Dreamer Of Wings

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Ch 3.A New Story Begins......

Aiden’s POV

“Alex, do you know what day it is?”

“Of course I know, today is a day I can be free from you.”

I can hear sarcasm dripping from his voice even through the phone.

“Alex you idiot, don’t you know today I have to visit the daycare?” I growled to the phone knowing it’s already late.

“Oh shit! I totally forgot.Wasn’t it next week by the way?”

“Sometimes I do wonder who my PA is.You or myself. I still don’t know why I didn’t fire you.”

“I know, it’s because you’re secretly in love with me, right? Don’t worry I’m not going away.”

I can hear him chuckling from the other side of the phone. I just rolled my eyes.

“Be here in 30 minutes.”

“But Aiden...........”

I didn’t even let him finish the sentence.I disconnected the call as soon as I can.Knowing him for the past 25 years he would definitely come up with a stupid excuse saying his gold fish is lonely,he needs to water the plants,and the list goes on.

It’s already past 3.I don’t need to be late anymore.So I dressed myself quickly and just as I finished combing my hair,I heard the doorbell ringing.I already knew it was Alex.So,I didn’t bother to open the door.

He kept on ringing.I know he would get mad but he deserved it.

After I felt satisfied that I had irritated him enough,I lazily went to open the door.

Alex is standing there with fumes coming out of his ear and nose,literally.

“Aiden,you better have a fucking reason on why the hell you didn’t open the door.”

“You know,I was busy feeding my goldfish.“I told him with a smug face.

“You don’t even have a goldfish.”

“Oh! Is it? Then remind me to buy one.”

“You fucking bastard.“I just smirked at his angry scowl,feeling victory.


Alex is driving and I am sitting in the passenger seat, gazing out of the window.The trees and buildings blur by as he drive fast.

“You know Aiden,this is the 5th daycare you are sponsoring this month.“Alex said while briefly looking over to me and returning his gaze back to road.

“I am very well aware of that.”

I just want to make the kids happy.

It must be very sad to spend their days in the daycare instead of spending it with their parents.This is actually the phase of life where the kids need all the care and love of their parents the most.But some parents can’t even see it.

“Aiden,your mom called me saying you’re not picking her calls.”

I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t need to pick it up.I know what is she calling me for.It must be another blind date she had set up.”

“You know your mom too well.“He chuckled.

“That woman is crazy.Last night she called me at midnight.I was very scared something happened to her.Do you know what she said,Aiden dear, I am not feeling very well lately.I think I’m going to be sick.You see,I’m getting old.Give me my grandkids soon.“I mocked my mom’s voice.

Alex laughed out loud.“Knowing aunt Natalie,she would say just the same thing.”

After a pause,he continued,“I couldn’t blame her.I have known you since the day I was born and I haven’t seen you with a girl all this time.”

I opened my mouth to answer him but before I could answer,he beat me to it.

“I know,I know,you’re waiting for the right girl.”

I can feel a small smile form on my lips.It’s true,I’ve been waiting for the right girl all my life.I have seen many girls approaching me only for my fame,money and popularity.I don’t need such girls.I need one who would love me for who I am,not for my money.

After a long one hour ride,we reached the daycare,little gems.


I went inside and look around.The place was decorated with colorful ribbons and balloons.This daycare seems very nice compared to the last daycare which doesn’t even have any toys.

I can see kids running everywhere.A soft smile formed on my face.The place was filled with innocence not tainted by the dark and cruel hands of the world outside.

I saw an elderly woman with ribbons in her hand busily decorating the welcome sign.I walked over to her.

“Excuse me, Are you Mrs Rose becketts?”

“Yes,that’s me and you are?“Her face is filled with confusion as she tries to recognise me.

“I am Aiden Scott.“I replied simply.

“Oh my god, you are the CEO of Scott Corp? You’re very younger than I thought.”

Suddenly,she tap herself on her head and said with a guilty expression,“Oh my,Where are all my manners? Mr Scott, welcome to ‘Little Gems’.Thankyou for agreeing to sponsor.We never thought you would consider it.”

I gave her a soft smile and replied,“It’s actually my pleasure to sponsor your daycare. And please call me Aiden.”

