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Let’s have a quick recap. Cristiano Agnello, one of the strongest and powerful mafia dons, decided to marry off his daughter, Ilyssa Agnello, who’s also the protagonist to Aldon Banu whose father is Allen Banu, Cristiano’s enemy. Both the party decided to have this marriage to end their ancestral enmity for good. Ilyssa is supposed to marry Aldon when she turns eighteen, which is just a year away. Aldon is rude and so is his girlfriend Julia. Cristiano’s second wife, Lily Agnello gave Ilyssa a had a time when she was young but later, she became too affectionate towards Ilyssa. Lily’s son, Mark Agnello loves his sister a lot and wants to protect her and so does Ilyssa. Prof Albert has assigned Jin Brown, Ilyssa’s handsome seatmate as her partner for a project. It seems like Mark has someone that he likes. Ilyssa gets into trouble as she encounters Aldon. Jin saves the day by helping Ilyssa and takes her to the country’s tallest building, Brown Telecommunications. Jin just came to know that Ilyssa is the daughter of the famous don, Cristiano Agnello, and the fiancé of his senior who he just fought with to save Ilyssa, Aldon Banu.

“Yeah, that devil is my fiancé”, said Ilyssa looking at Jin and looked up in the sky.

“Oh my god! Aldon Banu is Allen Banu’s son, right?”

“Yeah.”, said Ilyssa sighing.

“Isn’t your dad and his dad’s ancestral enemies?”

“That’s why they want to marry us off. They want to end the enmity.”

“That’s a lot of trouble. He is probably the worst person on this planet. He’s sick.”

“I know. But no one can stop my dad.”


“That’s my life.”, said Ilyssa with a sad smile. She stayed quiet for a second and spoke, “Did you know about my condition?”


“I hate any sort of touch or skin-ship from anyone.”

“I realized that a few days ago. You look suffocated when someone touches you and you hate to make any relationship. So that was obvious.”

“I see, I never thought you out of all people would realize that.”


“Thanks for today”, said Ilyssa.

“Your welcome.”

“I need to go home. I am late.”

“I will give you a ride”, said Jin walking near the elevator.

“Thanks again.”

Jin gave Ilyssa a ride. “Are your parents home?”

“No, I moved out.”

“Oh… can I come in and have some water?”

“Oh sure. Follow me.”, said Ilyssa and opened the door.

Mark stood in the passage angrily in his PJs. “Where the hell were you, Ilyssa?!”

“Sorry, Mark. Please forgive me this time. We have a guest.”

Jin entered the house.

“Boyfriend? friend? Who is he, Ilyssa?”

“Hello I am Jin Brown”, said Jin getting his hand from his pocket and gave Mark a handshake.

“I am Mark Agnello, nice meeting you. You are the first human my sister ever brought home.”

“Ha ha a h. wait! Agnello? Sister? Are you---”

“We are half-siblings.”, said Ilyssa.


“Why what happened?”, asked Ilyssa reacting to his reactions.

“Oh my god, I thought you were dating him!”, said Jin laughing out loud.

“What?!”, screamed both Ilyssa and Mark.

“She’s my stepsister”, said Mark smiling.


“Let me get you some water.”, said Ilyssa and went to the kitchen.

Mark made Jin sit on the sofa until Ilyssa returns.

“Do you like my sister?”


“She’s never brought a human to our house! Does she like you?”

“I don’t know. I am her English lit classmate.”


Ilyssa came to the living room glancing her phone. “Here you go.”

“Thank you”, said Jin politely.

Ilyssa did not reply.

“Ilyssa? What happened?”, asked Mark.

“Dad, wants both of us at his place tomorrow”, said Ilyssa panicking.

“Calm down, Ilyssa. It’s okay”, said Mark.

“Is Aldon going to be there?”, asked Jin.

“How do you know Aldon?”, asked Mark. Ilyssa signed Jin not to bring up what Aldon did her today.

“He’s our senior. Ilyssa said to me that he is her fiancé”

“Oh… So, you know our family history?”, said Mark sadly. “Look our family has nothing to do with our decisions even if they do. But Ilyssa always makes her choices. So, you are free to approach my sister but keep it between you two. If dad finds out the first thing, he’s going to do is to grab a gun and aim both of you.”

“Mark! There’s nothing between us”, said Ilyssa glaring at Mark.

“Sure man, Thanks for the info”, said Jin giving Mark a fist bump. Jin walked towards the door. “I should be leaving, bye”

“Bye”, said both Mark and Ilyssa. Jin wore his helmet and got on his bike.

“Hey”, said Ilyssa.

“Yeh?”, asked Jin taking off his helmet.

“Don’t tell anyone about my family.”

“Sure bye”, said Jin and left.

“So, what is he to you Ilyssa?”, asked Mark with a suspicious tone.

“He is just my project partner! You, go cook the meal!”

