Ghost of my past

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A young teen past through lot of ups and downs in her face in life full of mistakes and finds love. After finally seeing happiness dark secrets of her past tend to separate her from a love one. A Nigerian love story

Romance / Mystery
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If there is one thing shola was sure of is she hated her life. Shola is literally a eighteen years old Nigerian girl who lives in Ajegunle Lagos Nigeria, with her mom who is known as a popular street fucker. Shola couldn't live her life well due to the fact that her mom was known to be a prostitute, she Normally gets bullied in school and even around her neighborhood.

In Ajegunle, if anyone happens to know your secret they were sure to use it against you. The fact her mom was shameless bother her alot, they would often fight at home severally times but her mom always end up snubing her cause her job was the only way for their survive.

Shola is very tired but she just had to try her best to finish cleaning the house in time. Her mom had thrown a party at home with her friends and the house is a totally mess. She had gone for home service, just to satisfy a horny man and had ask shola to clean the house cause Mr Ken was coming home.

Mr Ken is simply shola's mom finance. Shola hates the fact she has to clean the house for his arrival, she hates him for know specific reason but she sees him as a womanizer. Shola has finish cleaning the palor and her mom's room was left.

She dressed the bed, packed the cloths from the floor, sweep the floor and was carefully mopping it.

Mr Ken walks inside the house and his was pleased to see shola had done a good job on cleaning. He was supposed to come by 8pm but he came early due to his selfish intentions. The moment he walked into shola's mom room, he saw shola dancing and wiggling her waist. The instant shola used her mopping stick to form a guitar his eyes went down to her butt and he couldn't help himself but imagaine how she would moan his name, when he insert his cock into her.

He pictured her body and expression very well he almost realised a moan. He wanted shola badly he had always wanted her, not like he had any extra feeling attached to it but it was all about his cock. He get laid every day but he still couldn't stop the burning lust in him anything he saw shola.

She was the main reason he came early, he watched her from behind as she gulps into her water can and he imagaine her dangling on his cock and he felt his self harden. He couldn't take it anymore more, as he walks to her he felt his self arouse.

Shola gasps when she felt his hands around her waist waist, pulling her to himself to feel his arouse self which made shola shiver the moment she felt it. " I want you shola". He whispered into her ears slowly after kissing her neck.

" Then you got me". Shola hated him with passion but she had no choice cause her sex freak mother had told her to always satisfied his desires and they is no need calling for help.

He turned shola so she could face him. His hands found their way into her top messaging her breast. He quickly claimed her lips like his life depended on it, hungryly. He bit her lower lip begging for access into her mouth which she gave him. His tongue and hers fight for dominant which he finally won.

He tossed her to the bed staring at her body lustfully. Shola lay down waiting for him to do what ever he wanted cause he irritated her; but she won't denial the fact he was a good fuck. He took off his top shirt and pants leaving only his boxer's. He laid next to shola which got her confused.

" Lay on me am cooled".

Shola rolled her eyes at him before laying on him, she has no idea what she was doing to him. His hands slowly massage shola butt making her give a throaty moan. He traced his hands unhooking shola bra, although it was not his first time of seeing shola's body but every single time of fucking her, she never size to amazed him.

He tossed her to the bed calming her lips again and back to her neck. He turned his attention to shola breast engulfing her left breast in her mouth while his hands plays with her other breast which made shola moan. The more shola moan the more he dominanted her body.

He finally moved down in between shola's legs, he used his hands to path her legs open, he was pleased to see shola was wet because of him. He used it fingers to play around the lips of shola's Virginia and her ciltorise making shola moan out his name and pleasure herself by pressing her breast. He finally deep his hands into shola's Virginia moving it inside faster making shola moan more.

Close to when she was about to curn he removed his hands making shola deep his hands back. He smirked at her before he deeped his cock into shola making her scream in pleasure, his hard movement in shola made her moan while he keep whispering I love you in her ears, as he drove shola into the world of orgasm.

This was shola's life, life seemed very unfair with her.

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