck we are, it will take less than ten minutes to get to the cabin. I drive the rest of the way while Peyton straddles Finn and they make out. Fucking lucky bastard.

By the time we get to the cabin I have to wait for them to finish. Turns out they weren’t just making out. Hate to admit I’m impressed my buddy is ready to go so quick… didn’t know he had it in him. I need to step up my game, apparently. Thank God Peyton loves having sex with us as much as we do with her. She’s so fucking amazing. God, I love her.

I head inside and run a bath. The tub isn’t big enough for all three of us, but I figure Peyton is going to want to wash up after our road show. I add in some of the bubbly shit she has sitting to the side and make sure the water is hot but not fucking crazy. By the time I get the towel out the other two are coming in and Peyton comes to find me. When she sees what I’ve done for her, I’m rewarded with an amazing kiss.

“Thank you, Alistair. This is exactly what I need. I love you,” she says in her soft voice. I’m already rock hard, but I’ll wait and give her some alone time. She’ll come find us when she’s ready. Hope it’s fucking soon. I give her a kiss then leave her in the bathroom. Finn is in the bedroom getting out of his tux, at least what is left of it still on. We both tossed the jackets as soon as we could – they were way too fucking hot in this heat. Some of it disappeared on the drive home.

We take quick turns in the second bath shower which is hardly more than a fucking hole in the wall that shoots water into a really tiny room inside a slightly bigger tiny room. I am never using that shower again. Fairly sure only about thirteen percent of me actually got wet and there is still shampoo in my hair. I feel worse than I did before I had the fucking shower.

When I get out Finn and Peyton are in the kitchen putting together a late lunch. We’re all in robes but oddly Peyton’s keeps falling down – weirdest fucking thing. She keeps trying to glare at us and pretend that she is mad, but her giggles give her away. When I spread her legs as she sits on the bar stool, the wet between her folds gives her away too.

“Finn, she’s so wet for us already,” I say in a husky voice I hardly recognize as I run my fingers around and around… yet never right where she wants me to touch. Her breathing is already fast, and her eyes are glazed with arousal. Fuck yeah, I love that look on her. I could fucking come just looking at her.

“Put that tongue to better use, Alistair,” she says as she pushes my head between her thighs with a smirk. Happy to obey, I drop to my knees and bury my face in her pussy. My God – I could fucking eat her out all goddamn day long. “Alistair! More!” Wasting no time I start plunging my fingers in and out of her as fast as I can.

When Finn takes one of her nipples into his mouth, she starts screaming a bunch of fucking gibberish and I know she’s close. Finn’s other hand goes to her other nipple and I insert a finger into her ass – and suddenly the verbal nonsense stops as her entire fucking body shudders. Neither of us stop loving her so we can make her orgasm last as long as possible for her. It takes a few minutes before the waves seem to slow down to any degree and by that point Peyton is eager for Finn and me to have our finish too. Neither of us need to be fucking asked twice.

Since I’m already here I stand up and slide right into her. Finn isn’t able to keep at her breasts because my pounding is too hard and I’m shaking her too erratically. Instead, I reach up with one hand and caress one nipple myself while the other hand caresses her clit. I want her to come again before I empty myself inside her and thankfully she is meeting me thrust for thrust because I am not going to last very fucking long at this pace.

She shouts my name and I feel her muscles grab my dick as she comes at which point I shoot my cum into her. No fucking way this is ever going to get old, not when I want to be inside her twenty-four hours a fucking day. But I also know I’m not the only one so as much as I don’t really want to, I slide out of Peyton and step away. Finn steps between her legs and she reaches for him, and their kiss is slow… really fucking romantic.

I know he’s sliding his dick into her when she moans loudly and breaks their kiss. She arches her back which thrusts her incredible tits into Finn’s face and he eagerly starts sucking her nipples. God yes. She is matching him thrust for thrust now and it is no longer slow and romantic. He is fucking her good and hard and our girl is loving it. I’m already hard again and stroking myself as I watch them. We’re going to have to be careful we don’t fuck Peyton to exhaustion or something! Fuck – what if someone starts chafing? Blech.

Finn caresses her clit and continues sucking her nipples and Peyton climaxes again. Jesus, I could watch her come all day. Fucking beautiful. After she comes, Finn does too. It takes them a few minutes to get their breathing back to normal and when they do, Peyton turns to me and smiles. Jesus Christ, our girl is ready for more.

I’m so fucking glad we found one another.

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