My Friend Brother

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Mirajane is a rebellious 17 year old. She is the popular bad girl of her school and a rich daddy princess. She is always shopping, skipping classes, partying, drinking and hooking up with strangers. She is a heartbreaker and has never taken a serious relationship. Doesn't take anything serious except her biggest secret. Nathan is a nineteen year old collage student. He doesn't take college that serious and is always skipping. He is always partying and hooking up with sluts. He is one of the biggest players and heartbreakers. But all changed when Nathan came back after four years. And they both met again at collage party. They got drunk and ended up hooking up. The only problem was that he is her friend older brother Will she is break Rule #3 and #5 after that night.

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Makeena Blair
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Chapter 1

"Mini hoe get the fuck up. This is our last year in the hell hole" I heard my twin brother Kevin yelled and knock ᵏⁿᵒᶜᵏ ᵏⁿᵒᶜᵏ on my door. Waking me up. Today is my first day of senior year and this is my last year in the hell hole like my brother said.

"Ugh fuck of" I said rubbing my eyes. I fucking hate waking up early in the morning.

I groaned and rolled out of bed. I walk to the bathroom half asleep wanting to go back to sleep. I took a shower and did my morning routine. I got out of the bathroom, went to my closet and picked my outfit. I am not one of those persons that grabs the first thing they see. I love fashion and I love to get attention with my outfits.

With most of my clothes you can see my tattoos. Something that I have never been ashamed of showing like other persons. I have five tattoos.

After choosing my outfit, I straighten my hair and did my make up. Before leaving look at the mirror one time and took my purse.

I got out of my room and went down stairs to the dinning room to have breakfast. As always my family is having breakfast without me.

"Good morning" I said sitting down.

"Morning" Mom said. She looks angry. Poor of the one that made her angry.

"Ok now that everyone is here I what to know who the hell ate my red velvet oreos" Mom said angrily. Wow pregnant women are really crazy.

"It was Mira" My fifteen year old sister Mackenzie said pointing at me, I rolled and took a bit of a strawberry.

"Is that true Live" Mom said raising a eyebrow. My mom calls me Live sometimes because my second name and here's is Lively.

"Of course not. Ok first I don't like oreos. Second is bad education pointing at someone Kenzie" I said before taking a sip of the glass of orange juice.

"Bitch" Kenzie murmured. But she said it loud enough so that everyone could hear it.

"MACKENZIE MARIE ROSETÍ SNOW" Mom yell. Yep definitely hormones are driving her crazy.

"Ok sorry it was me who at the last red velvet oreos" Kenzie said.

"I knew it. Steven you own me the spa in the house" She said and dad sigh

"Ok explain" I said pointing at her with the fork on my hand.

"Ok so your dad and me made a bet. If it was Kevin who ate the cookies I had to stop asking him for a spa in the house. And if it was Kenzie he would let me have a spa in the house". She said.

" So that means now we don't have to go to a spa salon " I said exited and she nod. Wow I can't believe I we will have a spa in the house. Now I won't have to go to the spa salon.

"Yeah and I am glad that Kenzie ate my cookie. Even tho I am still mad that she ate them all" She said and Kenzie rolled her eyes.

"Hey Kevin your being quiet. Something that is rare did something happen" I asked. It was not normal that he didn't say a word.

"Yeah it's just that I am texting Carlos and he said that his brother is back." He said looking at his phone. My eyes got wide and my jaw dropped.

I couldn't believe he said that Nathan is back to the city. Nathan was my childhood crush but he moved to another city and I haven't seen him in four years.

"You mean Nathan right" I said and he rolled his eyes

"No shit Sherlock" He said, I rolled my eyes at him and gave him the middle finger.

"Of course is Nathan. He is Carlos only brother that we haven't seen him in four years. Well Carlos saw him one time three years ago because he visited him for the holidays. But the point here is that he is coming back." He said. I wonder if he got more hotter.

"Did he get hot" I asked He rolled his eyes and nod.

