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BEEP - 01

"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who's going to stop me"

- Ayn Rand


The familiar sharp bangs hitting my head was deffinitely not something I missed. I pried my eyes open letting out groan. The wheels in my brain stopped turning for a second as my eyes scanned the unfamiliar room. Clearly I was in a hotel, a fancy one at that.

"shit" I sat up abruptly taking off the duvet to ensure I was still fully clothed. Dread filled me as I took note of my half naked body. I noticed my phone and wallet on the side table and grabbed them surprised to see nothing missing from the wallet. My phone however was dead and useless to me in this situation.

I dragged myself off the bed and began a searh for the gown I had on last night. When I came up empty handed, I stared at the shut bathroom door which I had avoided in fear of bumping into the person I may have spent the night with. Leaning in and pressing my ear on the cool door, I tried making out any sounds.

After seconds of not hearing anything I muttered a small prayer before pushing open the door. A heavy sigh of relief left my lips when I noticed it was empty. As soon as I noticed my gown hanging on the bath tub and shoes arranged neatly by the side, I hurriedly put them on and raced out.

Noticing that I was at hotel Belmont was a nice surprise as it was literally a ten minute walk from Jennas house. I decided to stop by starbucks on my way there knowing both Jenna and i would be needing it.

"You're a jem" She grinned holding out her hand for the only cup left in mine with her name on it. I plugged my phone in to charge by her bedstand.

"I know"

"Where did you dissappear to last night anyway?"

"I have no idea, woke up at Belmont this morning regretting whatever decisions I made last night"

"Well atleast you finally let loose"

"Yeah a little too loose. Anyways scoot over, I still need to charge up"

Jenna chuckled moving over so I had space to cuddle up and get some more sleep.


*Last night*

I welcomed the familiar buzz as I downed what was probably my sixth cup.

"You know who's bloody rich?" Jenna slurred.

"Who?" I questioned with an unnecessary goofy smile. Deep down at the back of my mind I knew trying to have a conversation at this point was impossible.

"People who own strip clubs"

"So trueeee"

"We should do that"

"You're so right, we would be like rich and stuff" I giggled with jenna. "Youre soo smart"

"Youre soo pretty" she gushed playing with strands of my hair. "Wanna know a secret?"

"Uh huh"

"I would fuck you" she laughed using extra hand motions to describe her words "like mind blowing sex, it would be like..like and earthquake you know. I would just burst that pussy and.."


"Yes?" She piped up completely forgetting herself

"You sound like a lesbian" I smiled sitting on the floor and leaning my back on the wall as my drunk ass couldnt support my bodyweight anymore.

"Like those little pixie dolls that fly and have like powers. Omg does that mean I was made with chemical x" It appeared Jenna's brain was spinning super fast.

"I dont think the power puff girls are lebians" I worded taking the last swig of my drink.

Jenna took one long look at me before sending me a smirk.

"You need some dickkk"


"Yesssss. You're a strong, independent, single, boss ass bitch" Jenna started, swaying a bit on her feet.

"I am aren't I?"

"Yess and we're going to run the worlds most successful strip club"

"Yes we are" I cheered egging her on by applauding loudly.

"And you my dear, are going to get some dick"

"Yes I am" I grinned jumping up. The major whiplash I experienced almost sent me back to ground but my wasted self was on a mission.

"Let's go find you some dicckkkk"


Jenna and I began analysing each and every member of the Male specie rather incoherently.

"Him?" Jenna questioned her finger pointed towards a group of girls.

"Do they have dicks?"

"Maybe they know someone who does"

"Maybe" I agree not processing anything we'd been talking about.

"I'm gonna go ask them"

"Okay, I'll miss you" I mentioned suddenly sad. Jenna's smile was wiped off instantly and she pulled me into a hug tears brimming her eyes.

"I'll miss you more" she sobbed

"Don't die on me" I said and she nodded pulling back. "Goodbye brave soldier"

After a dramatic show of salutes, jenna headed over to the girls and I headed elsewhere to get myself more drinks.

After forcing some shots down my throat and dancing with a couple of strangers, I began my search for jenna.

