My brother’s best friend

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Cole is a shy 23 year old who has the biggest crush on his brother’s best friend cliche right I know but his brother’s best friend is a guy. And he is the owner of the biggest company in New York, he is handsome,rich, arrogant name it all but he is also the biggest man whore and is very straight. Follow cole on this adventure and add in a few marriage arrangements but remember rulers can also bend.

Romance / Fantasy
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It's really hard to cope with your feelings when it's one sided. The thing is that I have a crush on my brother's best friend cliche right ?

I know but then there is a little difficulty I'm gay.

Well when I came out to my parents they were kinda relief, and I dunno why but turns out they made a bet about it and my dad owes my mom a new diamond ring, what can I say my parents are the best.

My brother jerry and his best friend jaiden have been besties for as long as I can remember. They became friends when Jaiden shoved his ice cream cone by accident and made his parent get him a new one. Ever since then they stuck together like rice. Jaiden has been like a second brother to me before I stared noticing that what I had for him was more than brotherly love. And that's how I fell in love with him

It was the end of junior high and my pal Stephen was throwing a party, it was full of boys and girls making out people playing spin the bottle and people getting wasted when I decided to play seven minutes in heaven. That was when I realized I made a mistake, I watched as the bottle was spinning and pointing at people

I was happy that it didn't point at me but my happy moment was short lived when it landed at camila and I

I let out a nervous chuckle as the football players started cheering and patting my back. I let out a smirk and took her to the closet when she came onto me I let out a manly squeak and confessed to her that I was gay manly I know. Please note the sarcasm.

To my surprise she was ok with it, she let out a smile and ruffled our clothes before we left after that experience we became best friends.

Camila and I stuck together like two peas in a pod, turns out she's a fan girl. It was no surprise when she started encouraging me to come out in school I was really nervous about the whole thing but I did it anyways I remember walking up to jack the star quarterback

"Hi jack you are one fine piece of meat and I want a bite out of you" I said as I let out a nervous chuckle I could see camila giving me a thumbs up from the corner of my eye , believe me when I say this it was all her plan jack laughed and said " Sure what time and date " I was not expecting that later on everyone knew I was gay and accepted me even the whole town I was so happy and jack and I became friends I don't know why I met my two best friends in an awkward situation.

It came like a shock to all of us when we found out that Jaiden lost his parents in a car crash none of us expected it jaiden was torn apart he spent his time locked up in his room crying it was so sad he only let Jerry and I into his room we tried to console him. It took time but he is better now, I didn't prepare for the time my brother and Jaiden went to college it was really a depressing year for me soon after I started loosing contact with Jaiden because he was focusing on his studies to make his own company

Eventually his company was a huge success it was no surprise that my brother was his second hand man and then they moved out of town and went to New York to build thier head quarters. Jaiden and I lost contact completely we became nothing more than Facebook friends. And that pushed me to read

and focus on myself and my studies to succeed .


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