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The prom king and queen competition began. There was a lot of competition before the final competition of the prom. Julia had made her friend make all sort of troublesome games for Jin and Ilyssa. Ilyssa and Jin had only one moto ‘Let's do our best and not give up!’ The first game was the paper card game. A paper card will be kept between the couple’s mouth and pass across all the obstacles ahead. Both Ilyssa and Jin balanced well and successfully passed the competition. A lot of the contestants failed. Aldon and Julia almost made it to the end. But Aldon got distracted seeing Ilyssa talking happily with Jin. He fell from the track and the paper card fell.

“Aha”, sighed Julia helping Aldon. “What distracted you?”

“Nothing”, said Aldon and got up having a last glance at Ilyssa’s happy face. Julia followed Aldon’s sight and realized that Aldon got distracted due to Ilyssa. She goes mad. But her next game was her ace card. The Paper Dance Game.

Julia and Aldon were rocking it. Jin and Ilyssa weren’t exactly dancing. They were barely managing to stand on paper. It was super hard to balance on the paper without physical contact and just by holding each other’s clothes. The paper folded and folded and folded and Jin and Ilyssa was in the edge. Both were wearing white that day. ‘Stay Tonight’, by Chungha was playing in the speakers. The song stopped for the participants to fold the paper. Jin folded the paper and looked and Ilyssa. They looked at each other helplessly. They tried to balance but Jin was about to fall back so he held Ilyssa’s shirt for help but Ilyssa fell on Jin as Jin fell on the way. Ilyssa rolled right and Jin rolled left quickly. Ilyssa was hyperventilating. Jin removed the paper bag from his pocket and gave it Ilyssa. Ilyssa stabilized. And hence they lost.

Jin was taking Ilyssa home, as usual, that day. Ilyssa was really sad.

“I’m sorry that we lost because of me.”, said Ilyssa.

“Hey! It's not your fault that we lost. We tried our best. And I fell first.”, said Jin.

“But if I didn’t have haphephobia in the first place then we could have made it.”

“It’s okay Ilyssa. Not everything can be controlled.”

“Yeah. But still, I’m sorry. I have no clue how we will dance for the prom tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry we can do something.”
“What can we do? I can’t touch nor you can touch me. We can’t dance by holding cloths.”, said Ilyssa getting frustrated.

“I know that too”, said Jin sadly. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Watching Vampire Diaries.”

“Oh wow! I love that series. Which season are you in?”

“Just in the beginning few eps of the first season. Why do you ask?”

“I have a plan!”, said Jin getting exited and opened YouTube. He searched for the Miss Mystic Fall Dance. It was a dance with so physical contact. It was classy and romantic. Jin showed the video to Ilyssa.

“Wow! What is this?”

“Episode 19 in season 1.”

“Seriously! Why are you giving me spoilers?!!”

“Just look at the dance! No touching! We can do this for our prom.”

“Don’t you think people might laugh at us for doing this??”

“Why should we care about what others think. The only thing that matters is what we truly feel.”

Ilyssa continues to see the dance. “Okay. I am okay with it as long as no one laughs at us.”

“Trust me! No one would dear to laugh at you, especially.”, said Jin funny.

Ilyssa laughed and said, “I guess my dad’s few seconds of presence in the campus has scared the shit of all the students.”

“That’s for sure!”

“Let’s do this! I can see that you want to do this so I would want it to happen to you. That’s the least I can do to you.”

“Thank you! But Ilyssa has some confidence. If you say ’that’s the least, I can do for you’ it feels bad.

“Sorry”, said Celia sadly.

“Don’t be. You shouldn’t be saying sorry all the time Ilyssa. Come on! You are stronger than this. You are a power ranger, with a fierce aura around her. What if your fans come to know that you are always sorry?”

“I don’t know whether it was an insult or compliment, but thanks!”, said Ilyssa laughing.

Jin crashed at Ilyssa’s place that day. They practised all night. Jin stayed at Mark’s room. All the three wore face mask before going to sleep. Mark took a leave from his college for the day to cheer for Ilyssa at the prom.

Jan 29th The Final Competition.

Ilyssa dressed super pretty and elegant. Even Mark has never seen the elegant side of Ilyssa. So, the entire crowd was shocked. And when Ilyssa and Jin danced with no touching, the crowd was shocked.

“What the hell”, said one of the students. “Are they dancing the Miss Mystic Fall Dance?”

“They are a super-hot and crazy couple!”, said another student.

“They are amazing!”

“I am going to vote for them!”
“I am voting for Ilyssa and Jin.”

