Mr Nerd Has A Secret

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chapter 2

It’s Thursday and I am sitting in chemistry bored as ever, I end up writing random lyrics of the song I have been working on... Rundown through the blazing sun, Listen to your heart beat, Take step by step... I sing to myself when someone bursts through the door panting like a dyeing cow. Holding his chest to regulate his breathing, when he catches his breath he says something to the teacher...

Only then is when I realize that the person is Matt Collins, my friend and also an actor. When he turns around, everyone gasps looking at Matt and all he does is smile to the crowd of his fans. “Class, this is Matt Collins as you all know. He will be joining us in this academy starting today” Mr. Harris says to us “would anyone volunteer to show Mr. Collins around?” he questions and no one dares to raise up there hand

I look at all the cowards and raise up my hand, immediately when I do so, everyone begins to whisper things in the class and all I can pick up is “who does he think he is” and that instantly makes me pissed. I angrily walk up to Matt and lead out when I close the door behind me I start bombarding him with

“What are you doing here, I thought you were in pairs, how couldn’t you tell me you were coming, what is happening “I say in one breath and all he does is laugh and I look at him wondering why he is laughing. Then I remember “why do you look like that” I say gesturing to his normal look

“I am fine, thank you for asking” he says and I laugh nervously and rub the back of my head “well I was about to put on everything but I lost one of my contacts and I didn’t want to look like a blind cat” he finally ads

“Well I should probably worn you, look out for the literature, geography, and art teachers. they can get a little too friendly” I say quietly as a joke and the expression on Matt’s face dropped in pure shock then I burst out in a laughing fit, after seeing his expression “I was joking, relax” I say after containing myself, immediately when I say it he gives a sigh of relief, and we continue touring school

When we are done, I quickly go and put my stuff in my locker and continue with Matt, when the bell rung as we were going through the corridor where half of the high school classes were. When people saw Matt, they stopped for a second “RUN” Matt said to me just as all the shouts most likely from fan girls started

We eventually ran into the field and since only one door was open, we took refuge there behind the now locked door. Once we were safe, I fell on the ground tired as heck wondering how we were getting out of here then I got an idea

“Lie!!” I shout and Matt looks at me weirdly ” we can lie that we are some ware else so people leave” I say and get out my phone and go to text the whole school that I saw me (as Logan) and Matt at the front gate, once I am done, we hear running indicating that it worked. “Knowing I isn’t safe for the rest of the day, you should go home Matt and stay low” I say to home one last time and we both leave the field going our separate ways

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