"Yes and you aren't going to fuck him" He said.

"Why" I asked whining.

"Because that is going to be Rule #5 and is part of Rule #3" He said. My brother has always had me some rules. They are called the Fuck Rules. Why? Because they are rules of people I can't fuck.

Rule #1

Don't you dare have sex with Asher, Luke and Carlos.

They are my brother best friends.

They are my friends to we all hang out together but they aren't that close that I could called them best friends.

Even though I have already fuck Luke a few times. But we are only friends. Well friends with benefits.

Rule #2

Don't bring yours hook up to the house on school hours I you skip school. Because mom can be there and is going to get super mad.

One time I decided to skip school with a hot guy. I thought that my parents weren't home so we went to my house. When we got to the house we started making out and my mom appeared. Thank God we had our clothes on. Mom kicked the guy out and shouted at me for like an hour about skipping school. Even if she kicked the guy out we ended up having sex the next day. She didn't care about my sexual life. She only cared about school. One time she entered my room when I was having sex and she closed the door fast and then said 'use condoms I am to young to be a grandma'. So he invented that rule because of that and because he likes to skip too and one time he saw me making out in the couch with a guy.

Rule #3

Don't fuck my friends family members.

We that rule is because I already did that and he wasn't happy with me. Well one time at I went to Asher like sister birthday and I fuck his cousin in the bathroom and well the moaning was a little to load and when we got out we saw Asher, Carlos, Luke and my brother outside they were all laughing and Kevin looked at me like if he wanted to kill me.

Kevin always act like the over protective brother and he is only two minutes older than me. But he is a cool brother. He doesn't care about my sexual life like other brothers.

Rule # 4

Don't fuck OUR family members.

This rule is kind of funny because he did it because it happened. Well one time I hooked up with a guy and three days later I found he was my dad cousin son. It was kinda awkward knowing that I fuck a family member. But Kevin always knows when to remind me that to embarrassed me.

And the new rule

Rule #5

Don't fuck Nathan

Reason unknown. Even tho this rule is part of Rule #3.

"Ugh well fuck. Your no fun" I said.

"Rules are rules mini hoe" He said

He has called me mini hoe since I was fourteen.

"Oh shout up whore man" I said, rolling my eyes.

"Kids we are eating" Dad said. He hates when we are eating and we start fighting.

"Hey dad school started you know what that means right" I asked

"Yep" He said popping the 'p'

"Perfect" I said and continued eating.

"What was your highest record" Dad asked

"It was 12.6 millions" I said Dad and I are talking about the money I have spent in one day. My highest record is 12.6 and dad and I have this thing that when schools starts I need to beat that record. If I beat it he will give me a surprise. Last year he gave me a two week trip you Hawaii. I am always at the mall but I can't spent more money than my record. If I spent more money than my record he will cancel my card for a week.

"Do you think you can beat it" He asked

"Of course dad. Don't you remember they last year my record went from 9.4 to 12.6 This year I think it will be more than 14 million." I said

"Well let's see" He said and continued eating.

After we ate I got my car keys and went to Bella. Bella is my pink Lamborghini and I named her that.

"Hurry up we need to make a huge entrance like we do every year" My brother said walking to his blue Lamborghini.

Me and Kevin make an entrance every year in our first day. Every year when we get to school on our first day some people say that the Snow Twins are back. The have been calling us that since Freshman year. They us that because that's our second last name and snow is cold and they say we are cold hearted. Well both of us are players and we have broken few hearts.

I really don't understand why people caught feeling in one night stands or in friends with benefits. I have had four friends with benefits and three

of them have caught feeling. The only one that didn't caught feelings was Luke.

I am the most popular girl and captain of the cheerleaders and my brother is the captain of football team. He is part of the jocks group.

We got to the school and as always

we made a big entrance. All the eyes we're on us. I parked my car and a soon as I got out I heard boys whistling at me. Of course I winked

at them. I was taking my bag out of the car until I heard some one.

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