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Chapter 5 MAKING OUT.

*Wake up gal !* that was her mother's call...she's never been woken up by her instead she always did ....*it was a dream* she thought as she sat on her bed puzzled not to find Gideon with her ...she had had him in her room and he kissed her passionately and traced his hands on her petite body ...she felt it she wanted him to go beyond the kissing and let her explore the pleasures of being in love with him

she felt his hands in her inner thigh and she let out a soft moan which seemed to turn him on ...he looked at her and smiled she couldn't stand those eyes they were damn gorgeous he seemed to be asking for permission she smiled back nodding her head in approval and thats when mum called ..,.SHIT !* she couldn't believe why this was happening to her but she was mad at her mum for interrupting her dream which she wanted it to be a reality 🤭 she set her mind to go to him by any means she had to go ... but that meant she'll sneak out for her mission with her beloved ❤️.

Hours passed by slowly as she attended her daily lessons and when it was at 4pm she was on her way to his place ..she wanted him so bad even though she felt her heart race 🙈....when she finally arrived at the place which was only 15minutrs from her place he ushered her in his house which was nicely furnished and luxurious .... She was still analysing the living room when he pulled her to aright hug and lingered there for minutes ...she was startled cause he didn't even say a word other than welcoming her to his house.....*was he really in love with me* that ran in her mind over and over....then he pulled away and stared at her face to analyse her ... ...his eyes stared at her lips she licked them. not knowing he was attracting him before she could move a flinch he crushed into her and kissed her deeply and passionately at first she was puzzled but gave herself to him she kissed him back and the whole room vanished with everything else around them ...it was only them with their passioo....he took her to a coach and laid her down gently ...her eyes were closed and he liked her beauty more than anything else he reached down and kissed her neck she backed her head to give him more freedom then he slipped his hands to her bras ...she felt a sudden surge of electricity in her as he firmly pressed her boobs and reached down to suckkle them ..she was going to explode any minute 😘😘😘

Before she knew it his fingers were finding their way to her wet folds now she didn't resist her thighs opened up for him he kissed her legs upwards to her inner thighs which made her moan again this time he said his name.....he doun d the clit and started making circles around it, it made her moan even louder then he felt his fingers in her It was hot ... he pumped in and out of her with ease and then he reached for his cock that's when she realised it had gone to far ....she resisted that and saw the disappointment I his eyes but he understood cause she was a virgin though she knew she'll loose it to him. but not at this first date she had to know him first 😁😁

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