“You are very sweet my dear.Do you want me to show you the kid’s room?“She asked me with a motherly smile on her face.

“Yes,please.” I replied and she led me to a room where all the kids are sitting in a semi circle around a girl.The girl has a boy around 4 years old in her lap and a book in her hand.They were all listening to her reading the story book.

The girl has long dark brown hair which she tied up into a high ponytail.She looks like she is in her early 20s,maybe 20 or 21.She’s slightly on the thicker side but I don’t know why she takes my breath away.

Honestly speaking,she is not the most gorgeous girl I have ever met.I had met many beautiful girls including models,actresses. But none of them were attractive to me.But this girl in front of me has attracted all of my attention.

There is nothing special about her,maybe it’s the way that she held the little boy close to her chest or the way her face displayed different expressions In accordance with the story.She had every kid’s attention as everyone of them were drawn to her voice,even me.I have never seen someone whose smile is so beautiful.She used her free hand to portray different actions.My eyes followed her every movement.I can’t clearly see her face since her bangs are covering my view and she is sitting by bending a little to read the story.

I never got curious about a girl before but it seems this girl has grabbed all of my curiosity and attention without her knowledge.I chuckled at myself.

God, I haven’t even seen her properly, I’m already smitten.

I couldn’t help myself.I have to know who she is.

“Mrs Becketts?”

“Yes, dear?“she asked me.

“May I ask who that is? Is she a worker here?”

“No dear,she is Raelynn Jones.She just volunteers on weekends.”

“Jones...? You mean the daughter of David Jones?”

“Yes dear.”

I couldn’t believe it.Jones industries is one of the biggest growing company in the country.I had met Mr David Jones a couple of times in business parties,a strict and disciplined guy,who wouldn’t even hesitate to kill you if you cross his line.The fact that his daughter is here in a daycare,reading stories to the kids seems unbelievable.

She looks like an average girl.Her dress consists of a plain white T-shirt and pale blue jeans.Nothing out of ordinary.She doesn’t give off that rich girl vibes who spend thousands on her looks from head to toe.

I have seen plenty of women in the rich circle.Everyone of them are spoiled to the point that they don’t even have humanity left in them.I have seen them treat their maids as if they are just the dirt on their shoes.I feel disgusted by such women.That’s why I never cared about associating with them.So to see a young woman who spends her time in a daycare rather than shopping and gossiping seem unrealistic to me.

Just as I was going to ask about her more,I hear a soft,smooth,alluring voice calling out to Mrs.Becketts.

“Rose...., Little Jay is asleep.Can you help me laying him down?”

I looked over to her.She has finished reading the book and the kids were all back to running and playing.Some of them are dozing.The little boy in her arms seems to be fast asleep.She is struggling to stand up with the kid in her hand without waking him up.

“Rose.... “She looked over to where me and Mrs Becketts were standing and her eyes meet mine.

Her eyes are deep brown,almost black.There is nothing special about the colour,just an ordinary colour.But it’s the depth in her eyes that pulled me.Her eyes are so deep as if it’s a sea of darkness that held so many stories buried inside her.

She gave me a warm polite smile.I returned the smile with my own.

Damn,I really want to get to know her.

“Coming honey, Aiden do you want to meet Raelynn ?“Mrs Becketts asked from beside me.

You don’t even need to ask.I am already working on my charm.

I was going to say yes,but the sight of Alex running towards me had turning my eyes over to him.

“Aiden,you are in deep trouble.Your mom called me just now saying if you don’t go to her this instant,she is going to give your number to all of her friend’s daughters.”

Geez,that woman.

I rubbed my temples and turned to Mrs Becketts who had an amused face on.

“Thank you,Mrs Becketts for the warm welcome.It seems I have an urgent matter to attend to. Please pass on my greetings to Ms jones.If the daycare need anything don’t forget to contact Scott corp.”

“Of course dear,I should be the one thanking you.I will pass your greetings to Raely.”

I gave her a nod and turn back to glance at the woman who has managed to make my heart beat,one last time.

I thought I would never cross her path again.But what I didn’t know was that, it was the beginning of a new story. A story of Raelynn and Aiden..

What do you think of Aiden?

How about Alex? He is my baby....

Story is getting interesting....Stay tuned for the next update.

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