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I am Jennifer Brown, and today I am going to tell you my messed-up life that I don’t want my son to know. But the story that I will be telling isn’t mine. It’s the story of the man I used to love, the pro psychiatrist, the father of my son, and also the cheat.

My family consisted of a lot of members but the most important member was my sister, Faith. Faith was three years older than me but I was more mature than her. I was mature minded since high school but my sister is still stupid. But I love her and care for her. Faith studied psychology and became a therapist. I still don’t understand how she became a therapist as she was so amateur. But Faith was a good listener. She was chasing a guy from her high school times but the guy was totally disinterested in her. She would come crying home every day that he ignored her. So, I would pray to god daily wishing that my sister would get the man she likes. But I guess I should have asked something better like finding my sister a better man or stopping me from sleeping with my ex.

My sister got a marriage proposal from the Cooper family. Coopers were known to have psychiatry as their profession. I was happy that my sister was getting married to a well-educated man from a similar position as that to my sister. When the proposed man came to our house, I wished that I wasn’t alive. The man was none other than my unforgettable ex, Max Cooper.

I and Max dated for four years but we broke up at the end of high school because Max was leaving the country to continue his studies. We broke up thinking that we can’t maintain LDR. He was the first man that I dated for so long and we were breaking up for a good reason so I couldn’t forget him. I would think of him while I would date other men. But this time it was no good. He was going to get into an arranged marriage with Faith. I wanted to tell Faith about Max and my past but she was not interested to listen. All she cared about was for the man who never loved her. My sister sent me to all the dates that she was supposed to go with Max. He still dressed the same. We were too familiar to have a simple date. One day I had gone to visit him at his hospital to talk about the marriage invitations but going there was a mistake.

I went to Max’s room. We sat on the office couch to talk about the invitations. We both were pretty close. He suddenly asked me if I had forgotten my time with him. I just couldn’t lie to him and said No. But what shocked me was when he said to me too. That’s when the gravity between us couldn’t keep us apart. We kissed and then made out in his office. It felt so good. But that was a mistake or should I reframe that it was a crime. I just slept with the guy my sister was getting married to. I felt like drowning myself. I had to confess to my sister about what I did. Surprisingly she didn’t care. When I went to talk to her, she was packing. She was packing to run away from home. My sister left with her bag pack and I didn’t even stop her. My parents were super mad at her.

A month passed my periods were skipping and I realized something was wrong. And something was wrong. I was pregnant with a child of my ex, my sister’s ex-fiancé, and who cheated on my sister. Max wanted to marry me but I didn’t. I could never marry Max. I raised the child on my own and Max paid for the child support. Soon Jin was born. I was happy that I had a wonderful son like Jin. But he was always distant from me. He spent more time with my dad’s brother. I didn’t know why but I was happy that he didn’t feel lonely. Jin would go meet Max on weekends. I was so proud of myself that I raised a wonderful son on my own. I didn’t need Max to help me. I am an independent strong woman.

A month before Jin’s first day at the university I got into a fight with Jin. Jin wanted to double major in business and English literature. I was okay with his choice in business but disappointed about English lit. So, I said him that he could never take English lit. The same day, I got a call from Faith. I was so happy and excited that my sister contacted me after seventeen years. But after listening to the call I wished that she had never called me. Faith was pregnant with a married man’s child. I lost it when she said that. It was the child of the guy whom she always chased. But that man was once divorced and already had a son with his second wife whose son was much older than my Jin. I am sure that that man knew that my sister was a crazy stocker and a naïve human. But still used her. This raged me and I wanted revenge.

In the end, I allowed Jin to join English lit. but on a condition, he had to chase a girl. The pretty girl with attitude, Ilyssa Agnello. My sister had a son named Sam. What maddened me was that she remained next to that freak. The crazy mafia Allen Banu. I decided to seek revenge by destroying his son’s wedding plan.

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