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Gay Indeed—SAMPLE

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CH. 3 ☆ Tobias

I stay there, looking deep into his eyes, but he doesn’t say a word. I start getting up understanding that this guy is just as homophobic as my family.

“Mr. Spencer? Where are you going?”
“It’s ok sir, you don’t need to try to disguise your disgust. I do appreciate the meal, though.”
“I don’t understand.”

"You! I told you I’m attracted to men and you just gave me that look... the look everyone gives.”

“Actually Mr. Spencer, I was merely waiting for you to tell me the part that would make me not hire you. I don’t see how being gay would stop you from doing physical tasks such as pool cleaning, so I see no reason for it to be an issue. Plus... is not like you are attracted to all men.”

"Finally! Someone who understands it!
So, you won’t be disgusted to have me around?”
“Mr. Spencer, you have been living around the wrong crowd. It’s 2020, I’m pretty sure everyone is a little bi at this point.”

Does that include him?
Sure, Tobias...
like you can be that lucky.

So, I limit myself to be grateful and move on, “thank you so much, sir! I will work as hard as I can to prove I’m not lying.”
“It’s OK Spencer... I already believe you, but I’m glad you want to prove yourself. Now, come on! I have a few errands to run and then we can head home so I can show you around and explain all I will need help with.”

I walk behind him as he talks, and all I can think of is that I could help him with anything he needs. Shit! Even if he doesn’t need it, I’ll help him. The man is hot and to quote my celebrity crush, Adam Levine... the man is hotter than a Southern California day.

-Five months later-

You’d think that being bisexual means you get to have twice the options.

You, my friend, would be very wrong!

Being bisexual means that you get to be twice as jealous when you see a fine specimen like my boss, groping one of his latest conquests all over the place when he thinks no one is watching. Voyeurism is no joke, there is like... porn about it and stuff.

“Spencer! I don’t pay you to daydream,” I rolled my eyes at him. Only because I know he is joking of course, “I don’t understand. You make me call you Harvey, but insist on calling me Spencer. Makes me feel like I’m about to be scolded by my professor.”

And fuck...
cue the hot professor fantasy.

“Ok... Tobias. Happy?” I nod and smile. “Perfect, now come on. We are late for lunch.”

One of the many perks of working for Harvey is that I get to also be his friend. We’ve developed a nice friendship that I would appreciate even if I didn’t want to ride him senseless.

“One of these days, you’ll have to tell me what it is that you are always thinking about.”

“Believe me, you don’t want to know.” Another perk? A dangerous one too is that the man has no problem with me flirting with him. And ok, he thinks I’m always joking because apparently in his interpretation of gayness, we can’t behave like anything other than a dog in heat when we are around someone we feel attraction for. “Yeah, yeah! Whatever.”

“So listen,” he says, “I invited someone you might like, to have lunch with us.” I slammed on my brakes so hard, I’m sure my shoes will need new soles. “You set me up? Wait! With a man or a woman?”

“A man, a friend of my brother. I don’t know if he is your type though. From the pictures my brother showed me he looks kind of... he is...”
"Oh just say it! I already know you are not homophobic.”
“Ok, ok! So the way to describe him, according to himself, is ‘flamboyant’. Is that ok?”

I’ve never dated a feminine man before so I don’t even know how to answer that question.

“I guess I’ll have to see him first.” But considering my type comes in the form of a very manly, raw, and muscular Harvey Breevort, I doubt this dude we are meeting, will do it for me.

We arrive at one of my boss’s restaurants and a table is already set and waiting. It’s been five months since I met him, and even now that I’ve managed to have a closet full of presentable clothes, I still feel like I don’t belong around him. Oh! And guess what? I’m still walking around like a bum. My parents refuse to talk to me, to take my calls, so I’ll have to actually go there.

“About time you showed up! What took you so long?”

Jared, Mr. Jared ‘Just as hot as Harvey’ Breevort. He is three years older than Harvey and although he takes his business pretty seriously, he is super laid back.

“Spencer here, took his sweet time getting ready.”
“Oh, whatever! Hi Jared, nice to see you again.”
“Good to see you too Toby.” Ugh! I made the mistake of telling him that I hate being called Toby, now that’s all he will call me.

“Anyway! Toby, this is my friend, Shane Bennett. Shane, this is Tobias Spencer, he works for my brother.” I turn to the guy and see a cheeky grin followed by, “hello there! Nice to meet you.”

Ok, so it seems as my taste has a pretty wide range, because yes, this Shane guy is cute as hell.

“Hi! Nice to meet you. You eh... how do you know Jared and Harvey?”
“I was a server programmer for Jared a couple of years ago. He dated my sister for a while and it didn’t work out... he got me on the breakup.” I laugh and we fall into casual conversation, all four of us.

I can’t help but notice Harvey’s demeanor and how on edge he looks. Is there something wrong with the restaurant? I mean, it would totally make sense if he is watching the operations and wants to fire someone during lunch... I think. Or could it be that last chick he was dating?

She was annoying as shit,
so if the problem is that she is gone,
I will be celebrating.


I didn’t think Tobias would be attracted to this guy at all... they don’t even look good together. I mean, he is attracted to me. He does his best to hide it and even though it’s not reciprocated, I don’t mind that his cheeks get all red and flushed every time I swim in my pool.

Does it make me a dirt-bag that I swim in a Speedo most of the time? Probably. But seeing him lose all words while trying to hide that he likes me, is too damn funny.
Which is why it pisses me off that he likes this guy that looks so much different to me. He should be consistent right? If he likes muscles then he should go looking for someone that looks like me.

Not me, definitely not me!

But he should at least... look like me. Shouldn’t he?

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