“What’s the project?”

“Short story.”


Ilyssa had science classes in the morning and English lit during the afternoon. Ilyssa went to the cafeteria to have her lunch. She sat in a corner of an empty table near the window. She was having her lunch peacefully. Ilyssa was looking outside the window. Suddenly someone pulled her sleeve. “Hey, Ilyssa.”

Ilyssa got scared and shivered and looked in. “Aha, it’s you Jin. What are you doing here?”


“But why are you having it here?”

“The table was empty so I just sat there. It’s just a coincidence.”

“Seriously? Thanks for yesterday but I have no interest in you”, said Ilyssa bending her head towards Jin.

“Dude, we have a project to submit by the end of this month.”

“Oh… yeah, I forgot. I am sorry.”

“It’s okay.”, said Jin

“Do you have a plan?”

“I guess so?”

“Speak out.”

“How about a horror genre?”

“Umm... I don’t have any problem with the genre.”

“Great! We will go with the horror concept then!”

“Yeah”, said Ilyssa slowly sighing.

“What’s the matter?”


“Does it have to do with you meeting your dad?”

“That’s none of your business, Jin.”

“Sorry. But are you going?”

“No”, said Ilyssa and stood up. “It’s best for us to stay away from the audience. Everyone in the cafeteria is staring at us. Bye”

“What happened?”, asked Kenny coming towards Jin’s table.

“I don’t know. She hates my fans.”


“I need to make up with her! Bye Kenny!”, said Jin and ran to his philosophy class.

Jin tried to talk to Ilyssa but she ignored him completely. As soon as the class ended Ilyssa pretended to be asleep until Prof Albert arrived.

“Ilyssa?”, said Sheen tapping Ilyssa to wake up.

“What?!?!”, screamed Ilyssa shivering.

“I knew you weren’t sleeping!”, said Jin. Ilyssa frowned at Jin and looked at Sheen.

“Why are you so rude Ilyssa?”, said Sheen angrily.

“You are the one who touched me without consult!!”

“Whatever! I am collecting money for College Festa. All students are paying $20.”

“I am broke, I don’t have money and I joined the college by great difficulty so please go to the next student. Bye”, said Ilyssa and leaned on the dusk.

Prof Albert called Jin to meet him after the class. Ilyssa wondered why, but soon she didn’t care. She got ready to go home. She walked out. A lot of students were leaving already. Lots of cars and drivers opening the car door for their masters to get in. Ilyssa hated to see that. She suddenly got a call from Mark. She was searching for her cell. She saw a big car at the gate. Few men came out. The college students were thinking about who they were for.

“Who are they?”, asked Sheen to Stefany.

“I don’t know.”

“Madam, please get in”, said one of the men.

Ilyssa stared at them because they were looking at her.

“Is that for Ilyssa?”, asked Stefany getting shocked.

“Of course not. She said she was broke. I just don’t understand how those poor people enter our college.”, said Sheen.

Ilyssa got her phone. “Mark?”

“Ilyssa madam, please get in”, said another man.

Ilyssa got shocked. “RUN!”, screamed Mark.

Ilyssa ran towards the college and the men ran behind her.

“What’s going on?”, said Sheen getting annoyed. She followed them and Stefany and her other pets followed her.

Ilyssa ran inside the English lit building. She ran as fast as possible. But those men did not stop running at all. A bell rang and other class students came out. The place got crowded. Ilyssa was moving under hiding. Jin saw her through the window when he was in the department.

“Ilyssa”, called Jin. Ilyssa looked around she couldn’t see him.

“Let’s talk later”, said Jin to Albert and ran out to help her.

Jin ran into the crowd. There was a lot of pushing in the crowd. When he reached towards Ilyssa someone pushed Jin and he was about to fall on her. He almost fell on her.

“Ilyssa”, said Jin balancing.

Ilyssa saw Jin. She held his shirt and pushed him back. “What happened?”, asked Jin.

“My dad’s men are following me.”


“Yeah! I need to get away from them.”


“Right now!”

“Okay, what should I do?”

“Take me somewhere away from college.”

“Okay. Stand behind me and hold my shirt when we go out. Hide behind me.”


The crowd suddenly started making way for the Ilyssa’s dad’s men.

“Madam, please come with us”, said a man.

“She doesn’t want and you can force her too.”, said Jin.

“Who are you?”, said a man with a familiar husky voice.

“Ilyssa”, said Jin slowly. “You need to run.”

“Come out Ilyssa!”, said the husky-voiced man.

“Run Ilyssa!”, screamed Jin.

“Get rid of that kid!”, screamed the husky-voiced man. The men who followed Ilyssa approached Jin with a scary face to kill him.

Stop it! Stop it, Dad!”, shrieked Ilyssa, and she began shivering.

The husky-voiced man was none other than the most popular and strongest mafia in the country, Cristiano Agnello.

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