Dreamer Of Wings

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Ch 2.Little Gems

Raelynnn’s POV

With the bag full of chocolates,I started to walk.

I could have hailed a cab but I decided walking was much better since I really need to relax my muscles and it’s only a 20 minutes walk from my home.

I am really feeling very happy to get out of my house.Nothing can beat my good mood right now not even the car that has just splashed water all over me.I was humming a song to myself not even caring the strange looks on the people face.

I saw a couple a few feet away from me.They were holding hands and smiling at each other.Anyone could say that they are so in love with each other.

Awww, they look so cute together.

I wish for them to have their own happily ever after.They will make such cute babies, with his brown curly hair and her pale nature I’m sure the babies gonna be adorable.

I let out a sigh.How I wish to have someone like that. How I wish for someone to look at me the way he look at her.I don’t want him to be a perfect guy,even if he was imperfect,even if he’s not the best guy out there,but if he loves me I will love him with all of my heart.

Who am I kidding?

I know that’s way far for me to happen.I mean,I am currently in college and to this day,no boy or girl has even tried to start a conversation with me and that’s saying something.I have always wondered why anyone don’t want to be friends with me,but I guess outer beauty matters.The only time someone speak to me is to ask for homework or to do projects for them.As the pathetic excuse as I am,I will do the projects for them hoping they want to be my friends.But of course they just ignore me after they get what they want.It was like that all these years of my life. So I never tried to make friends because I know they will discard me after they get what they want.

I let out a humourless laugh at myself remembering the friends I had.

I used to have a lot of friends when I was in middle school,even though I was the same girl at that time,quiet and reserved.But it all changed when we start to reach puberty.During these time,our body started to transform.My friends started to become more pretty,they started to have more feminine body,you know,started to grow more boobs,slim waist.They became more and more feminine while I,on the other hand,started to become more and more ugly.I started to gain weight just by eating air.Pimples started to grow on my face.As days passed,my friends started to attract a lot of attention from boys and soon they started dating.So,it’s actually became a shame for them to walk with me.The pretty girls in school walking with an ugly girl!So, they started to ditch me.

Soon they no longer waited for me at lunch,after school,no longer talk to me.At first I thought, what have I done and where have I gone wrong.I tried to make conversation with them but they avoided me.Later, I realised that they no longer want me as their friend.They don’t want to hurt me by saying, they don’t want to be my friend anymore directly to my face but I guess that will hurt less than being avoided as a stranger.

I started to distance myself from them and in the end,I became lonely with no one to talk to,with no friends.I get used to that,but what hurts more than that is when the same girls who used to be your best friends start to bully you,calling you names,pulling pranks on you.

Still in my thoughts,I hadn’t even realised I reached my destination, ′little gems ’.It’s a daycare for children whose parents are so busy they don’t even have time to look after their children.

I found this daycare online,asking for volunteers.When I saw that the daycare is just 20 minutes away from home,I decided to join.I asked my parents about it and of course,they didn’t allow me by saying that working at a daycare is a low-key job.They forbid me from going there.But that didn’t stop me,every weekend I get out of my house by saying I’m going to the Central Park and come here.

I pushed open the doors and enter into the colourful world of Daycare.

It feels like home.

I let my gaze wanders to the wall filled with different colours,pictures.The shelves filled with colourful toys,paintings.I felt a small smile forming on my lips.

“Rose,I’m here.“I called out.

“Honey, you came.” She engulfed me in a warm hug.

It definitely feels like home.

Mrs Rose Becketts is an elderly woman in her late 40s.She and her husband George loves children so much.But fate has a cruel way of playing games.They don’t have any children.They are married for 20 years now,still they didn’t able to conceive a child.That’s why her husband got her a job in the daycare.

She is shorter than me,so I have to bend a little to hug her.I just held her tight as if her hug is comforting me from everything.My mom never hugs me saying that it’s an unlady like behaviour. So for me, Rose’s hug is everything.

She just patted my hair and told me,” I thought you are not coming today.”

I pulled back from her and said,” Of course I will come.After all,this feels more like home.”

She gave me a sad smile.She knew about my life at home,about my parents, about I shouldn’t be here.It took a lot of convincing from me to make her allow me to come here.

That’s when I realized she’s holding a big red ribbon.I looked around and saw the walls were decorated in balloons and ribbons.

The two people other than Rose working here are decorating the walls,doors.

“What’s this? Is today anyone of the kid’s birthday?”

“Oh,no honey,Haven’t I told you that we were looking for a sponsor for the Daycare?”

“Yes.” I’ve been trying to ask my dad about it.

“Well,Scott corporation has agreed to sponsor.”

“Really, Scott Corp...?”

Scott corp is the biggest company in our country.So Scott corp sponsoring little gems which is not the biggest daycare is really shocking.

“Yeah even I was amazed too and today the CEO is visiting the daycare.”

“The CEO of the biggest company in our country is visiting himself.Really, Rose I’m not that dumb.”

“I’m not kidding.He is really visiting today.That’s why we are decorating the daycare to make it a little bit more attractive.I had heard that he is a very nice man.”


I really couldn’t believe it.I mean the CEO himself is visiting..?

Aiden Scott,the CEO of the Scott Corp is a young man of 25.He is known for his intelligence, good looks,charming personality and kindness.He became a billionaire at a very young age.People like him won’t even consider sponsoring a daycare.Then why the heck is he visiting?

There are rumours saying that he is as cunning as a fox.Maybe,this is a part of his business games.

