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Finn and I partially close the bedroom door, so we’ll still hear her if she wakes up puking or stops breathing. She is fucking smashed. Whoever caused her to feel the need to drink away this pain is going to get a punch in the fucking face. And it has to be pain because only pain drives anyone to this point.

Finn and I have spoken with Peyton a few times when we have hung out with her at the bar. She hasn’t told us much about herself beyond where she is from, and now I understand why. Whatever she’s running from is still chasing her – at least the hurt is. The time I’ve spent with her though… fuck. She’s… pretty awesome and I can’t believe I’m using those words but there it is. She makes me laugh, she doesn’t take shit from anyone, can give as good as she takes which I think is so sexy in a woman and she is fucking smart too. And to make everything even better – all that is wrapped up in the sexiest, curviest and most desirable woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I would go every day to the bar to see her if it wouldn’t be the creepiest fucking thing to do, yet I can’t ask her out because Finn likes her too. I know he does.

And not in the quickie threesome way.

It is more in the ‘I’d like to get to know you more so we can eventually get married and have dozens of kids’ way. I want to be happy for him and normally I would be except I like her too. Fuck. I have no future with her because I have nothing left of myself to offer, but I am still drawn to her. Like a moth to the fucking flame.

Finn and I each take a rocking chair on the small deck outside his bedroom. As foreman he gets his own fucking cabin, whereas the rest of us grunts share a bunkhouse. It is a great setup actually, with two men to a room and each room with its’ own bath – not like some bases I’ve been on. Shit, fifty men to three toilets. Good times. Neither of us say anything for a few minutes, hesitant to start what I think is going to be a fucking awkward conversation. It may also involve my fists.

“I want to pursue a relationship with her, if she’s interested,” he says. Fuck. There it is. Finn looks at me for my reaction. What does he fucking expect? I’ll break into fucking tears? Start shooting up the place? Give me some credit… and besides, I left my gun in my room. Everyone’s fucking tchotchkes are safe for another day.

“Hmph.” I give nothing away, or so I think. I should know that if anyone would know me better than I know myself – it would be Finn.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” he says with a smirk. What the hell is that supposed to mean? “I know you like her Ali. You may as well shout it into a blowhorn for as subtle as you’re being – at least to me.” Fucking asshole.

“Good for you Finn, you solved the secret to life. I know I can die happily now,” I sneer at him. I know I’m being a dick, but I don’t see this ‘situation’ ending well and I’m fucking pissed off about it. I need a target for my anger and here he fucking sits. Right place, right time motherfucker.

“Stop being an asshole for five seconds and hear me out,” he snaps. “Or keep being yourself and ruin everything before it even starts – your choice.” My first instinct is to punch him – repeatedly. I don’t but I really fucking want to. He smiles at me arrogantly because he fucking knows I’m pissed off and struggling to control my temper. Thankfully, he keeps his mouth shut long enough for me to get my shit together again.

He is just about to start speaking again when we hear Peyton moan. It isn’t a sexy moan – it’s a sick moan. The kind of moan a passed-out person has before waking up to puke. We both race back into the bedroom just as she wakes up and help her to the toilet. Just in fucking time too. There are few fucking things I have heard in my missions worst than the noises she is making right now – holy shit. Pretty damn sure there is a fucking quarter in there from when she was a kid, at least I hope it is from when she was a kid.

As she winds up, Finn gets a warm, wet cloth for her forehead. It takes her a few minutes before she’s ready to stand up again and then she stubbornly insists on brushing her teeth. Finn quickly locates a spare toothbrush and while we both hold her upright; she cleans the vomit out of her mouth. She then turns back to us and lets us lead her back to the bed. Fuck, she is smashed.

She confirms that by taking her jeans off before crawling into Finn’s bed. Neither of us say anything, but I know he got as much of an eyeful as I did. Jesus. Christ. She has a tattoo that goes from her foot all the way up her leg right to her thigh, must have taken fucking hours. I only got a glimpse because she was moving so fast, but it looked like a tree or branches maybe? I may have also been distracted by her spectacular fucking ass – holy shit. Round, generous globes barely contained by some kind of pathetic excuse for a panty that I fucking love because they leave little to the imagination… I’m so fucking hard right now it aches. The way Finn is adjusting his pants, he is too. Shit.

She is asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow and I have no doubt she’s going to sleep now for hours, likely till morning. I think she got rid of most of the excess booze and now she’s going to sleep off the rest – not sure where Finn is going to sleep. I’ll be damned though before I leave him here with her alone. Fuck. That.

Yeah. We’ve got ourselves a problem.

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