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Chapter 2 TALK.

She's been thinking about this guy over and over again and even though she knew it wouldn't have been possible for someone like him to give a glance at a low class girl like her .Damn this status thing separates everyone from reality into some sort of creepy nightmare It was a calm Saturday and she planned to have her violin lesson before heading out to the market for some supplies.She knew perfectly well shell not stay there for long ...as in like chat with friends take a walk around or anything of the sort ...she was a lonely girl who never finds the fun of having close friends buh one question always seemed to haunt her each day ...why she even had afriend like Keziah a.k.a Zeal she was sweet and calm but very different from her she was attracted to the same gender and her lifestyle was like she was supper social unlike Her .She preferred solitude to maltitudeb...being alone always cured her anxiety and fragile heartb from all the heartbreaks she's gotten .All this ran in her mind as she walked to the market then suddenly he appeared and she lost it.All the courage she always seemed to have vanished when he smiled at her and greeted her she returned back the smile and stared at his beautiful eyes though not for long cause they were so cute and adorable 🤗 she longed for him and he noticed her body language he didn't do anything though he seemed to enjoy the effect he gave her ..he however walked past her leaving behind his scent the perfume say to him 😉 all sort of questions were in her mind . What anice Saturday afternoon 🤭🤭🤭.

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