“Raely,would you mind helping me with the kids? The other two are busy decorating and the little devils are taking this opportunity to make a mess.”

I chuckled at the thought of Rose running to catch the kids who can easily outrun her.I walked with her to the kids room and just as I enter the room a paper plane landed on my head.

I looked over to the room.You can’t even call it a mess,it’s a freaking dumpster.

Kids were running here and there.Some of them fighting for toys.Some of them colouring the... wall?

“Hey kids,look who is here?” Rose announced.The kids all turn to look at me.


They all dashed forward and run to me.I widened my hands and sat on my knees.

There are 20 of them and they all engulfed me with their tiny hands.I really feel suffocated that I can’t even breathe.But I didn’t even care.I love them so much.I hugged as much as I can with my two hands.

“Ok ok, it’s enough.You are going to suffocate her if you don’t let her go.“Rose said as she start to pry tiny arms from me.

I just chuckled at their tiny cute little pouts.

“But Rose,we really like Raely.You are just angry that we don’t like you,right?“Oliver one of the naughty kids said.

Rose faked a look of hurt and said with a sad expression,“You don’t need me,right? OK, I will just tell Santa that you are bad kids and you don’t need presents for Christmas.”

Oliver’s eyes suddenly widened.“we were just kidding.we really like you.We were just saying that to make fun of you.”

“Oh,Really?“Rose asked with a hint of smile.

“Really...I am not lying.Now, you won’t tell Santa that I am a bad kid,right?This christmas,I am wishing for that new toy car,which I seen onTV.I really,really,want that.“He asked faking a sad face. He really looks like as if he is going to cry any second.He is really a cheeky little thing.

“Ok,I won’t tell Santa.”

He suddenly let out a huge sigh.I can’t help but chuckle at their cuteness.

“Guess what I brought you?” I swing the bag of chocolates in front of them.Their eyes lit up like it’s Christmas.

“Give me, give me....” they all raised their hands.I gave them each chocolate.

“Raely, I’m your favourite kid right I need two.”

“Raely, he’s a bad boy you don’t need to give him chocolate.”

“Raely, will you give me one more please?”


I can hear them shouting my name,saying excuses so that they can get more chocolate.I just laughed at their tactics to get more chocolate.These are really little devils.

Soon my bag full of chocolate is now empty.Kids were all eating the chocolate no longer interested in what they were doing.I looked around for one particular little boy.He was nowhere around.

I asked Oliver who was busy trying to lick the chocolate on the wrapper.“Oliver,have you seen little Jay?”

“He’s there Rory.“He said,pointing behind a shelf.

“Hey, my name is Raely, not Rory.”

“I know.But it’s really easy to call Rory”and he goes back to licking the wrapper.

Cheeky little thing.

I get up and went behind the shelf.

The wall behind the shelf was filled with pictures, frames,paintings and Jay was looking at a picture with a sad expression on his face.He hadn’t noticed I was here.

Jay is a cute little five year old.I call him little Jay because he is really little for a five -year-old. He’s a very quiet and shy boy.When I first came here, he was the only one who doesn’t talk to me.It took a lot of time and effort for him to talk to me.Now he’s inseparable and he’s very attached to me.I always had a soft spot for him maybe it’s the fact that he resembles me a lot.A little boy who is in desperate need for love.

“Hey, little Jay.”

He suddenly turned and a huge smile formed on his face.


He came running towards me and wrapped his cute tiny hands around me.I smile at him and pick him up.

“I missed you little Jay.”

“I missed you too Raely.”

“Look what I brought you..”

I gave him the chocolate I bought especially for him.

“Little Jay, don’t show it to others...OK ? Your chocolate is bigger than them since you are my favourite.Now we don’t want them fighting over it..right?”

He nodded his head furiously and hid his chocolate in his pocket .

“What were you looking at, Jay?”

He showed me a picture,of a mother and son playing.

“His mom is playing with him.Why not my mama is playing with me,Raely.....?” he asked me with a sad face.

I can feel my heart hurt for him.He’s only a child.But he has already step his foot in to the world of loneliness.His parents are so busy that they don’t even have time for him.

I don’t get it.What’s more important than their own child?

I just hugged him close to my chest and stroked his hair.

“Honey,it’s just that your mom is busy.She will play with you when she gets time...okay?”

The same excuse that I have been saying to him.

“That’s what my mom tell me every time,but still she won’t play with me.”

“It’s okay.Raely will play with you.”

He give me his cute smile and buried his head in my shoulder.

“I wish you were my mama.”

My heart clenched at his words.How can a mom doesn’t have time for her own son?

I stroked his hair and walk to the other kids.He was still in my arms with his head buried in my neck.

“Raely, why are you always picking him up?Why are you not picking me up?” Avery,a cute little girl asked me.

“Avery,my dear.Jay is very little right? So he’s scared of other kids fighting him.“I told her softly.

She tilted her head to one side and curiously inspected Jay in my arms.

“Oh...don’t worry little Jay,big sister here will protect you.“She said looking at him.

He just nodded at her shyly.

I chuckled at how cute they are.I want to squeeze their little cheeks.

“My little hunbuns,don’t you want to hear a story?”

“Yes!!!!” They all gathered around me.

I sit on the floor and crossed my legs with Jay still in my arms.Avery brought me a story book and they all sat around me in a semi-circle.Everyone were silent as they all are eager to hear the story.

With Jay in my lap,I opened the book and start to read the story.

“Once upon a time .........”

Awww, the kids are very cute,right?

How do you like the story so far?Any thoughts?

How many of you are excited to meet Aiden?

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