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Logan Moon is the most famous musician and actor in his country, but for some reason he doesn't like all of the fame and attention that he gets from the paparazzi and fan girls at most times. And he wishes to have a normal life for once. One day, he meets a girl named Casey and i think he has a certain liking to her, but will he have enough courage to tell her.......

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Chapter 1

It’s a brand new day and a brand new world... and other things like that is what I heard from the TV, and I figured that it was my father watching I just went into the kitchen. “Morning Logan” she says as I walk into the kitchen “your manager called and he says that you have to be at some building for your audition of that movie you want to be in”

I smile at her “thanks, I will ask him where I should go” I responded and left with an apple in my mouth eating it and walking back upstairs. When I reach the top of the stairs, my brother Adam is walking out of his room and this is my chance to make him drive me to school... I have my own car, but it has caused me enough attention as an actor so I normally use my bike to go to school “Adam, you will be driving me to school for a while” I say to him and run to my bedroom and shut the door behind me before he can have time to protest against it

I start scrolling through my messages before I leave for my morning walk. And it made me think of how it all started, I was placed in a play when I was 6 years old and it was Romeo and Juliet. There was a scout looking for new talent and I was the best talent that he had seen on that day. He took me to an audition for a short film and I got it, ever since that day I had been acting but it was only a few months ago that I started doing music. I was surprisingly good, and my first album sold out within 15.35 seconds of it being open

When I reach a certain part of town and people come up to me asking for favors and stuff until I reach a well-known café in the center of town, when I enter everyone notices my presence and all look at me. I just mile at them and go to the back of the long line to get coffee... I frankly hate coffee but I just get it because it’s kind of like a habit I got over time

When I finally get my coffee, I check the time on my watch and dash back home when I realize that if I don’t get changed and ready, I will be late to school. After I put on my despised, I walk out of my bedroom as Ben Art and leave for school. The only reason I do it is because if I go to school as Logan Moon I will be disturbed too much to even study, so I was hoping if I hide myself I would have a normal school life. And something someone once said to me is that there is no such thing as a normal life... and that for me is very true.

When I get to school I walk straight to my locker but I am stopped by the HBIC herself Morgan kindle “oh, my I am just so clumsy today” she says in the worst high vice in the world and her minions all giggle devilishly

“Well I hope one day you choke on it” I say and walk awayStart writing here…

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