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BEEP - 02


"Be silly, be honest, be kind"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Where are you?" I questioned playing with my toes.

"Do you mind? I'm trying to focus here"

"What's so hard in driving?"

"Oh I dont know, maybe the fact that I just unwillingly got out of bed made me disoriented "

"It's almost 3am dude, I'm pretty sure the empty roads are a green card for some reckless driving"

"And if I crash?"

"Then you die" I shrugged smiling when I heard the groan of frustration.

"I have no idea why I'm helping you honestly, you're insufferable "

"I'm also sleepy" I yawned laying down on the pavement.

"Dont you dare"

" 'don't you dare' " I mimicked laughing even though I was clearly the only person finding the situation even slightly amusing.

"I do not sound like that"

"Yes you do, with your british accent. Hey say the word tomato would you?"


''Oh come on please"

"I will not. Don't waste your breath"

"You're such a bore"

"And you're a fucking muppet, I'm pretty convinced you've lost the plot at this point. Oh lord, I'm driving sleep deprived at 3am to pick up a mad person" he groaned muttering the last part to himself.

"Excuse you, I'm perfectly normal"

"Of course you are"

"I really dont think I like you" I countered staring up at the dark blue sky.

"Well I'm thrilled we can finally agree on something"

"Would it really kill you to be nice? I thought it was like a rule. If you're blessed with an accent aren't you made to be nice?"

" You're delusional, and I'm guessing you're the one sprawled out on the floor"

"How did you know?" I gasped " are you psychic?"

"No I'm parked in front of you dumbass"

I immediately straightened up to face a sleek Bugatti Divo. A door opened up and out came a man. He was tall and was wearing sweatpants, a large t-shirt and a beanie. His lean muscular build stood out even in the large clothes. I could barely make out his face in the dark but I was hanging on to every detail.

"You wanna get up?"

In person his voice sounded even sexier. It was deep and groggy fitting his appearance perfectly. I nodded since I was unable to utter any words. My mistake was standing up quickly as the whiplash forced me back down.

"You're a mess" the British boy commented.

I glared up at him before slowly pulling myself up.

"Get in" he motioned entering his car, shutting the door and starting the engine.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the passenger side pulling the door open and sliding in. Once I was settled in the comfortable leather seat I couldnt control my awe. The car literally reeked of wealth.

"You alright? Usually it's hard to get you to shut up"

"Oh please" I scoffed turning to look at him. It was still a bit hard to make out his features perfectly in the dark but one stood out. "Your eyes"

"Are you shocked that I have eyes?"

"No they're...they're beautiful" I muttered something I'm the back of my mind telling me I'd stared into these same eyes numerous times "and so familiar"

"Shit" I heard him mutter before he faced ahead almost as if giving me the cold shoulder "they're just eyes muppet, now tell me where you live"

"I have no idea" I sighed leaning into the chair. It's comfy nature was literally begging me to sleep.

"Come on I really don't have time for this" he groaned however his complaints fell on deaf ears as I lost myself to sleep.

It wasn't until I heard the click of a door that my eyes fluttered open. I briefly acknowledged my position in strong arms with a smile before the nausea took over.

"I think I'm gonna be sick" I muttered.


Even in my delirious state, his voice still sent shrills up my spine. He rushed to bathroom before carefully placing me down on floor next to the toilet. My hair was already fone up in a bun do he wasnt forced to hold my hair up while I emptied my insides. He did however stay rubbing my back soothingly, a gesture would never had expected from him.

After I had heaved up all the contents of my bowel and rinsed my mouth, the sleep came back hitting me ten times harder with a splitting headache.

"You'll need to take off your gown, you got some vomit on it"

I ignored his voice and curled up on the cool tiles welcoming the sleep.

"Paris, come on just take off your gown"

When he realised I wouldn't budge he sighed.

"I promis I'm not a perve" I heard him mutter befor I felt my zipper sliding down and soft strong hands sliding the gown off my body carefully, shivering whenever his fingers made contact with my skin. I felt my shoes being taken off and was then lifted once again into strong arms. I cuddled into his chest enjoying the feel of his body.

Sadly, I was laid on the bed much too soon and I inwardly cursed the bathroom for being so close to his bed. Wait bed? Does that mean I'm at his house? Whatever, I'll worry about all that when I woke up. In the meantime, I enjoyed the presence of this stranger. I felt him pull the duvet over me gently tucking me in before his fingers softly brushed some stray strands of hair off my face.

"Goodnight Muppet" His voice came almost a whisper.

"Goodnight brittish boy" I silently muttered but his soft laugh told me he'd heard and that was enough to bring a smile to my face.



My body stretched on instinct as I slowly drifted back to consciousness. I sat up groggily noticing I was now alone in Jenna's bed. After reaching over to grab my phone, I laid back down ignoring the headache that was slowly getting worse.

I turned my phone on groaning when I noticed that i had slept the whole day away. I scrolled through my notifications before stopping at one that caught my eye.

"Beep? When did I activate my account?" I muttered opening it.

It was a message from a profile named Ethereal.

>Get home safe?

The message read. I raised a brow in confusion.

< Creep much?

After sending the text, I moved on to Instagram and scrolled through for a while before I received another notification from beep.

>I'm guessing you don't remember

<Look I wasn't raised to be rude to strangers so I advice you leave my dms

>How funny muppet, but I think you owe me thousands of roses, wine and gift cards after last night

"Last night?" I wondered before my memories hit me like a truck "oh shit..last night"

I clicked on Ethereals dp and sure enough there was a boy playing the guitar with a poster behind him.

"Shit" I muttered wondering what in the world I could possibly say to him.

>You still there muppet?

>I think this is the part where you thank me and promise me your first born son

I rolled my eyes at his message letting out a scoff.

<You wish

>Well I see your fingers weren't cut off by a Siberian drug lord

<What dark planet is your mind from?

<I dont remember you being this.. normal. Aren't you meant to be angry at like the whole world?

>You woke me up from a rather lovely nap, I think the hostility was to be expected

>you're not quite as loudmouthed as I recall

<Well you're still rude so there's that

I rolled my eyes deciding to ignore his jab and instead headed downstairs to get myself a glass of water and some aspirin.

"Look who's finally decided to join us" Jenna grinned from her position on the counter.

Rihanna was whipping up some pancakes and bacon even though it was 6pm.

"I feel like death" I sighed sitting next to jenna.

"Yeah, you look like it too" Rihanna chuckled ignoring my glare.

"Where did you disappear to last night?" I asked Rihanna who rolled her eyes.

"Both of you are impossible when you're drunk so I saved myself the trouble and stayed as far away as possible. Though I did catch you guys cheering about dick at some point"

Jenna and I look to each other with knowing smiles before bursting out in laughter.

"What about you?" Jenna asked.

I let out a heavy sight and summed it up as best as I could.

"That's so romantic " jenna gushed a huge smile etched onto her face.

"Sure" I scoffed remembering a certain brittish voice. The chills he sent through me still shocked me.

"So what's his name?" Rihanna questioned flipping the pancake.

"No Idea" I sighed replaying all the events in my head all over again.


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