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Ilyssa Agnello had a hard time communicating with others because of mafia don dad. Because of a horrible childhood incident, she got traumatized by blood and touch. She hated it when anyone touched her. At a very young age, her dad had decided her future. Ilyssa was supposed to get married to Aldon Banu, the son of the enemy clan. Her life was a mess but when she joined her University her life changed. There she met, Jin Brown. Jin can not touch Ilyssa. But how will their relationship last with no intimacy?

Romance / Drama
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Ilyssa Agnello is the daughter of Cristiano Agnello. Cristiano has an enemy. He is Allen Banu. This enmity had caused a lot of difficulty to the Agnello clan as well as Banu clan. So, both the enemy thought of uniting by getting their kids to get married. Allen wanted his son Aldon to get married to Ilyssa. Even Cristiano wanted this to happen. So, when Ilyssa got engaged when she was nine-year-old. The adults wanted them to get married when they were eighteen. Ilyssa has seen many people die in front of her eyes. Her dad would kill anyone he liked. The police couldn’t do anything because both the clan had supported the ruling party of Ace country. Therefore, the police couldn’t really do anything because they were under the control of the congressmen.

After doing those killing Cristiano would fight with his wife. Ilyssa’s mom couldn’t handle it anymore and she committed suicide. When her mom died her dad was busy killing others. This made her hate the colour of blood. This slowly traumatized Ilyssa. Seeing all the killing she was scared of any sort of touch. She didn’t like anyone touches her nor wanted to touch someone. It was like having a type of OCD. She lost her mom when she was six-year-old.

Her stepmom wasn’t a good person either. Her life was a mess. Her dad wouldn’t love her and her stepmother would hit her a lot for her small mistakes. She had a son when Ilyssa was still six. She had to take care of her little brother. Her brother was named as Mark Agnello. He was good to Ilyssa. When Ilyssa heard that she was getting engaged she was scarred for many things. Thankfully her stepmom stood for her. She knew that Aldon wasn’t a good person. She just didn’t want Ilyssa to do any mistake in her teen life and later. Because she knew the dark things that she had been through. She didn’t want Ilyssa to end up with a man like her father. Cristiano liked Mark since he would be the one to take his seat in the future.

The only reason why Ilyssa wanted to live was to protect Mark from her dad. Because she knew that if her dad doesn’t like Mark anymore then he would abandon him or kill him and get a new heir. Aldon was never good to her. He would ignore, be rude and he already had a girlfriend. He would sometime try to misbehave with Ilyssa but Mark would come to protect her. If Aldon would come to fight with Mark then Ilyssa would try her best to protect her brother.

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