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BEEP - 03

"Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege"



"What the fuck is this dude saying" Zac muttered staring wide eyed at the lecturer.

"Maybe you'd know if you actually attended any classes" I laughed making him roll his eyes.

"Classes were made to be skipped"

"Which college bum did you steal that quote from"

"Oh shush"

Not that I would ever admit it but Zac's presence was actually much appreciated. The slight bickering was a pleasant distraction from the lecturer droning on about Shakespeare. It also took my mind of Damien which was a plus.

Soon enough the lecture was over and everyone was filling out to go on with their daily activities. I made a quick to do list in my head as I cleared up my desk.

"Hey, do you have any plans today?"

"Greocery shopping then a movie date with my Mr.Henry." I turned slightly to give Zac a playful smirk

"You're seeing someone?"

"No, he's my adorable stuffed bear. Why?"

"Oh uhh.." seeing Zac awkward was definitely new and a sadistic part of me enjoyed watching him squirm a bit. "I was wondering if we could grab dinner"

By now I had turned to face him fully hoping the shock I'd felt wasnt fully portrayed on my face. Luckily, his eyes were trained to his Van's almost as though he was hoping they would somehow turn into a large rewind button. I dont blame him though, I would hit the button happily then race out of the class without leaving any chance for this conversation to happen.

As much as I wanted to say no the inner girl in wouldn't let me. I mean not gonna lie Zac was really easy on the eyes. He had Caramel blonde hair which was almost always tucked into a beanie leaving just the right amount out to frame his face and today was not exception. He had hazel brown eyes and his position as quarterback on the university football team did wonders for his physique.

I mean one date wouldn't hurt right?

'Why am I even considering this' I groaned to my subconscious.

'Well for starters he's hot and we need some action'

'I'm not a sex tool'

'Oh you will be'

I inwardly rolled my eyes pushing all the thoughts aside.

"I totally get it if you don't want to, I mean.."

"I would love to" I was able to choke out plastering on a smile i hoped was convincing. When his eyes met mine and his face lit up I was convinced just for a brief second that I could completely forget about Damien and even possibly have a future with Zac.

" uh..pick you up at 7?"

"No problem"


"What the fuck" I muttered laughing under my breath at the product I held in my hand.

The buzz of my phone distracted me and I reached for it a wide smile still on my face. Seeing the BEEP notification surprisingly didn't dampen my mood as i found i was in the mood for some conversation.

>Have you gone and died on me?

Rolling my eyes I realized I couldn't really text and perfectly analyze all the products so I connected my airpods and decided to call. I was pleasantly surprised when he picked after the first ring.

"Fun fact"

"Really?" He chuckled making me halt for a second. My drunken memories did not do justice to his voice damn.

"Are you just getting up?" I questioned trying to get him to say something, literally anything.

"I am actually" He yawned "Had a terribly long day"

"Is that really an excuse for you to get up at 5pm?"

"10 am"

"What? Dude your clock is so broken" I laughed surprised when he joined in.

"If only. Now before we go completely off topic, you were about to hit me with a fun fact"

"Oh yeah, did you know that they officially make donut shaped hamburger patties?"

"I did not, but please do tell me there's more to that"

"What more could there be dumbass, it's frigging burger patties shaped as donuts"

"I'm not convinced you fully understand the concept of fun facts"

"Hey! It was a fact and it was funny" I huffed placing the round patties back on the shelf not feeling as excited about them as I was a few minutes ago.

"If you say so muppet"

"You know, I remember you mentioning that muppet wasnt a friendly word"

"You'll get used to it some day"

"You say that as though we're going to become such good friends"

"I thought we were already" He gasped sarcastically "I mean I dont know about you, but this is the most I've contacted anyone on this app. And here I was making a friendship binding contract for the both of us"

"You should become an actor you know, shouldn't let all your dramatics go to waste"

"Funny you should say that" he chuckled making me raise a brow while reaching for a can of baked beans.

"You're an actor?"

" no definitely not" He stuttered making my brows know in confusion. " I just uh..I gotta go"

"Is everything okay?" I wondered pausing in my tracks.

"Yeah I just really have to go, bye"

I heard the long beep signifying the end of the call and picked up my phone to cross check. Deciding not to worry myself about it, I tightened my hold on my basket determined to finish shopping without stopping for unnecessary eye catching goods. As usual, that didn't work out to well for me.


"You're Kidding" Rihanna gasped joy evident in her facial features.

"I wish I was"

"Finally!!" Jenna screeched earning a shut up from her brother in the background. I had decided to break the news as soon as I got back home from grocery shopping since it would get the two off my back but jenna wasnt able to make it so we had to include her via facetime.

"I'm gonna go get dressed...alone" I announced giving the both of them a warning gaze before disappearing into my room.

I decided to put on some light makeup and packed my hair up into a sleek ponytail. A simple red bodycon gown adorned my body and was a pleasant upgrade from the sweatpants and large shirts. It had been a while since I had an actual reason to dress up.

I decided to use clear crystal jewelry in order to make it look more classy and dinner ready. By the time the doorbell rang I was putting on my shoes. It was an easy task as it barely took me a minute to finish up, grab my purse and race out.

"Holy shit! Where have you been hiding that body"

"Shut up Rihanna" I laughed wondering why Zac wasn't in. "Where's my date?"

"Still waiting outside if you're lucky enough?"

"You didn't let him in?" I gasped sending deadly glares her way.

"Not my job princess "

"I hate you" I groaned heading to the door and pulling it open.

"Hey" Zac had a boyish grin plastered on his face. He was in a pair of well fitting black Jean's and a button down shirt. His hair however was not confined to a beanie but was rather enjoying its freedom dancing with the wind.

"Hi" I smiled giving myself a pat on the back when I noticed it wasnt forced.

"You look beautiful"

"Thanks" by now a small blush was forming in "you clean up nice"

"Well I would hope so" he joked making me laugh. "Hope Mr. Henry isn't to pissed at the fact that I stole his date"

"He'll live" I smiled letting my thoughts once again breeze through the possibility of Zac and I becoming a thing.


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