Love and Lies

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She needed to start a new life, however, all the lies she discovers during her new adventure will make her doubt all the love she received. Will she be able to recover after all the suffering she went through? Will the love heal her or will it make her detest this feeling?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Bells, church bells. This was the first thing that I heard when I woke up. I knew that this day would come and I waited it with all my heart. Emilio was a wonderful man and I earned to be his wife. Thinking about this beautiful day and all the feelings, I had inside made me forget about the nightmares I had for the last months.

“Bella, sweetheart, are you decent?” Anna’s voice brought me back from my thoughts.

Anna was one of the maids in Emilio's house that was more like a friend than a servant. She was young and beautiful with her brown hair and big blue eyes.

“You can come in.”

“Honey, the makeup artist is here.” She said entering my room.

“Good, because with the lack of sleep I got these months I need Andrea to make me look decent” I replied laughing “Tell him to come in, and please ask Emilio to be ready, I don’t want to get late to my own wedding.”

“Sure! Be right back” she said smiling at me.

When Andrea came in he was smiling and I saw mischief in his eyes “Are you sure you wanna get married? I mean I saw the beautiful man that will be your husband, but I was hoping you will break his heart and I will be there to comfort him. He is indeed one gorgeous type of masculinity.”

“You know me. I will not be able to let him go. So, go find yourself another man, that one is taken.” I said joking.

Andrea was the most successful makeup artist in Italy and a wonderful friend and man. However, how you already know, the most wonderful men are taken or gay and he was the second. The moment he met Emilio, he was always joking around and telling me how lucky I was to get a piece of that man. In addition, it was true, but not because of his looks, but because of his soul, because of his personality. He was indeed wonderful and I was a lucky bitch to have him love me.

The only problem in all this mess that called my life is that until today I still could not manage to love him the way he deserves. This was the hardest part in my life. He deserved to be loved like that, however, in my heart; there was something that could not just let me love him like that.

“Are you alright?” Andrea’s question brought me back to earth.

“Yeah” I replied, “I am excited and a bit nervous, that’s all.”

“Okay, my precious. Let’s make you look more beautiful than you already are.”

Two hours later Andrea was ready to show his masterpiece. When I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror, I could not believe that I was still looking at my own reflection. I saw a stunning woman looking back at me.

“Thank you!” I said smiling at him.

“You have nothing to thank me for. Go get dressed, I will be here waiting.”

I went to my walk-in closet and I took my wedding dress. It was a simple long dress with bare shoulders made of white sparkling material. I loved it because it reflected the simplicity of our connection with sparkle inside. I dressed and took a final look at myself before re-entering my room.

Andrea was watching me with a dreaming expression and said “Sweetheart, if I wasn’t gay I would snatch you from this wedding. Forget the part where I said you are lucky, in reality, he is a lucky bastard to have you.”

“Thank you. I think it is time to go.” I said feeling anxious.

I put my hand in his and as we were about to exit the room I heard the most scaring sound I could hear. Boom, boom, boom. Gunfire and someone was yelling. I started running to the door while Andrea stood there in shock. As I reached the door and opened it, blood covered my dress and a body went falling to the ground.

“Miss Bella, are you alright?” one of Emilio’s man asked me.

“I am fine. Where is Emilio?” I asked panic feeling my body as I started shaking. “Emilio!” I yelled.

“He was in his office, miss. Let’s go!” the man said.

As we headed to the office I felt like something was wrong, but I just wanted to hope that everything will be okay as soon as I will be in his arms. The door to the office opened and as soon as I entered I smelled the blood. On the desk was Emilio’s body filled with blood.

“Emilio!” I yelled heading over to him “Emilio, you bastard, you promised! You cannot do this to me! Answer me, damn it! ” I was sobbing and punching him, but there was no answer, no breathing and I just fell to the ground letting darkness overtake me.

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