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Mr Nerd Has A Secret

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chapter 3

The day goes by and nothing usual happens but when we come to the end of the day, I am walking to the bathroom with no point in putting on my despise anymore, I change out of it and when I do someone walks into the bathroom and freezes in shock “hey” I say to the kid and walk out of the bathroom. Today for some reason I just don’t care for anything, putting in my earphones an walking to the front door

When I exit the school, flashes of light burn my eyes and then I realize that I should have cared. I push through the paparazzi and go to my car angrily but there is someone outside it and I don’t know who it was so I ignored them and unlocked my car, the other person also entered the car and I glared at him

“don’t you believe in personal space, or at least the decadency to talk” I shouted at him and he just shrugged his shoulders “well” I pressed on but he didn’t answer so I got up and out of the car, ignoring all the questions and walking to the other side of the car and pulled the kid out of the car

“okay, I will leave” he said with his hand up and walking away slowly before he turned around “Ben” he says and walks out of sight and I didn’t even bother to go after him, I just went to the car quickly and drove away

When I get home, its only Adam present and he is sitting on the couch watching some crap series and I don’t mind him as he greats me “hello” he said simply and I ignored him and went to climb the stairs but a hand grabbed my hand and I turned

“Why are you so moody today” he says while still holding my arm “can’t a person have the right to be moody whenever they feel” I respond and he just looks at me with a look unreadable to me then all of a sudden he burst out laughing

“You can, once you have explained to me what is happening” he said with his tone becoming serious all of a sudden

“there isn’t an actual reason to it, I just feel out of it” I say and he nods leaving me alone and I go to my room and lying down on my bed just about to fall asleep when I realize that I have to go to the studio and record my song that I was working on when Matt came to school

I sighed and got up, changing into a white shirt and black jacket with plain black jeans and custom white sneakers with random splobs of paint on it and grab ,y keys again and walk out of the door and drive to the studio

Can this day even get worse?

I think to myself and I don’t notice the hooting until its too late and I am hit but the other car and I spin around hitting a pole and the last thing was me hitting my head as the airbag deploys and darkness starts to engulf me and I black out


When I wake up, I groan from all the pain I am in as I try to stand up but both my parents push me back down “oh, Logan how are you. You had me worried” she says giving me a lose hug trying not to hurt me but it still hurt and she quickly pulls away once I wince in pain

“What happened” I ask as my memory is still blurry “well you were engaged I a car crash and your legs got caught up... so they had to be cut off” my sister Yaz said and I begin to panic starting at look at my legs but they were covered so I never knew for sure

“What!” I exclaimed and she started laughing at me “you- you should have seen your face, I was joking. Relax” she says as she tries to calm herself down but she fails and snickers silently

“Wow such a great sister” I say sarcastically and she just smiled “I know” she replies tapping the top of my head three times “but you have been unconscious for like a week, and I am not joking. We brought you food if you are hungry” she says I a serious tone and I smile and look behind her

And indeed I see some food along with a sleeping Adam, he is with a little spittle of drool edging out of his mouth close to the food, too close for my comfort “ANDY” I shout and everyone flinches and Andy is wide awake “GET YOUR FILTHY DROOL AWAY FROM THE FOOD” I shout again and he just rolls his eyes

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