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“Wait, what? Ilyssa is Cristiano’s daughter?”, said Sheen.

“Oh my god! We were about to mess with the wrong person!”, said Stefany.

“Let’s go”, said Sheen and walked away.

Now let’s come to the important peoples, shall we?

“Come home Ilyssa.”, said Cristiano.


“Come home when I am being good. Mark is already in the car.”

“What did you do to him?”


“Then why would he be in the car?”

“Because I forgave him for fighting with Aldon.”

“Does that mean Mark can stay with you?”

“Yes, so do you. Why won’t you live with us?”

“Because I am sick of someone! Let’s go.”, said Ilyssa and walked behind her father towards the car. Cristiano stared at Jin. Jin smiled awkwardly and said, “Goodbye sir.”

Cristiano stared at him for that and then walked away.

In the Agnello mansion.

The Banu family and the Agnello family were seated in the dining hall for dinner. Cristiano took a glass of wine in his hand and said, “Welcome everyone for our children’s engagement.”

“WHAT!”, screamed Ilyssa.

“Yes honey, it’s our engagement today!”, said Aldon pretending to be happy.

“Lily, did you know about this?”, asked Ilyssa looking at her stepmother.

“I am sorry Ilyssa.”, said Lily wistfully.

“My God!”, said Ilyssa getting worried and sweaty.

“What’s the matter Ilyssa?”, asked Allen.

“Nothing that concerns you, Mr Banu?”, said Ilyssa rudely.

“Ilyssa! How can you speak like that to your future father in law!”, said Cristiano.

“It’s okay Cristiano, we can understand. After all, she lost her mother, Sera at a young age.”, said Candy, Aldon’s mother.

“Hey!”, said Mark getting angry. “Mom, don’t go there!”, said Aldon biting his teeth.

“Mark! Did your mother not teach you any discipline? Don’t you know how to talk to the elder? Huh?”, yelled Cristiano.

“Dad, I am sure Lily thought Mark better than you!”


“Let’s end with the engagement fast, Cristiano”, said Allen.

“Okay.”, said Cristiano getting embarrassed by his family. “Ilyssa and Aldon, children please come here.”

Ilyssa stood up and turned back to run away but two huge men were standing behind her to prevent her from running away.

“There is no running.”, said Cristiano. “Now come here!”

“Dad please don’t do this.”, said Ilyssa crying.

“Come here I say!”

Ilyssa walked towards her dad and Aldon. Aldon traced Ilyssa’s hand took her hand on his. Ilyssa was getting suffocated due to her touch phobia. Aldon was holding Ilyssa’s hand and was staring at Ilyssa with a gentle smile.

“Do it fast! Can’t you see she is hardly breathing!”, said Mark. Cristiano gave Mark a death glare. Aldon realized Ilyssa’s situation and put the diamond in her ring finger. Everyone began to clap except for Mark and Lily. Ilyssa stood still.

“Ilyssa put the ring in Aldon’s hand”, said Allen. Ilyssa was crying.

“What’s the matter, Ilyssa? Don’t you want to get engaged?”, asked Candy mockingly.

“No!”, screamed Ilyssa bursting into tears.

“Of course, she does. Ilyssa put the ring in Aldon’s hand!”

“Dad”, cried Ilyssa.

“Put the ring!”, yelled Cristiano. Ilyssa saw at Aldon. He stood there with a flirtatious smile. Ilyssa quickly held Aldon’s hand and put the ring in his ring finger and stepped back.

“You will get married the next day after your eighteenth birthday”, said Allen happily.

“What!”, screamed Ilyssa, Mark, and Lily.

“Yes! Are you excited?”, asked Candy. Ilyssa looked at her dad. He stood there happily waiting for a good reaction. Ilyssa saw her dad with disgust and walked to her room.

“Looks like she is shy”, said Cristiano laughing. “Take a seat Aldon. You will soon become my son too.”

“Sure, Mr Agnello.”, said Aldon and sat next to his mother Candy.

“I, Allen Banu, toast for our friendship”, said Allen holding his wine in his hand. Everyone raises their glass and drink the vine.

“You know what to do, Aldon.”, said Candy whispering into Aldon’s ears.

“Yes, mother”, said Aldon and stood up. “Mr Agnello, can I check on Ilyssa? I am worried.”

“Sure”, said Cristiano happily.

“I will come with you”, said Mark standing up.

“You sit here and have your dinner!” said Cristiano.

“Yes, Mark. Let the couple have their private chat. You tell me how are your University days going?”, said Allen.


Lily pulled Mark’s shirt and signed him to sit quietly.

Aldon went to Ilyssa’s room. Ilyssa was crying on her bed. When Aldon walked in Ilyssa saw him.

“What are you doing here?!”

“Why do you think?”, said Aldon closing the door.

“Get out!”

“No, I won’t!”, said Aldon taking off his coat.

“Then I will leave!”, said Ilyssa walking to the door. But Aldon blocked her way. “What are you doing, Aldon?!”

“You - tell - me”, said Aldon holding Ilyssa’s waist and pulled her close to him.

“Let me go, you bastard!”

“No, I won’t!”, said Aldon and began kissing Ilyssa forcefully. Ilyssa tried to push him away but he had got a full hold on her. Ilyssa cried even more but Aldon didn’t stop. Ilyssa noticed a vase. She grabbed it and hit it on Aldon’s head. Ilyssa ran near the door, but it was locked from outside. Candy locked the door.

“Ilyssa!”, screamed Aldon getting angrily.

Ilyssa ran near the window and jumped. Don’t worry, she didn’t die because her room was on the first floor. Aldon went near the window. By that time Ilyssa almost reached near the mansion gates.

Ilyssa opened the gates and ran out. She was devastated and was crying. Her lipstick had smudged, blisters on her feet, and had prints of Aldon’s hand on her arms. When she thought everything had ended, she saw Jin waiting out with his motorbike on another side of the road.

“Ilyssa!”, screamed Jin looking at Ilyssa. He ran towards her. “What happened?”

“Take me away! Please.”, said Ilyssa.

“Okay. Come with me.”, said Jin getting on his bike. Ilyssa got on his bike. Jin rode fast. Ilyssa way crying all the way thinking what just happened to her and thinking that she was going to suffer the same way her mother did. After riding pretty far, Ilyssa began to calm down. She now thought about Jin. He was always there for Ilyssa whenever she needed it. It’s not her fault, but it convinced her that it was a sign. A sign that Jin was always going to be there for her. She began to like Jin. After going many rounds Jin brought Ilyssa to her home.

“Do you feel better?”, asked Jin taking his helmet off.

“Yes”, said Ilyssa getting off.

“I won’t ask you what happened today, but I do want an explanation when you are ready.”

Ilyssa nodded. “Why are you always there to save me or help me?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because there is no one who dares to help me because of my father. There must be some reason why you are doing this.”

“I like you.”


“Yes, I like you. Give me a chance. Please.”

“Okay.”, said Ilyssa with a smile.

“That easily?”, asked Jin getting shocked.

“Good night Jin”, said Ilyssa and walked towards her house.

“Thanks for agreeing! I won’t disappoint you! Good night! Bye!”, said Jin happily and got on his bike. Ilyssa walked towards her house without turning back to hide her blushing face. She turned back when Jin left and smiled. “I hope I am not making a mistake.”, said Ilyssa smiling and walked inside.

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