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BEEP - 00

Besides chocolate, you're my favourite

~ unknown


Focus Focus Focus


''We're over Paris''


''Fuck'' I groaned burying my head in my palms.

For the past 80 minuites, Mr Forbes our human psych lecturer has been droning on and on about some shit. Let's be honest, it's probably important but my brain has decided to devote it's whole purpose to replaying that scene over and over and over again.


''What' I shrieked "No, Damien. We can' can't just do this to us. Please''

''Look I've thought about it okay. I'm doing what's best for me and right now, you don't fit in the picture. We're over''


It was starting to remind me of all those catchy songs that you hated yet they got stuck in your head. After a while you would start to like it. Maybe, just maybe i'll be loving that statement in no time.

Ha! I know right, impossible. Two simple words. Two words have crushed down my world. They've innocently ruined my plans and my goals for my life. They've unknowingly yet surely turned me into a shadow of my past self.


''Damien please. I'll change, I'll be anything you want. Don't do this''

''Paris we're over okay. It's final. Get over it''


And here comes the best part, please note my sarcasm; the memories. Oh God i was so stupid back then. I believed every word the sucker fed me. We'd been highschool sweethearts.

"The perfect couple" people would say. Putting together his extreme obsession with pursuing a music career and my extreme obsession with pursuing could almost say we were a perfect match.


''Damien...I love you, please. Please don't leave me''

''This is pathetic Paris. Grow a pair and accept it. We. Are. Over''



''What!'' I snapped unsure as to whether I hated or loved the person for helping me from myself.

''Class is over'' Jenna stated with a knowing look. She'd been my friend since we were in diapers, I doubt any further explanation is required.

''Thanks'' I muttered not moving to stand up from my seat.

''You wanna get up?''

''Nope'' I sighed planting my head on the table, its cool surface reminding me that I hadn't even bothered using it.

''The party's at my place''

''Not interested''


''No Jen''

''Paris'' She groaned dragging a chair so she could sit facing me. ''It's been almost three months hunny. Damien... he's never coming back''

''Great pep talk Jen. Real great'' I muttered sarcastically rolling my eyes.

''You know what I mean P. He's not worth it. You shouldn't be wasting your life this way. You know this is wrong''

''Yet here i am''

''P! Please let me help you''

''Look Jen..'' I started raising my face to look her in the eye. ''I appreciate you and all that you've tried to for me, honestly I do. But I will not be attending said party''

''I love you Paris, but you need to forget about Damien. He's not worth it''

''You're my best friend'' I groan rolling my eyes ''You're literally wired to say that''

''I mean it P, you're in your second year of college. You cant waste it thinking about that jerk''

I rose to my feet tired of hearing the same words from her over and over again. Grabbing the bag that I hadn't opened throughout the class, I sent Jen a terrifying glare before storing out of the hall and back to my dorm room.

Watching horror movies while cuddled up to Henry (a gift from Damien for our 3 year anniversary) had been my routine for a while now. Pretty pathetic, I know but as I sat watching a girl get torn limb by limb while stuffing my face with cookie dough icecream, life felt a little good.



It almost felt like everyone the entire world was happy except for my brooding ass of course.

''Paris!'' The excited voice called again coming closer.

Grabbing my heavy duvet over my head, I muttered a little prayer in hopes of being left alone.

''You little bitch''

My room door was pulled open and a heavy weight landed on me however my desire to be left alone didnt let me release even the tiniest groan.

''Come on dumbass'' I inwardly let out a sigh of relief as the weight was taken off me. My relief was short lived as my duvet was angrily ripped off my body. ''There you are, I feel like I haven't seen you in ages''

''We literally saw this morning'' I managed to mutter sending Rihanna a glare.

''Yeah for like a second before you ran off to class like some goody two shoes''

''Well Rihanna, it may surprise you but I actually did come to school for an education ''

''Oh shut up, you can't go on hating the whole world over one useless jerk''

''Watch me''

Turning away from my annoyingly persistent roommate, I hoped she would get the hint and leave me be.

''Come for Jenna's party''

''We both know that's never going to..''

''I'm not asking''

Did I mention that Rihanna also doubled as my twin sister? No? Well she is...and a pretty scary one at that.

''Riri'' I started sitting up to look her dead in the eye. ''I'm not going''

''Do you really want me to tell mum and dad that you've spent the last three months of your life crying over a boy?''

''You wouldn't'' I grit my teeth sending daggers her way.

''Try me'' she seethed sending those daggers back.

I weighed out my options knowing I didn't really have much of a choice. My parents are really old fashioned. In my case it means I have to be a model lady, I can only imagine my mothers heartbreak when she realizes I've spent so much time obsessing over a boy she never liked. At the risk of sounding like a prude, I really cared about my parents opinions.

''Fine'' I sighed already regretting my decision.

''Great'' the devil grinned her happy demeanor back like we hadn't just had a war with our eyes. ''I placed your outfit over there''


''You came!!'' Jenna squealed hugging the air out of my lungs.

Feeling the bass of some random song in my chest, feeling the heat from the lack of air in the crowded room, staring at the bodies that clung on to each other as if desperate and smelling the booze on my best friends breath, I was quickly reminded of damien.

Wanting to become a famous musician meant parties were his scene. Whatever damiens scene was became my scene so I ended up wasting most of my nights getting drunk or high off my ass and spending the next day regretting it all.

''I did'' I replied not sounding half as enthusiastic as she seemed.

'Riri, you're amazing' Jenna gushed making my evil twin grin.

''Wasn't hard'' she sent me a wink before making her way toward other people.

''Come on baby, we'll find you some eye candy''

I rolled my eyes following behind jenna as she lead me through the familiar halls of her elder brothers house.

''I'm not here for a hookup J, I was literally forced''

''Oh shush, you won't be saying that by the time I'm done with you'' she giggled

''You're drunk''

''Tipsy, theres a difference''

By now we had made it to the kitchen. Jenna grabbed two solo cups and headed towards the keg filling them to the brim.

''Take it easy tiger'' I cautioned as she didn't waste time downing her cup. She giggled again handing me mine.

I stared gingerly at the drink not knowing my next move.

''Oh come on, have just one drink atleast. Enjoy this one night then you can go back to being your heartbroken self tomorrow''

Rolling my eyes, I brought the cup to my lips enjoying the familiar burn of the liquid as it went down my throat.

''Did you ever get to use that beep app?'' Jenna suddenly asked as we found an empty couch and settled in.

''Do you even have to ask''

''Oh come on, Brittany found a total stud on it''


''Okay before you say anything how about we make a deal?''

I stared blankly at her but she didn't bother waiting for my answer before elaborating her idea.

''If I get Garrett Browne to hook up with me, will you beep one person?''

''As impossible as that is, I wouldn't gain anything''

''Fine..I'll uh, I'll do whatever you want for the next two weeks''

''Really?'' I smirked liking the sound of that. ''All for a measly beep?''

''Girl you need some action in your life and I'll be damned if I dont do anything to get you some''

''Hmm.., fine.'' I grinned taking another swig of my drink. All she wanted was for me to talk to a stranger for what could be seconds and she would literally become my slave.

"Really?" She squealed

"Sure, as long as it gets you off my back"

"Yess! Cheers to finally getting you some action!!"

I scoffed but humoured the crazy girl slightly tapping my cup with hers before setting our heads back and downing the contents.


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