All the couples and the students were hyped up. Julia and Aldon did a fantastic, romantic and beautiful performance. Many of the students also wanted to vote for them as they were the winners for two consecutive years and they were a popular couple. The voting began. And the result was in the hand of the university director.

“….and the winner is”, she said stopping in between. “The prom King and Queen of this year are, Ilyssa and Jin!!!”

Ilyssa and Jin were super happy. They received their crowns. They began the party by their opening dance. After a few minutes, other couples joined and most of them dance like Jin and Ilyssa as they were Vampire Diaries fans. Julia and Aldon were mad at each other that they lost the crown and that they lost to their enemy Jin and Ilyssa.

While dancing Jin suddenly noticed two rings in Ilyssa’s ring finger.

“Why are you wearing two rings?”, asked Jin. Ilyssa didn’t reply and just smiled and took another ring from her gown pocket. “What is it?”, asked Jin getting surprised.

“What do you think?”, asked Ilyssa with a bright smile.

“Proposal?”, asked Jin getting exited.

“Yeah. Bu something more than that.”, said Ilyssa biting her lips. She put the ring into Jin’s tux coat. “There are a lot of people around. I will tell you later.”

Jin was excited for the party to end. Jin didn’t come in his bike, as usual, that day. So, he walked Ilyssa home with Mark as it was past eight.

“When is your birthday?”, asked Ilyssa. Mark began looking a bit worried.

“13th of April. Yours?”, said Jin.

“14th Feb.”

“Valentine's day?!”, laughed Jin.

“Yeah!”, said Ilyssa laughing. “And do you know what is on the 15th of February?”

“Let me give you a hint. It's going to happen for the first time and that too this year.”

“What is it?”, asked Jin.

“Ilyssa!”, screamed Mark, to stop Ilyssa from breaking Jin’s heart.

“15th Feb is the day when I will be marrying Aldon.”

“What?!”, screamed Jin.

“Yes. This was decided that day on our family meeting.”, said Ilyssa.

“So why did you give me the ring?”, said Jin sadly.

“She did what?”, asked Mark. “Are you serious Ilyssa! DON’T BE THAT HEARTLESS!”

“It’s not like I want to! He has the right to know. I am just letting you know this Jin that I am SUPPOSE to marry Aldon next month. But I love you.”, said Ilyssa breaking into tears.

“Am I getting invited to my girlfriend’s marriage?”, asked Jin looking hopeless.

“Of course not! Ilyssa, what the hell!”, screamed Mark. Mark cared for Jin as he has seen that Jin has helped Ilyssa a lot during her hard times.


“WHAT!?!!”, screamed both Jin and Mark.

“Are you NUTS?!”, yelled Mark.

“Shut up!”, said Ilyssa glaring at Mark. “Tell me, what is your reply? Do you love me to an extent to marry me this fast?”

“Won't he be still a minor?”, asked Mark.

“I was born year earlier than your sister”, said Jin. “Ilyssa, what do the rings mean?”

“Engagement rings”, said Ilyssa with a blank face.

Jin took the ring out of his tux and put it into his fingers.

“I love you, Ilyssa. I always intended to be with you forever but I didn’t think that you would want the commitment this fast. Do you love me so much that you are ready to go against your family? DO love me enough to stay with me forever and forget your engagement with Aldon?”

“What are saying? Forget engagement with Aldon? Seriously? Why bring him up? I hate that dude!”, said Ilyssa.

“I accept your proposal!”, said Jin.

“WHAT?!”, screamed Mark. “Are you two drunks?”

“No, we aren’t.”, said Ilyssa with a bright smile.

“I love you”, said Jin.

“I love you”, said Ilyssa.

“I hate you two! What the hell! How can you two decide such an important thing without discussing with the elders?”, yelled Mark.

“All that matters is how we feel”, said Ilyssa.

“Yes.”, said Jin smiling.

“But don’t worry I will let Lily know about it. I want you and her to be my witnesses.”, said Ilyssa.

“I will tell my mom.”, said Jin.

Mark looked sad.

“Are you unhappy with my decision?”, asked Ilyssa looking at Mark.

“No, of course not Ilyssa. Your happiness matters the most to me. But this seems to fast.”, said Mark.

“Don’t worry Mark. I know I am doing right! And I will always love you.”, said Ilyssa smiling. Mark finally smiled.

“Love you too sis. But I hope you have made the right decision like all the right decisions that you make.”

“Yes, I have”, said Ilyssa confidently.

“Cheer up Mark! Don’t worry I will take good care of your sister!”, said Jin putting his hand on Mark’s shoulder.

“I am more worried about you!”, said Mark laughing.

“HEY!”, screamed Ilyssa.

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