Everything in Between You and Me

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Riley Damian Salvador is in love with his childhood friend, Nicole Euclid Francisco, for a long time now. They were classmates since kindergarten, and never left each other’s side until Cole found himself a girlfriend. Riley slowly drifted away, yet the attraction still remained and maybe became stronger than ever. In the present, Riley is a fourth-year law student, and Cole is a registered Civil Engineer and currently taking his masters degree in the same university Riley goes. Maybe destiny played its role that they found each other again after few years, and in club they swore, when they were nineteen, they would never visit again. With a fire burning inside Riley, could he swear to himself that he could only take the friendship Cole is willing to offer and nothing more? With a lie burning in Cole’s throat, could he swear to himself that he could only offer Riley a friendship and nothing more?

Romance / Drama
R Baltazar
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Riley thought that whatever is happening between them will never end…

but he guesses he was wrong.

“Let’s end this,” Cole said.

“Why?” Riley asked. “Is it me?”

“No, it’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s about what’s happening between us. It’s wrong, Ry. Everything about this is wrong, don’t you understand?” There was frustration in Cole’s voice that Riley didn’t miss. His mind went blank as he watched Cole step out his unit that legs started working without even thinking. Riley tailed Cole, grabbing him by his wrist to stop him from his tracks.

“Wait, Cole. Don’t you want to hear what I have to say? Or do I even have a say to everything at all?” Riley smiled weakly as he let go his grasp on him. “Okay, let’s do what you said. Let’s end this.”

Riley watched Cole nod his head then head out, shutting the door gently.

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