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Ilyssa was sitting alone. The homeroom teacher came to take attendance. Everyone’s name was called out. A student came running in.

“Jin is present sir.”

“You’re late!”


“Go get a seat”

He went and sat next to Ilyssa. As soon as the homeroom teacher went out a bunch of girls came running towards Jin. They began saying stuff that really irritated Ilyssa.

“Jin, why didn’t you come yesterday?” “I joined this college just to see you” “Jin” “Jin” All the girls kept blabbering crap. On the other hand, Ilyssa was in the edge of her seat preventing any sort of touch. One of the girls mistakenly touched Ilyssa’s hand.

“GET LOST”, scrammed Ilyssa. Ilyssa was devastated and was slightly sweating. The girls and Jin starred at Ilyssa. Lecturer entered and said the students to get back to their seat.

“You guys go to your place”, said Jin slowly.

The lecturer name was Mis Woods. She thought the Shakespeare literature. When miss Woods saw Jin she was surprised.

“So, the trouble maker finally came to the class”, said Woods smiling. She soon noticed Ilyssa at the edge of the seat. She looked like she was about to fall.

“Hey student, Ilyssa, right?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Why are you at the edge? Sit close. Jin doesn’t bite”, said Mis Woods jokingly. Ilyssa clearly hated Jin because Jin meant trouble for her life. She just starred at Mis Woods. “Come on”

Ilyssa was left with no choice but sit next to Jin. Mis Woods began her class. Jin came close to Ilyssa and whispered, “Sorry about earlier”

“Sorry, I can’t be friends with you”, said Ilyssa and began taking notes. Jin was flustered by her attitude. After some time the class ended and Ilyssa walked out of the class. She went out to get some fresh air. Then it was business classes after lunch. Jin tried to talk to Ilyssa but she ignored him hard at the core.

It was evening. Ilyssa wanted to fill her water bottle. On her way to the filter, she met Aldon.

“Hey B-I-T-C-H, how was your day”, asked Aldon laughing with his girlfriend and other seniors.

“Better than yours D-U-S-H”, said Ilyssa and gave a creepy smile. Aldon got angry. He came near her and held her cheek with one hand and said, “You have nerves to talk to me like that? Huh?”


Everyone around them began to stare.

“Hey, Aldon let’s go”, said one of the seniors. Aldon realized his situation and walked away. “I will take care of you later”, said Aldon angrily and walked away.

“He is my boyfriend. Have some respect BITCH”, said Aldon’s girlfriend.

Ilyssa was sweating profusely. Her heart was aching. She took one of her pills and after some time she began feeling better. But someone was carefully watching Ilyssa’s actions.

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