My brother’s best friend

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Chapter 1

I rejoiced as we threw our square academic caps into the air

Today was a very good day for me ........

It was graduation day. Finally I get to leave college, Don't get me wrong, I love college and I'm graduating with a 1st class degree but seriously who isn't happy to leave school ?

I smiled as I hugged camila and jack we had been together through thick and thin, I'm so happy to have them as my besties.

I saw my mom, dad and my little brother Louis taking photos of us, with matching grins.

Today is a joyful day for all of us. "We made it" we cheered once again and stayed for the after party.

I didn't get anything to drink because I'm a light weight and because I was driving for tonight. I dropped camila off at her house, I looked at jack and smiled

"I-I-M g-gonn-a m-i-iss you little guy " he slurred as he wore a lazy smile "and I'm gonna miss you too big guy " I chuckled as I dropped him off at his house.

I got to my house and parked my car in the garage. I used my spare key to open the door, as I was walking up the stairs I saw my brothers room door open and Heard the sounds of little sobs, I rushed to his room and saw him crying on his bed, I reached to him and hugged him tightly

"Hey buddy what's going on ?, Why are you crying" I asked keeping calm until he stopped crying then got some wipes and helped him clean his face.

"I'm sorry for crying it's just that ever since jerry left us and started a company with jaiden it has been just you and I and very soon you are going to leave too" he said after cleaning up his face

"Don't worry Louis there is nothing to be sorry about don't worry I promise to keep in touch with you I will try my best to video call you 4 to 5 times in a week and I will get Jerry to call you too" I told him while hugging him again, he cheered up after that and kissed my cheeks.

I sighed as I went to my room to change out of my graduation suit into my comfy pajamas I took a glance at jaiden's picture and closed my eyes to sleep.

I woke up to streaks of sunlight weeping into my room from the window I groaned and stretched my limbs then got out of bed and went to the bathroom, when I got to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with water then threw a bath bomb and some body products when I got into the tub I sighed in delight I reached for my lemon scented shampoo and put som in my hair, when I was done I dried myself up and went to my walk in closet to get dressed, I decided to wear a skinny jeans, gray hoodie and a black and gray Jordan's

I smiled when I saw Louis and ruffled his hair, I went to the kitchen and saw mom cooking breaskfast I grabbed some bacon and toast to go then hopped into my car and drove off to camila's house.

When I reached her house I parked my car and walked up to her door, I ringed the doorbell. It took a while before camila's younger brother Tyler opened the door I said "hi" and gave him a bright smile but he groaned and slammed the door on me. RUDE, I know. 😒

I opened the door again and Walked to the kitchen greeting camila's mom ''hi mrs Evans" I hugged her while smiling. she is like my second mom

"Hello cole" she said then continued to flip the pancakes. I walked to the stairs where I saw Tyler in front of his room's door looking at me with a very nasty glare, I smirked and gave him a middle finger as I proceeded to walk to camila's room, he scoffed and entered the room closing the door with a bang.

If you are wondering about what just happened let's say that Tyler is NOT my biggest fan cause he's homophobic, that little piece of shit is 15 and thinks he can rule the world.

When I entered her room I saw her groaning and clutching her head in pain

I sighed and went to her medicine cabinet to get her an Advil and a glass of water

"There he is my knight in shining armor" she said as she took the pill and chugged down the water. "Go and get dressed we are going out for a fun day before I leave town and jack is tagging along " I said before stepping out of her room.

I hummed a random song as I went to the living room where I saw Tyler scrolling through his phone.

"See who came out of his nest" I said as I passed him.

"See who didn't have balls to come out to his parents" he said while flashing me a smile

"Touché" I said while grinning, I was about to give him another comeback when camila walked in and smacked his head

"What have I told you about saying mean things to cole ?" She asked while grabbing his ears ouch that must hurt

"Ow ow ow ow I'm sorry cole" he said while glaring at me. I smiled and pulled camila off him "don't worry cam he's not gonna spoil my day" I said while shrugging I didn't want to teach him a lesson because of my respect for his mom I flicked his forehead before running out of the house with camila on my tail and him screaming colorful words .

I hopped into the car and waited for camila to fix her seatbelt before starting the engines and driving off.

We decided to meet jack at a dinner, when we got there we saw him on his phone I ordered breakfast for camila and I before heading to the booth where camila and jack were sitting

"So where are we going today?" Jack asked while playing with his hands. I know that deep down they're gonna miss me cause we were all going on our separate ways

"Why don't we go to the new amusement park ?" I said while trying to brighten the mood

They both agreed with my idea. when the food arrived we ate in a comfortable silence.

When we finished our meal I left a tip as usual before we left the diner.

when we got to our cars we all kept on a big smile before letting out sighs.

I handed camila my keys "don't kill my baby"

I said while smiling then entered the car.

we were driving but we stopped at a red light when jacks car came up to us

"I bet 50 dollars I'm gonna race you there and win" I smirked and said "why not make it a 100" I said while looking out the window.

"Ohhhhh it's on"he said while leaving us behind camila smiled and stepped on the pedals

I had a sad smile on because I know I'm gonna miss this.

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