When I came up empty handed i resorted to asking everyone if they had seen her but my current lack of proper speech and their alcohol influenced replies lead me nowhere.

"She must be dead" I mutter to myself tears welling up in my eyes. I ran out of the party once this realisation hit me. I needed to get away from the noise and sweaty bodies. So that was how I found myself sitting by the road in front of the house sign crying my eyes out.

Deciding to call someone, I picked up my phone and groaned when I noticed that it was almost dead. I was about to ask siri to call my sister when an app caught my eye. It was colourful and was literally calling my name so I opened it. The app was called beep.

While on it, I was asked to upload a profile picture so took a silly selfie with a goofy smile all thoughts of jenna gone. When asked to input a username, my "creative mind" decided to use Beep.

After that simple procedure a long message popped up.

"Welcome to beep. This app will match you geographically to people closest to you. To change this...oh whatever" I groaned ignoring the rest of the message.

Soon pictures of different individuals popped up. I scrolled through mindlessly before one caught my eye. It was a guy playing the guitar. His wasnt looking at the camera and his hair was swept down covering most of his face. What intrigued me however was the large poster behind him. Clicking on his profile I tried zooming in to get a clearer view of the poster but I mistakenly pressed the call button.

"Oh fuck me" I muttered face planting. Before I noticed that the person on the other end had answered the call already before I could end it.

"Hello" a deep voice came. He sounded exasperated, groggy, sexy... and British? "Is anyone there?" Yup definitely British.

"Uhh..hi, I'm Paris" I piqued. Sometimes a guys voice does something to my insides, damn.

"Why may I ask are you calling me at two in the morning?"

"Becauseee....." I giggled " I like your voice, it's sexy. Are you sexy?" Shut up Paris, just dont speak.


"I asked are.."

"I heard your question" He sighed "Are you drunk?"

"I think sooooo"

"Look, just get a friend to take you home or something"

"Friend?" Suddenly everything hit me "she's dead"


"My friend, jenna. She was a soldier" I muttered tears brimming in my eyes.

"Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear that" The brittish voice apologised.

"Yeah, she was amazing you know. She volunteered herself to go find me some dick and she never came back"

"Fucking hell" he muttered under his breath "You bloody muppet I thought she was an actual soldier. Your friend is not dead okay, go look for her"

"But I did" I sniffed "what's a muppet?"

"It's not a really friendly word."

"But why would you call me an unfriendly word. That's not very nice of you"

"Well you woke me up from sleep, that wasn't very nice of you as well"

"I know, I'm sorry"

"Seriously?" He scoffed "fine I'm sorry too"

"So are we friends now?"

"Will you go meet your friend if I agree?"


"Then sure, we're friends. Now go find your other friend and let me bloody sleep"

"But I can't, she's gone. I searched everywhere and she's dead. Now I'm gonna die too" by now I was full on sobbing and I was not a pretty crier.

"Oh come on, don't cry. Look, I really dont have time for this, don't you have anyone that can take you home or something?"

"No! But I wanna get the hell out here. I'll just walk home"

"Are you insane? It's 2am for christ's sake, it's not safe"

"What's the worst that could happen"

"Oh I dont know you wanker, maybe someone would just kill you" he groaned sarcasm and frustration dripping off every word.

"Good, maybe then I'll see jenna again"

"Fuckk.......where are you?"

"You curse a lot"

"Good eye captain obvious now tell me where the fuck you are"

"31 park lane" I giggled reading off the words from the sign above me.

"That's a street dumbass tell me what exact house"

"I'm not telling you anything until you're nice to me" I huffed earning myself a low growl.

"Do you realise I'm trying to help you?"

"Be niceee"

"Christ....fine. please tell me where you are"

"I'm right under the sign" I smiled

"You're insufferable" he sighed.

I could hear keys jingling and doors opening and closing.

"Are you going somewhere? Dont leave me, I'm sorry for being annoying"

"Paris" his voice sounded calm but I could tell it was laced with anger. However my thoughts were only focused on how perfect my name sounded on his voice, it sent me chills.

"Yeah?" I managed to squeak out.

"Shut up"


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