Bear and Haisley

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This is the love story between an MC President and a small-town waitress. Bear lived for his MC and swore left and right that no woman would ever change that until he came across this stunning waitress. She made his head spin with just one single look. Can Bear learn to manage both the MC and Haisley or will he push her away and stick with his brothers?

Romance / Drama
Faolán Wolfe
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Chapter 1

The familiar sound of sturdy boots filled the air of the Common Room. Soft chattering and the sounds of beer bottles striking wood tables lingered in the background. A tall muscular biker with short dusky hair and a bushy beard merely resting on his collarbone, stands tall in the doorway as he looks out upon the rest of the bar full of bikers. The overwhelming smell of whiskey and metal filled the air; to others it typically would cause them to be disguised but, to the bikers that let them know they were home.

"Alright, Fuckers! Time for church!" The biker yelled as he makes his way to the private door that stands in the only isolated part of the bar. Each stern-faced biker rose from their seats, taking one last swig of their beer, before following behind their president.

Each burly biker sat in their designated seats around a table that took up most of the room. The table stretched to each corner of the room, since most meetings lasted hours, this allows each biker enough space to sit comfortably.

"We have a problem, boys." The president says, placing his calloused palms against the cold hard table, looking in the eye of all his loyal men. Each biker then looks around at all their brothers, nodding their heads lightly.


Local families from all over this peaceful town gathered at this diner to eat with their friends and family. The air was always filled with gentle laughter and the soothing sound of utensils scraping against the solid white plates. Booths lined the walls and round tables filled the middle of the diner. Historic pictures of the town many years back can be found on every wall in this place.

"Order up Haisley!" The cook yells from behind the wall with an opening in the middle that had plates lined up right under it. He carefully placed the plates out as he called for a waiter. Walking around the corner comes an olive skinned hazel eyed beauty wearing a fitted black short-sleeved shirt and black shorts. She also wore spotless high-top converse and her high ponytail was filled with light brown curly hair. Along with her waitress uniform there was an apron tied around her waist that she uses to carry a pad, pen, and straws.

"I gotcha, Dee. Here are your next orders." She placed the recent order slips in the small handwoven basket on the cook's window before carefully grabbing the hot plates and setting them neatly on the tray. Carefully, she weaved through the tables with a loaded tray in her left hand before stopping at the correct table.

"Here you go! Is there anything else I can get you?" Smiling softly at the local family in the booth, she placed the plates carefully on to the table. The charming toddler stood on the plush seat of the booth as she saw the delicious food arriving. As the food arrived at the table the little girl smiled brightly up at the waitress.

"Thank you dear. we should be just fine. I am curious about how you are doing, though." The mother asks in a hushed voice so low only Haisley could hear. Haisley's gentle smile falters for a moment, but she instantly returns to the face she gives all her customers.

"Why must they undoubtedly remember when I try so hard to forget," Haisley thinks in an tired tone. "I'm doing well, loving this job and the people around here, bu-but I-I must get back to work now so enjoy yall's lunch an-and I'll check on you guys in a bit." She stutters as she quickly changes the topic before turning around and walking away. Rubbing her forehead, Haisley tries to soothe a headache that's coming along due to the unpleasant flood of memories.

A few hours later...

Haisley had just returned from her well-needed break. Properly tying her three-pocket apron around her waist once again for the night Haisley walks into the diner not paying attention to anything or anyone until the soft bell over the door rang out. The ringing wasn't what drew her attention, it was the silencing of the everyone in the diner that pulled her gaze up and towards the door.

"C-Can you take that table Hais? You know I'm not good at dealing with groups of guys" The shy waitress stumbles her way over to Haisley behind the counter, staring wide-eyed at the group of intimidating and burly men that just walked into the diner.

"Sure, Addy. I'll take this table but, you'll have to take table eight for me." "Deal!" Addy's shoulders sag with relief. Softly patting Addy's shoulder Haisley begins to grudgingly walk over to the table full of giant tattooed men, as Addy walks away to her new table. Getting closer, Haisley swallows nervously as she watches the men take a seat in the far corner booth. Taking a deep breath in before carefully weaving her way through the sea of tables to get to them.

"What can I get you, gentlemen?" Genuinely trying her best to be as confident as she can muster, Haisley is surprised and proud that she didn't stutter once. Nervously tapping her pen on the pad of paper, she waits for them to order their drinks and food.

"How about a slice of you beautiful" One of the more intimidating man says, gawking at her. Haisley's head snaps up only to be greeted with a table of four ripped tatted and god like men wearing leather vests for the local MC. She carefully studies them all for a moment and notices they all have small cuts on their faces. A few even had them on their arms. As much as she wanted to ask, she knew better than to interfere with MC business. Once she had come back to her senses, she remembered what the man had ordered and her cheeks light up like a Christmas tree. Haisley tried to get her head on straight by shaking her head softly which made her ponytail full of thick brown curls sway from side to side.

