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Ilyssa was an average student. She wasn’t bad at studies nor too good at it. She is seventeen-year-old now and she is studying in the county’s one of the best universities. She can’t make any friends because she doesn’t want to. And most importantly the students can’t bear her behaviour. Nobody in the university knows that her dad is a mafia don. The university was a new life with new people but at home, it’s the same old life. The university is too far from her home so she started staying out. She was happy that she became free from her home but she worried about Mark. They would meet from time to time.

The first day in university. Ilyssa got up at six. She dressed up and left for the university. She entered her class. There were many students already seated. The elite students already occupied the front seats. She was left with no choices but to sit back. She sat near the window. She mused every minute. Aldon was a second-year senior. He would graduate next year.

The bell rang. Everyone was seated waiting for lecturer’s arrival. The lecturer came banging the door.

“Good morning students! I am your English lecturer, and my name is Albert. Let’s begin the self-introduction section from the first bench, shall we?”

Everyone introduced themselves.

“I am Ilyssa. Thank you.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes sir”


A girl approached her during the break.

“Hello. I am Sheen. You are Ilyssa. Right?”

“Yes. Sorry I don’t want to be friends with anyone”

Sheen got mad and walked away. Ilyssa was by herself all day. The girls were gossiping about boys. ‘Boys’ is the most boring topic for Ilyssa because she doesn’t trust the boys. The first day was boring as ever. Mark was waiting outside the college. He had a wound on his head. Ilyssa ran towards him.

“What happened? Did dad--”

“I fell”

“Oh, thank god”

“So how was the first day Ilyssa?”


“Did you make friends?”

“You know I don’t like to make one”

“Come on. It’s your college life. Try to start it afresh.”


They were talking as they were walking. Suddenly a vehicle passed to close to them. Mark held Ilyssa and was about to pull back when Ilyssa pushed Mark away.


“Do not touch me!” said Ilyssa terrifyingly. She started breathing heavily and was sweating a lot.

“Are you alright?”

“I am fine. Don’t come near.”

They walked to Ilyssa’s new house. Mark was feeling sad seeing his sister’s condition.



“Dad doesn’t want me anymore’’


’’I got kicked out. He saw me fighting with Aldon. Since his son in law is an asset. He doesn’t want his son any more. I am alone, sister. Mum has no choice but to stay there I am all alone now”

“How can you be alone? You have your prettiest sister. Remember you are never alone Mark. And dad is just…. lost. He still loves you.”

“What about you?”

“Me? I am just living to study, get good grades, good marks and try to get a good job so that I can leave dad.”


“Just kidding.”, said Ilyssa laughing.

The studious Ilyssa was ready to face the next day.

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