"Shut your trap, Chains!" Says the man beside him as he strikes the back of the other man's head before looking up at her.

"She is so beautiful with her gorgeous delicate brown skin, bright hazel eyes, deep dimples in both of her full cheeks, and her long eyelash that brushed softly against the tops of her cheeks. Wait! Snap out of it Bear!" The man sitting in the middle of the group thinks to himself while he can't take his eyes off her. Bear mentally shakes the unusual thoughts away before forcefully shifting his gaze down to the menu once again. Clearing his throat, he informs the beautiful waitress what he wants to eat, zoning out when his brothers add their order.

"Uh-huh. Uh-hmm. O-okay, I will have your drinks in a little bit and I'll put your food order in." Tearing the slip of paper, she just written their order on, Haisley makes her way back behind the counter. While working on the tables drink order Haisley keeps glancing up at the sexy biker sitting comfortably in the center of the curved booth. Swiftly she shifts her eyes away each time they connect with his beautiful greens. Pursing her rosy lips, Haisley turns away from him to finish up the drink order.

"Prez, it looks as if you have a little crush on our waitress here." Chains chuckles softly as he pats Bear's shoulder. Bear was too focused on waiting for those hazel eyes to turn back to him to hear what Chains was saying. Not reacting to Chains' joke the rest of the men chuckled at their president's new found admiration for the young women.

"I understand why you've quickly become fond of her, Prez. She is quite the looker. A nice piece of a...'' Bears eyes snap up as he hears Inks foul langue pointed at his waitress. His blood boiled just at the few words uttered. He wasn't certain to what had gotten hold of him. Bear has only ever cared about the MC but, somehow and quite quickly, this curly-head waitress was already changing him even though he may not want to admit it.

"Watch your mouth, Ink" Bear snaps at Ink with a look that could put him six feet in the ground before returning his gaze to the waitress as she carefully fills up the cup and talks comfortably to the other waitress next to her.


"Yah know, ever since you left that booth, the hunk of man in the middle has been staring at you." Addy says as she leans comfortably against the side of the counter watching Haisley work.

Haisley scoffs lowly. "Yeah right, an attractive man like him wound ever gawk or even give a second glance at someone like me." Haisley thought Addy was more beautiful than she could ever be. Addy had shoulder length golden hair that any girl would be jealous of, radiant sky-blue eyes, fair skin, and a lovely hour glass shape. All things that Haisley was not.

"As if. He is probably staring at you!" She smiles a shaky smile trying to conceal the slight jealousy she felt for her friend. Haisley gently nudges Addy's shoulder before properly placing the 4 drinks on the tray.

"Oh, no dear. His eyes have most definitely been on you since you left the table and I was just on the opposing side of the dinner!" Addy turns her head towards Haisley with a smug look on her radiant face. Smacking her gun Addy shacks her head of golden hair and she walks away to tend to her tables.

"There is no possible way he has been staring at me," Haisley thinks to herself as she picks up the tray full of drinks. Turning around swiftly just to encounter those mesmerizing green eyes of the attractive man Addy was previously talking about. She tilts her head down in an attempt to cover her burning cheeks while walking around all the full tables.


The boys at the table continued to talk as Bear couldn't seem to pry his dusky green eyes off the mixed beauty. He watched as she so elegantly moved around the tables. How she smiled gently at the families that she passed by on her way to their table was simply beautiful. He couldn't help but allow the corners of his lips curl slightly as she kneeled to talk comfortably to a precious baby that was sitting in their mother's lap. Once Haisley was almost to their table, he broke out of the hypnotic trance she had somehow put him in.

"Here you go guys. Your food should be out soon." She carefully hands each man their drinks, having no trouble until she went to hand the stud sitting in the middle his. She locked eyes with him once more as her hand gradually extended across the table. He reaches up with his eyes focused on hers. Reaching for the cooled glass cup Bear accidentally grazes her figures with his. Thankfully he maintained a firm grip on the cup because once they touched, she gasps ever so softly and quickly retracting her hand. Tingles shot through her hand giving her goosebumps up and down her arm.

"Umm...S-Sorry, is there anything else I can get you guys while you wait?" She thought her face couldn't get any redder but she was oh so wrong. She turned her head to look at the nearby booth, trying to bring down the redness, as she nervously nibbles on her bottom lip.

"No, we are just fine, thank you...Haisley?" Bear said in a composed, gentle voice although his stomach was undoubtedly doing somersaults from their first touch. Carefully he placed the glass cup onto the table along with the other while reading her name tag, properly thanking her. The way he said her name made chills go down her spine. Haisley rapidly nods before scurrying off behind the counter once again.

"Boys, I think we may have just met our future boss lady!" Tank finally speaks up as he watches his boss act like a love sick puppy. The boys around the table nod in agreeance as Bear rolls his eyes.

"Impossible, the MC is my life. I have no time for the game's women play. And I certainly don't have time for a relationship!" Bear could feel deep down what he was declaring was once the truth, but now he wasn't so certain about it.

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